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new Olympia

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the titans try to work out how they can get back in touch with the gods with the help of their older selves

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WOOOOO!!!!!i've finially finished this chapter!!!


older versions of the titans:

older= Mr. Jay
younger= jay

older=Mrs Theresa
younger= theresa

.....yeah, you get the idea.



"ATLANTA!" Archie lost his grip, and the portal closed. He was left on the side walk with the company of Cronos and Agnon

"...Atlanta! Jay! Herry! Odie! Neil!...Theresa!"


Archie turned around to see the giant chuckling and pulling himself to his feet. Beside the fifty foot Agnon stood Cronos "Oh....did the poor little titan get left behind?"

In a flash Archie was on his feet with his whip in hand "What have you done to my friends Cronos?!"

The Time Lord merely smiled "You mean, when have I sent your friends?" before the violet haired teen could blink he shot a ball of energy at the youth. Catching him off guard it hit him squarely in the chest. Archie flew back into one of the buildings and gasped in pain as he collided with the concrete. Gingerly he forced himself to stand up, reaching into his pocket he pulled out his three pointed disk and aimed it at the God. Laughing, Cronos just stepped aside

"Hahaha! You missed" but the time lord wasn't counting on the disk returning to its master and clipped his cheek as it turned in the air. Smiling, Archie caught it with three fingers
By now Agnon was standing as tall as the sky scrapers again and tried to bring his foot down on the youth. Seeing the great shadow looming over him the purple haired titan dived and missed being swished by the enormous foot by inches. Kneeling, Archie slashed at Agnon's ankle with his whip. The giant bellowed in pain as the teen then tried to make a run for Olympic High

"Not so fast" Cronos summoned a gold sickle in his hand, and in one swift movement he jumped and hurtled the weapon at the boy; spinning in the air as the blade came down and clipped the teen's bad heel. Archie hollered in pain and fell to the ground hard with all the force he had from running causing him to skid for a few meters. His eyes watering, he clutched his leg as the shadow of the Greek God loomed over him

"You're mine"


"Now", said the older Atlanta to the rest of the group, but keeping eye contact with her younger self "how do we get in touch with these Gods?"

"I never completely lost contact with Hera" said Mr. Jay "She comes to check up on us every now and again- just to make sure no creature ever sort revenge after what we did in our teen years. She checks up on the rest of you as well" the man chuckled to himself "But she does it in a way where none of you notice"

Mr. Neil put a hand on his chin in thought "I always thought my tea lady looked familiar...."

Mrs. Atlanta nodded "And my neighbor, Mrs. Areh.... meh, must be a coincidence"

Sharlet pulled at the scarf around her neck "That's great and all, but how do we get a message to her?"

"I know!" exclaimed Mr. Neil suddenly "I'll call my tea lady!" The older model whipped out his mobile phone and raced into the kitchen

Jay smiled and shook his head. The rest of his teammates young and old stayed quite whilst he spoke in the other room, trying to pick up words from his conversation to hear if he was right.

", no I'm not insane...okay....thanks honey....." Mr. Neil was saying "...oh, next photo shoot can you make that chocolate slice with the coconut on top? Please? Thanks, yah...okay, bye!"
He came back into the room and shook his head "She's not Hera"

The other titans sighed as young Theresa spoke up "Why don't we just go back to new Olympia?"

Sharlet rubbed the back of her neck "The school came into financial difficulty some time ago and....well...long story short, it's now a shopping center"

"Oh great!" Herry punched the palm of his hand "What are we suppose to do now?"

Jay interrupted him "What happened to the god's strong hold? I thought that was protected by magic"

Mr. Odie thought for a moment "You know, I think it might still be there. We all thought they found another strong hold... but the one at the old school- the 'blue wall' we use to go through was like a portal. It might still be there, but the chances are slim"

Jay spoke before his older self could comment "That's okay. Right now it's the only lead we have. Atlanta?, I mean Mrs Middleton, If we leave you kids here can you take us to the school?"

Mr. Herry stepped forward "I doubt she would have enough room in her car for all of you, some of you can ride in mine"

Herry's face brightened "What sort of truck do you have?"

"Boy, I never thought you'd ask"


Jay stepped into the new shopping mall with Theresa, Odie, Herry, Neil, with Atlanta and Sharlet behind them. The six titans gasped. The building wasn't anything like they remembered. Instead of a hall there was a food court. Their classrooms were shops of clothes, flowers, crafts. The lights were a bright white and heavy beat music could be heard from a clothing shop near where they stood. Whilst they stood there in shock, an old couple had came up behind them. The elderly woman poked Neil in the back with her umbrella

"s'Cuse me boy, you're blocking the door!" The titans hastily moved aside and got over their shock.

"Man! Are you sure we'll even be able to find it?" exclaimed Odie

Sharlet shoved her hands in her pockets "Where do you remember the room to be?"

"Umm....second floor, fifth door on the right" said Theresa, looking at Jay to see if she was right. Jay nodded. He looked at his friend's sister and smiled

"Well, lead the way"

With the violet haired teen in front, the group started making their way into the mall. Theresa caught site of the clothes store windows and nudged Atlanta "Hey, check out the fashions!"

Atlanta looked at the window. The tight pants and mullets had come back into fashion. "Oh no, that's so bad"

They rounded a corner and went past a fishery shop when Atlanta noticed a familiar door that had not been touched.

"You think they would have broken into the lock or painted over it" said Neil as they neared their destination. Sure enough there was the small printed sign "janitor's closet". Jay stepped forward and took of his pendent to unlock the door. He quickly ducked into the room and his friends shortly followed.

Sharlet's gray eyes widened in surprise when she saw the blue glow of the wall waving in front of her like the glimmering surface of water.

Theresa smiled "It's still here" she stepped through the wall portal.

Sharlet gasped and stepped forward. The titans chuckled at her reaction as Atlanta followed Theresa "Come on! It's easy!" the red haired disappeared to the other side.

Cautiously, Sharlet walked forward and gently placed her hand through. The sensation was cool, almost like water. She withdrew her hand stared at the thing in front of her.


Herry took her arm and they stepped through the portal together. The first thing Sharlet saw when she stepped through to the other side was a soft golden light.

"Sharlet" Herry was saying "Welcome to the god's mansion"

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