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"A mutant thing?" Hank chuckled. "Would that thing also have to do with you making a monumental ass out of yourself?"

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"No thanks." Bobby brushed the dessert away.
"You don't have to be polite on my account," Hank said. "No one should refuse a Twinkie."
"I'm not hungry," Bobby insisted. "Really."
"Really?" Hank raised an eyebrow. "When was the last time you ate?"
"I think about six days ago," Bobby said.
"And you're not hungry?"
"I'm not."
Hank sat down next to the boy. "Your hunger, did it leave just six days ago or has it been missing since-"
"What's with all the attention now, Dr. McCoy?" Bobby interrupted. "I thought you and Dr. MacTaggert were too busy with Peter to even look at me."
"We were never trying to ignore you, Robert," Hank said.
"Don't call me that," Bobby growled. "Ever. Don't call me that like you're my father."
"I apologize." Hank unwrapped his Twinkie.
"Look, shouldn't you be checking on Peter?" Bobby asked. "Or Rogue or even Logan? I'm sure Logan'll end up tearing this place apart if he doesn't have a babysitter."
"Sean took Logan to the local pub," Hank said. "Peter's resting, Moira and Forge are bouncing ideas off of each other and Kitty's looking after Rogue, who's crying her eyes out, I might add. That leaves just you and me."
"She's crying?" Bobby pinched the bridge of his nose. "Great."
"Ah, young love," Hank mused. "How delightfully nerve wracking."
"Not to be rude, but I don't really think you'd be the best person to give advice on relationships," Bobby said.
Hank popped the Twinkie in his mouth and took a moment to chew in thought. "I suppose you have a valid point," he allowed. "Just because your ex-girlfriend dumped you for mutating into a giant ball of blue fur, that's no excuse for telling her that she made you a homosexual out of spite. Especially when the particular ex-girlfriend in question is a news reporter that can go live with the scoop about a formerly well-respected doctor being a big, blue gay mutant. Sometimes, for being a genius, I'm not exactly bright."
"So you're not gay?" Bobby ventured.
"No," Hank replied. "But if there was one woman on this planet that could make a heterosexual man gay, believe me, it's Trish Tilby."
"Is there any real reason why you've come here?" Bobby asked. "Or were you just bored?"
"Well, I thought that I should check up on you, for one," Hank said. "For two, I just got off the phone with Ororo and she had some rather strange news. Jean Grey is alive."
"You expect me to believe that?" Bobby asked.
"Yes, I'm curious about that myself," Hank murmured. "But Ororo sounded convinced."
"Must be a mutant thing," Bobby grumbled. "The dead are too stubborn to die and me, I can't even thaw myself."
"A mutant thing?" Hank chuckled. "Would that thing also have to do with you making a monumental ass out of yourself?"
"What would you know?"
"Now don't get defensive," Hank said. "This doesn't have to be taken as advice between two friends. It's strictly my professional opinion."
"Whatever." Bobby stood up. "I'm going to go see if I can find a freezer to sleep in."
"Don't walk away," Hank said.
"Oh?" Bobby stiffened. "Why not? You going to give me a lecture about how just because we're different we can still be accepted? We're not freaks, we're special? I've already heard Mr. Summers' version, thanks."
"No," Hank said. "I'm not. They'll always hate us, I think. Not to say that Xavier's dream of coexistence can't or won't happen, but I'm a man of science and the statistics back up my rather pessimistic opinion."
"Then what are you doing here?"
"Here and not with Magneto, you mean?" Hank replied. "I'm doing something positive here. Like right now, for example, I'm going to take you into an examination room and try to figure out just what it is that's going on with your mutation."
"You think you'll find a cure for this?" Bobby asked.
"A cure?" Hank laughed. "I've got a cure, alright. You'll start sprouting blue fur all over your body. After that, you won't care about a little bit of ice."
"Let's just get this over with," Bobby said.
"A most excellent idea," Hank agreed.
The two men headed down a corridor and past several rooms before Hank chose to unlock one at random. The doctor opened the door and blinked in realization before shutting it quickly.
"What's wrong?" Bobby asked.
"Let's just pick another room, shall we?" Hank said.
"That one was fine."
"No, it wasn't," Hank insisted. "Old memories, Bobby. Let's just go with another room."
"Uh, okay." Bobby raised an eyebrow. "How about that one?"
"Marvelous." Hank unlocked the door and motioned for Bobby to follow him.
Bobby sat on the examining table and waited while Hank washed his hands. "Do you really think Dr. Grey is alive?"
"When I see it, I'll believe it, I suppose," Hank murmured. "Wet fur smells atrocious."
"That'll make Rogue feel better, at least," Bobby said. "How upset was she when you saw her?"
"She'll get over it," Hank replied. "She seems resilient enough. Granted, I'm going on first impressions here, so I may not be one hundred percent correct. Perhaps it may be better to, I don't know, talk to her instead of getting the information secondhand from me?"
"Alright, I get it." Bobby scowled. "It's none of your business anyway."
"Then why did you ask me about it?" Hank asked.
Bobby groaned. "Can we drop this?"
"Why, Bobby," Hank replied. "It doesn't concern me, so I have no difficulty in dropping it, as you so eloquently put it. But as it's a matter that you've deeply invested in, I feel it would be exceedingly beneficial to you if you'd talk about it. Get it out of your system, so to speak."
"Will you just examine me?" Bobby demanded.
"Consider it dropped," Hank muttered. "Take off your gloves."
Bobby hesitated.
"It's not that simple anymore," Bobby whispered. "I think I better show you."
"I'm ready if you are." Hank adjusted his glasses.
Bobby took a deep breath and tugged his gloves off. The translucent ice of his hands caught the light as the boy grasped the bottom hem of his shirt and pulled the clothing off of his body.
"Oh my stars..." Hank murmured.
"You see now, don't you?" Bobby asked. "I don't know what to do."
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