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Chapter 20: A Dark Room and Coffee

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Pete's basically a dumbass...

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-Pete's POV-

I stayed at Patrick's that night. I'm glad he kept me there - I probably would have done something stupid. I want to talk to Eden, I really do, but I can't bring myself to hear her voice right now. I turned my cell phone off, just on the off-chance that Eden or Gabe might try to call me. I'm still hurt by what she did; what they did. So basically, I spend the entire day in a dark room thinking while Patrick and Dani play lovebirds down the hall. They try not to be loud, but I can hear them. You think Patrick is a loud singer? You should hear him when he's...yea know.
"Pete?" I hear Dani ask from the other side of the door. "It's Dani, can I come in?"
"I don't really want to talk right now, Dani, especially about Eden. I just need to be left alone. In fact, I think I'm going to drive home. I want to go on my laptop and write."
"NO!" she yells, making me jump a little. "You can't go home. You're in no state to drive. You just need to stay here, okay?"
"I guess you're right."
"I'll send Patrick to get your laptop."
"Thank you." I hear footsteps going down the hall and I know I'm alone again.
About 20 minutes later Patrick knocks on the door. "Hey, Pete. I got your laptop." I walk over to the door and open it. "Doing okay?"
"Not really, no," I frown.
"Maybe writing will help. Have you heard from Eden?"
"I can't talk to her yet. I'm afraid I'll say or do something stupid. I need to settle down first."
"Good idea, man," he says as he smiles and pats me on the shoulder. He hands me my laptop and then goes down the hall to hang out with Dani. I open my laptop and sign online. An IM pops up from Eden.

GardenofMe: Please talk to me Pete. I've called you 100 times.

I have to ignore it. I can't do this right now. Then another IM pops up, but this time from someone unexpected - Trish, my ex. We talk here and there, but haven't talked for a bit.

TrishTish85: Hey Pete!
DanceBreakDance: Hi, Trish.
TrishTish85: How are you? How are things with that girl?
DanceBreakDance: I'm pretty sure they're over. We got into a gigantic fight.
TrishTish85: Another one? Jeez. Do you want to talk about it?

I don't know why, but I tell her the whole thing.

TrishTish85: Wow. That sucks. Do you want to get a coffee and talk some more?
DanceBreakDance: Yeah, that would be nice actually. I'm sick of listening to Patrick and Dani go at it. Pick me up in 20?
TrishTish85: Sounds good.

When Trish picks me up, I can't help but notice that she looks good. I think she put in a little effort. Maybe she thinks something is going to happen? I don't know. I just need to get out. We go to Starbucks and then go for a walk in the park.
"So are you seeing anyone right now?" I ask.
"No, free as a bird," she says, smiling at me. "Look, Pete," she says. She stops walking and puts her hand on mine. "I know you're hurt right now. I just got through a rough breakup, too. Maybe we can help each other cope?"
"Eden and I aren't broken up."
"I thought you were. She slept with Gabe."
"She didn't sleep with Gabe, she just kissed him. But I'm sure they would have..." I can't finish that sentence.
"She sounds like a bitch to me, Pete. She's hurt you a lot. And didn't she leave Brendon for you? I mean who's to say she won't do it again? She seems to like to do a bit of band-hopping." She has a point.
" might be right." I put my head down and we continue walking.
"You just need someone to listen to you. Someone who knows what you're feeling. Someone like me," she says sweetly.
"I really do need to talk to someone. I constantly feel like I'm going to throw-up. I'm so in love with her it hurts. Ya know?"
"Yeah. I've been that way before," she smiles. I hope she isn't talking about me. I know she loved me. I tried to love her, but I just couldn't. She was too high-maintenance for me. We didn't like any of the same stuff. She was basically just a pretty face that I liked to be seen with....but she does listen well.
"It's just, we love each other so much that sometimes it goes to extremes. We fight like crazy but when we make up its amazing. I mean, there should be tension in a relationship, right?" She smiles and nods and sits down on a bench.
"Come sit with me, Petey," she smiles. I sit next to her and she places her hand on my thigh. "Look, I know it's hard. But honestly, she's probably no good for you. Anyone who causes you that much grief can't be good for you. You always seem to be upset, and it's almost always because of her." That's not true, most of the time I'm extremely happy. It's only sometimes, when Eden and I clash, that I'm visibly upset.
"It's starting to get late. I should probably go," I say. She drives me home and before she lets me out she leans over and grabs my face and kisses me. "Whoa, Trish. I'm sorry, but I can't do this with you."
"I can take away your pain," she smiles as she caresses my arm. I pull away and open the door.
"I have to go. Thanks for the coffee." I walk up the driveway and hear her drive off - fast. Then I hear something else. I hear a car door slam.
"Peter Wentz. You fucking ass," Eden yells, coming up behind me and turning me around forcefully. "Who the hell was that?" I try to answer but she just keeps yelling, "Moved on that quickly, have you? I've been worried sick about you and the whole time you're out with this bimbo?"
"What are you doing here?"
"I was worried about you! But it looks like I don't have to worry, anymore."
"Were you following me?"
"No I just pulled up after you guys did. I'm not a freak, Pete. I don't stalk people. I can't believe you fucking kissed her."
"At least I'm not kissing my boyfriend's friend. I was just out to coffee with her. She listened to me."
"Looks like she did a lot more than that," she yells, pushing me.
"Don't push me, Eden," I growl.
"Why? You deserve it. You deserve this, too," she says, slapping my face. "Fucking asshole. I never want to see you again. Ever." As I cradle my face I see her stomp down the driveway and get into her car.
"FINE BY ME!" I yell.

Looks like I did something stupid, after all.
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