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Elvis and Mr. and Mrs. Way

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The Wedding.

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"Elvis" greeted the couples as they left the limo. He was one of the best Elvis impersonators on the Vegas Strip. When he spoke he even sounded like The King. They were escorted inside the small white chapel with the neon flashing sign not only by Elvis but also by Pricilla who played the organ if Elvis recordings weren't chosen for the ceremony.
"So little lady this is your special day, do you have any special requests? A certain song you want played? Elvis asked Alicia when they stood just inside the doors.
She was grinning like an idiot. "This is so insane-o. Mikey and I would like the Best Man to sing a song for us." She pointed to Gerard who grinned at the King.
Elvis turned to look at Gerard, "Sing do you son?"
Gerard liked bantering with the King, "A little, sir. Of course not as good as you, but I do OK."
"Well that's fine. I'm hoping it's one of my songs you're going to be crooning." As he talked he led them over to the registration desk where the license and fees were handled.
"They have requested, "Can't Help Falling in Love". Gerard informed him.
Elvis nodded, "One of my best. Now do you want Pricilla here to play the organ for you?"
Pricilla looked up from the wedding paperwork waiting for an answer. Monica had to admit she looked quite a bit like a younger version the late singers wife.
Gerard shook his head, "I think I'm just gonna sing it a cappella." He looked over at he happy couple, "You two sure you want me to sing?"
Mikey hugged him, "Bro, I always knew you would sing at my wedding."
Gerard laughed, "OK for sure but I bet you didn't always know it would be an Elvis song."
"No, but it's one of Alicia's favorites." He stepped away from Gerard and put his arm around her, "I just wanna make her happy." Elvis had some papers for them to sign.
Monica who was standing off to the side of them was already starting to get teary-eyed. She was so happy for them. "Gee, do you have the rings?" she suddenly realized the Best Man should have the wedding rings.
He looked shocked, "Shit, Mikey hasn't even said anything about rings." He waited until Mikey stopped talking to Elvis before asking about the rings. Monica saw Mikey's face and knew it was a detail they had overlooked.
"Fuck, we didn't even think of rings. I mean we have the rings for the big family wedding back home." He looked at Alicia waiting for her to come up with an answer.
Elvis had heard the exchange, "We here at The Heartbreak Hotel Wedding Chapel have a nice selection for sale." He pulled out a tray of wedding rings from under the counter.
Alicia lit up like a kid at Christmas. "Oh how rad, can I pick one out, Mikey?' she asked pulling on this arm.
Mikey smiled, "You pick whatever you want. I've gotta talk to Gee for a minute. They walked a short way apart from the girls, "Just want to say thanks again, Gee. You have always been the best brother I could ever want. I'm doing the right think here, I know I am. Thanks for understand it."
Gerard hugged him tightly, "Baby Brother all grown up and getting married. Don't worry I'll be following you soon down this path I can't wait to make her mine." He gave Monica a look of love that took her breath away.
Alicia chose the "Love Me Tender Diamond Solitaire". She showed it to Monica to get her approval. "It's beautiful," Monica said with a nod. Mikey chose a simple gold band.
"OK kids lets get this show on the road." Elvis opened the chapel doors. "Now if the you two" he said pointing to Gerard and Monica, "will take your places with me up front, we well let the groom give his final kiss to his girlfriend then he can join us." They stared up towards the front of the chapel, "Remember son, the next time you kiss her she will be your wife."
Mikey and Alicia exchanged a look that was pure love. Elvis stood in the center with Monica and Gerard on each side. Mikey walked down and stood by Gerard and the brothers exchanged another hug.
Suddenly "Love Me Tender" began playing through the speakers and they looked up the aisle to see Alicia slowly walking towards them. On her face was a radiant smile that seemed to light the whole room. A bouquet of red silk roses was clutched in the hands, complements of Pricilla. Mikey's eyes followed her progress towards him. He had never felt a love like this before, a love that filled him with so much hope.
Alicia reached them and handed the roses to Monica. She and Mikey turned to Elvis. "We are here to share this special day with this couple. They are here to join their lives, become one. Mikey told me that they have written special vows that they want to exchange." He stepped foreword and gave Mikey a pat on the shoulder, "Go ahead son, tell her what's in your heart"
Mikey nodded, and then turned to Alicia. He took both of her hands in his. "Alicia, from the first day I saw you on Warped, I knew I loved you. You didn't even notice me staring at you as you worked on a guitar. I thought you were the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. I wanted to talk to you, make you look up at me but we had to go on. I looked back at you one last time and just knew you would be mine someday. Well I was right, you are mine but now it's gonna be forever. You give me a reason to get up in the morning and a reason to get through the day cause I know when night comes you will be there for me. I promise to always love you and to always stand by you. I promise to try to be the man you want me to be." his eyes filled with tears and his voice broke, "I had more but I can't remember." she squeezed his hands and smiled that it was OK, He nodded, "I just love you so fucking much" he whispered.
Alicia touched his cheek trailing her finger through his tears, her own tears were now flowing, "Mikey the first time I saw you on Warped you were talking to some chick I didn't know. I couldn't understand it but I wanted to push her away from you. I wanted you to see me, I wanted you to look at me with your beautiful eyes and then you did. You glanced over at me and I was lost in your eyes. I had never believed in love at first sight before that but when our eyes met I felt like I had found the other part of myself that had been missing. I want to always be by your side. I promise to be there for you, support you, and to always love you. You are my life."
Monica looked over at Gerard; he had tears in his eyes. She brushed away her own tears. Even Elvis looked touched by the love of this young couple. He turned to Gerard, "Son it's time for you to sing."
Gerard nodded took a breath and began. His voice was clear and strong and filled the small chapel. Alicia had moved closer to Mikey and had her head on his shoulder. When the last words faded away Elvis shook Gerard's hand, "Couldn't have sung it better myself."
Gerard laughed, "That means a lot coming from you." He looked over at Monica and mouthed, "I love you" as Elvis had them exchange their rings. He completed the ceremony and it was time for the kiss. Mikey stepped foreword and pulled her to him, he slowly lowered his lips to hers in a tender kiss full of longing and promise. It was so romantic Pricilla signed.
As they parted from the kiss Elvis announced "I would like to introduce for the first time Mr. and Mrs. Way."
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