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The Perfect House

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Jamia is stressing about babies, Monica is stressing over Jenn, the house hunting isn't happy.

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"So what do I do if they both need to be changed at the same time?" Jamia asked Monica. Her mind was coming up with question after question. Monica smiled to herself, Gee was doing an interview answering all sorts of questions and so was she.
"I would change the baby that smells the worst first." Monica told her trying not to laugh. "Jamia really you will do fine. Believe me it is will come to you naturally. All new mom's are scared at first but you won't believe how quickly you will just know what to do without anyone telling you."
"But Frank is always gone and I'm not sure I can handle two babies." She whined while looking down at the brownie she had been eating. "I mean I know our families will help out but I really want Frank and I to handle this ourselves."
"You could always hire a nanny." Alicia said grabbing another brownie.
Jamia looked at her like she had just spouted something blasphemous. "Hell no, I don't want to hire someone to take care of my kids."
Alicia shrugged, "Just a thought."
"Have you guys come up with any names yet?" Monica asked trying to change the subject.
Jamia nodded, "Lots of names but we don't agree on any of them. I think Frank wants a Frank Jr." she scrunched up her nose.
"Well what names do you like?" Monica asked.
"If they are girls I like Lily and Beth. For two boys I like Jacob and Joshua" she thought a minute then added "and for one of each I think I would go with Lily and Joshua."
Alicia was nodding happily, "I like those names." Monica agreed.
"So Monica, how bad does childbirth really hurt?" Jamia started at her waiting for the answer.
Monica really didn't want to answer this one. Should she lie for Jamia's sake or tell the truth? She would find out anyway so she went with the truth. "It hurts a fucking lot."
Both Jamia and Alicia laughed, "I don't know why but when you say the "F" word it is so funny." Alicia giggled.
"OK guys stop laughing. Gee says the same thing. I'm not a prude you know."
"Nope, never said you were." Jamia told her. "So a fucking lot, that's just great." she frowned.
"It does but you know when you hold the baby or in your case it will be babies in your arms you forget all of it. Has to be that way or women would ever have more than one child."
"Tired of baby talk, lets have lunch" Alicia stood and stretched, "What will it be girls, pizza, Chinese, good old American hamburgers?"
"I just want vegetables" Jamia said looking gloomy, "Cause I'm getting fat."
Alicia and Monica left the apartment at two. When they were half way to Belleville Alicia noticed a car seemed to be following them. "Monica I know Gee had Brian hire someone to follow the girls to make sure they are safe. So did he get someone to follow you too?"
Monica looked over at her, "Why do you ask?"
"Well I think we are being followed. I mean that car behind us has been there since we left Jamia's. At least I think so."
Pulling the sun visor down, Monica opened the vanity mirror so she could see the car in question without turning around. "Well shit, it's not Jenn cause there are two men in it." She pulled out her Sidekick and punched Gerard's number. He answered on the third ring.
"Hey honey we are on our way home."
"Gee am I being followed?" she asked bluntly.
He didn't answer right away and she had her answer. "I thought I told you I didn't want anyone tailing me. I don't mind in fact I'm happy the girls are being followed but not me."
"Monica look" he said getting only that much out before she spoke in an angry tone.
"Damn it Gee, I won't live like this. Now you call Brian and tell him to have this called off."
Gerard shot back, "Stop being so bitchy, it's for your own good."
"Bitchy? Did you just call me bitchy? You ain't seen bitchy, Gee. Now I'm not gonna say it again, call Brian." She closed the phone and put it back in her pocket.
Alicia looked over at her with a shocked expression, "Monica he meant well."
"I understand that but he also went behind my back and did something I didn't want. I'm not a child I can make my own decisions."
They didn't speak again until they reached Donna's. Monica thanked Alicia for driving and went downstairs to her room. She sat on the bed and lowered her head into the hands.
"Can I come in?" Gerard asked from the hallway.
She raised her head and looked at him. "I'm so sorry." she put her head down again.
He crossed to the bed and kneeled down in front of her. "Hey, look at me"
She made no move to do as he asked so he gently pulled her hands away and put his finger under her chin to make her look up. "I'm sorry I went behind your back and had Brian hire someone to watch you. I'm just so fucking scared something will happen to you."
"I understand and I'm sorry I was a bitch to you." she willed herself not to cry.
"I didn't say you were a bitch I said you were being bitchy. Totally different thing you know ones a noun and ones an adjective." he was trying to make her smile. "Anyway I called Brian and you are not being followed anymore."
"Thank you" she said softly.
He stood "Ok now up we gotta meet Carla. Somewhere out there is a house with our name on it."
She rose and put her arms around him, "I really am sorry"
"Monica stop saying you are sorry. Shit, it's good that you get pissed sometimes. Gotta tell you I kinda like it when you get all fiery"
She smiled, "You are a strange man Gerard Way."
"For sure I am. Now let's go." They walked out to the car and headed towards Carla's office. It was just a few minutes after three when they arrived.
"Hello again." Carla said walking towards them with a clipboard in hand. If it's alright with you two we can just go in my car."
They agreed and soon they were pulling in front of a new home, which was very close to the high school, perhaps too close. While the inside of the house was OK it didn't possess the room Gerard wanted to make a practice area for the band.
The second house was about a mile away from the first but while it had more square footage than the first it lacked any kind of charm. The bedrooms were small and there were only three. The basement was set up to be a bedroom but Gerard shuttered at the thought. He didn't want a basement bedroom for himself or for the girls.
The day just seemed to be getting worse. The third house was large and new. It also was on a very loud and very busy street. The front yard was so small it felt like the house practically sat on the road. "Well don't despair, there are lot's more houses to look at. There was one more I wanted to show you but another couple has put in an offer." They were driving on a quiet tree lined street heading back to the office, "actually that's the house," Carla pointed as they drove slowly by.
Monica glanced out and was shocked by the strange emotion that gripped her, "Oh can we please see it anyway?" she practically shouted.
Gerard turned from the front see to give her a strange look. Carla turned the car around and parked in the driveway. "I can show it but I really don't think you have a chance to get it."
They got out of the car and walked up to the front porch. Monica's heart was racing. This was the house of her dreams. The house she always pictured in her head as being her home. It was a light yellow with a beautiful white wrap around porch. There was gingerbread trim and shutters on the windows.
"This home is quite old but in beautiful condition. The previous owners did a lot of remodeling but his job was relocated. She took out the key and opened the front door. It led into a beautiful entry hall with a wooden staircase off the left. To the right were mahogany pocket doors that when slid open revealed a lovely sitting room complete with a fireplace.
"Oh my God this is so beautiful," Monica said slowly talking it all in. All in all there was the sitting room, living room, dining room, library, small powder room and kitchen all on the first floor. Going up the back staircase they viewed the four large bedroom and bath. The last room they saw was the master bedroom. It has it's own bathroom with a claw foot tub. "I love this house, Gee," Monica said running her hand along the maple trim that surrounded all the doorframes.
"Like I said," Carla reminded them sadly, "There is already an offer on the table and I'm sure the owners will accept it if they haven't already."
Gerard was watching Monica's face. She was in love with this place. "So what can we do? Can't we make an offer too?"
Carla nodded, "If they haven't accepted the other offer you can. I would suggest you make an offer over the asking price if you really want it." They had moved back downstairs. "Let me show you the finished basement" She took them down the back stairs just off the kitchen, "The owners had this room soundproofed I think it was used as a home recording studio." She smiled, "That would be idea for you wouldn't it?"
Now it was Gerard who was in love with the house. "Man, this would be perfect." He walked around imagining how he would set everything up. "We gotta get an offer in."
Carla pulled out her cell and dialed the office. She walked back upstairs to get better reception.
"Gee, I love this house. It's just how I always pictured in my mind as the prefect home. So you think we have a chance?"
He walked over to her and pulled her to him, "I love it too. This room would be fucking awesome for the band. We could play till all hours of the night and not bother you or the girls."
They heard Carla's footsteps as she came back down the stairs. The look on her face dashed their hopes, "I'm really sorry but the owners accepted the offer."
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