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Chapter 21:The Christmas Party

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-Eden's POV-

It's been four months since I've seen Pete. He hasn't tried to call or e-mail or text or anything, but that's typical Pete for you - stubborn. I spent the first couple nights crying myself to sleep. Gabe was so worried about me he almost considered not going on tour, but I insisted he did.
It's been hard. I basically can't go anywhere because Pete's friends are my friends. Apparently, though, he hasn't really gone to any of our friend's parties. I still talk to Patrick, because he is one of my best friends and he's dating my best friend, and for the first month he wouldn't drop the Pete thing. I told him if he didn't drop it, I would stop talking to him for good so he stopped.
It's December, and let me tell you Christmas SUCKS when you aren't with the one you love. Yes, I still love Pete. I probably always will, but we just can't be together and we both know it. I decided to go do some Christmas shopping with Patrick and Dani. They keep telling me I need to get out of the house, so that's exactly what I'm doing.
"Here she is," Patrick says sweetly as he pulls me in for a hug. "You look cute, E." Bull crap, I know I look terrible. I don't wear make-up anymore. I really don't care about my appearance. I wear sweatpants everywhere I go. Dani told me I should at least try to look presentable, but I basically bit her head off, so now she keeps her mouth shut.
"You're a crummy liar, Trick," I giggle. "But I still heart you. Where are we going?"
"Just to a local mall."
"Won't you get like...mobbed, or something?"
"Most of the mobbing happens around P..." he didn't finish the sentence.
"Its okay, you can say his name. It"s been 4 months. I'm fine, I promise." Lucky for me, I was a good liar. "And I know you get mobbed. I've seen it. The girls love you, Trick."
"This is true," Dani giggles. "We just put him in a disguise."
"Like what?" I giggle, "a hat?"
"Ha ha. Very funny," Patrick laughs sarcastically. "Let's go."
So we go shopping. Patrick's disguise is sunglasses and beanie -really convincing actually because nobody bothers him. I try not to be a dud, but I'm not the same person since Pete broke my heart. I shouldn't say that, that's not fair. I should say since Pete and I broke each other's hearts. I don't know how he's doing though. Patrick says he's fine, but he says it in such a way that I have a feeling he's hiding something.
"So, E," Patrick calls back from the driver's seat, "you're coming to the Christmas party, right?"
"I don't think so," I mumble.
"You have to come. Who cares if Pete's going to be there? Then you guys can sit down and have a real discussion about what happened."
"I don't want to talk to him. It's bad enough that he's always on TV. Seeing him in person would hurt too much."
"He still loves you, you know," Patrick mumbles.
"What? I didn't hear you."
"He still fucking loves you, okay? I said it. Now will you go to him and get the fuck back with him? You two are driving me INSANE!" he yells.
"I love him, too. We just can't be together. We butt heads too often. We're too passionate for each other."
"Passion isn't a bad quality, especially when it comes to you two."
"Patrick, I told you to drop it," I say sternly. "We're done, him and I, okay?"
"I promise I will drop it if you talk to him. If you come to the party I will drop it. Forever. You just need to talk to him."
"Fine. Jesus!" I sigh.
"Thank God," sighs Dani. "Now, we just have to get you a dress."
"A dress? No."
"Yes," Patrick insists. They take me to a boutique and make me try on all these dresses until they have found "the one". It's short and purple (which, apparently, I look good in) and it has a little lace work by the bodice. I must admit, it did make me feel pretty.
When I arrive back at my empty house, I can't help but smile. Patrick and Dani really made me feel better today. They've done a lot for me the last couple of months. After I put away my bags, I call my hairstylist and make an appointment for the day of the party. I seriously need to get my hair cut and I want it to look fabulous. For some reason, I really want to look good for Pete.

The night of the party....

-Pete's POV-

Patrick's making me go. I don't really want to, but he says I have to. I insist on bringing a date so I won't look like a complete loser, so I bring this girl named Rachel that I've been sleeping with. Yes, I've been sleeping with her. I don't love her, I don't even care for her that much, but I needed to feel something other than hate, anger, and sadness. She keeps my mind off of Eden, and that's what I need right now.
"Are you ready to go, Rach?" I yell from downstairs.
"Yeah, I'm ready. Hold your horses, I'll be down there in a minute." She comes down and she looks like a freakin Barbie - a bright pink dress and platinum blonde hair. Why am I with her again? Oh right, she has a bangin' body. "I'm ready to go. You look sexy," she smiles as she runs her finger down my dress shirt. I guess I do look good. I'm wearing blood-red pants (oh how Christmas-y of me) and a white dress shirt with a black blazer-type thingy.
"Let's go," I say as I take her hand. We drive to Patrick's house and there are already tons of people there but thankfully, there is no Eden. I asked Patrick if she would be here and after tons of begging he said she wouldn't. I just can't see her - it will hurt way to bad. Rachel and I mingle and she keeps her hand in my back pocket all night. I think she has a thing for my ass - it's weird - so weird that I decide to sit down so she HAS to take her hand out of my pants. I sit down and talk to Joe and Travie.
"Yeah, and then Andy said..." Joe stops mid-sentence. "Holy shit." His mouth drops and he stares up behind me.
"What? What is it?" I say before I turn my head, then I see it. It's Eden. She looks drop-dead gorgeous. She's so gorgeous she takes my breath away - literally.
"Holy crap. Pete, are you okay?" asks Rachel, patting my back as I catch my breath.
"Yeah," I cough, "I'm fine." I look at Eden and see her look at me and smile. Smile? Did she just fucking smile at me? She walks over to Dani and starts talking. Should I go talk to her? No, I can't. I stay where I am.
"Is that her?" Rachel asks a couple of minutes later. "Cuz you kind of freaked out when she came through the door."
"Yeah. That's her."
"She's cute...I guess," she says. I can tell she's jealous.
"She looks amazing, Pete," says Travis. "You should go talk to her."
"No, stay here with me," Rachel says, grabbing my thigh.
"Yeah, I'll stay here," I say. Travis gives me a look like "you're a fucking retard" but I just brush it off. We stay there for the next hour and a half. Every once in a while I see Eden out of the corner of my eye. Everything inside me wants to jump up and take her in my arms and kiss her and say how sorry I am, but I can't. Eventually I have to get up because I have to go to the bathroom.

-Eden's POV-

So I'm here and Pete's definitely noticed me - he basically had a coughing fit when I came in. I couldn't help but smile at him because he looked so amazing. He was with a girl though, a complete bimbo. I played it cool, I didn't show my hurt, but inside I'm crying. I've been mingling for a while, and I've had a couple of beverages (just Diet Coke) so now I need to go the bathroom. I walk down the hall and then I see him.
"Oh...hi, Pete," I say softly. He turns around.
"Uh..uh. Hi...Hi, Eden," he stumbles. God, he's adorable. "I'm just uh..."
"Going to the bathroom?" I giggle.
"Yup. You go first."
"Why thank you. Why don't I just go to the bathroom upstairs?"
"Apparently, people are doing things in that bathroom," he says, cracking a bit of a sexy smile. He knows what he's doing to me, right?
"Okay," I smile as I close the door to the bathroom. I make it quick but take a look in the mirror to make sure I look okay - I look awesome. I open the door and he's leaning against the wall, smiling at me. "It's all yours," I smile as I walk out.
"E," he says softly, putting his hand on m shoulder.
"Yup, Pete?" I say calmly, even though inside I'm jumping up and down like a little girl. He hesitates. "Pete, what is it?" He's just staring at me.
"Um...Merry Christmas," he says quickly before going into the bathroom. I'm going to wait for him out here because I know that can't be what he really meant to say. When he comes out he looks at me. "Do you have to go again? Too many Diet Cokes, eh?"
"No. I want to talk to you."
"Yeah...we should probably talk." We walk upstairs into the guest bedroom which, surprisingly, nobody was occupying at the moment. I sit down as gracefully as possible and Pete stands over me, pacing.
"Sit down, Pete. You're making me nervous."
"I'm sorry," he says sincerely, sitting down. "Sooo...."
"So..." I say sweetly, looking over at him and biting my lip.
"I miss you like crazy," he blurbs out so fast I can't understand him.
"I miss you," he says, looking deep into my eyes.
"Really? Then what are you doing here with that Barbie doll?"
"Eden. Don't get jealous. We're over. You can't get jealous."
"Jealous? Who's jealous?" I say, raising my voice unintentionally. Pete smiles. Why is he smiling? "WHY are you smiling?"
"Because now I know you still love me."
"What? Why would you think that?" I say, lowering my head so he can't see the lie in my eyes.
"Because you're insanely jealous."
"Just because I'm jealous doesn't mean I still love you," I say, still keeping my head down. I feel his finger go under my chin as he lifts my head up.
"Eden," he says softly. "I still love you. I'm only with her because being with her keeps me from killing myself. I'm a total wreck. She's just something to keep my mind off the pain. She means nothing to me."
"You don't see me sleeping with tons of guys, do you? I've been miserable all by myself." I can feel tears welling up in my eyes. I so don't want this to happen right now.
"That's because you're stronger than me. I'm weak, you know that. Especially when it comes to matters of the heart."
"I love you, Pete, but we can't be together."
"I won't hurt you again. I promise."
"It wasn't just you. It was me, too. I shouldn't have gotten drunk and kissed Gabe."
"You were drunk?" he asks, surprised.
"Of course I was drunk. Do you think I would kiss Gabe if I wasn't drunk? I would never cheat on you like that, Pete. You just hurt me that night so I had to do something. I kissed Gabe to feel something else other than pain."
"See, that's what I'm doing with Rachel right now."
"That's different, I didn't sleep with Gabe."
"It's different because we aren't together," he says through his teeth.
"You're right. I'm sorry. I have no right." I look up into his eyes and see that his eyes are wet with tears. "Pete, are you okay?"
"I just," he says, wiping my tear away with his thumb and drawing his face closer towards mine, "hate seeing you hurt. I hate this. I hate being away from you."
"I know. I know we shouldn't be together, Eden. I know we fight and we get mad at each other, but isn't the love we have for each other stronger and better than all of that stuff combined."
"Yes, but,"
"But what? There is no but. Eden..." He finishes his sentence by softly pressing his lips to mine. He draws away and leaves me there, hanging on his kiss. I open my eyes and see him smiling at me. "I need you." I smile at him and place my hand on his cheek before kissing him again, just as soft but more passionate than the last time. This time I part from him and leave him hanging on the kiss.
"I need you, too," I whisper before grazing my lips against his. "I love you, Peter Wentz."


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