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God's mansion

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the titans are brought to the future to find out one of them are dead. can they stop this before it happens?

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His eyes watering, Archie clutched his leg as the shadow of the Greek God loomed over him

"You're mine"

"NO!" Archie shouted leaping to his feet. His legs, arms and elbows stung where he scraped his skin on the cement, his unsteadying throbbing leg caused him pain and a heavy limp; but he ignored it with one thought "no" and raced to get himself out of the time lord's reach. But he didn't count on Cronos snapping his fingers and summoning ropes with magic, and thrusting them at the titan. Under a spell, the ropes wound around Archie's body tightly, ridged and unable to move. Overbalancing, he fell to the hard ground again, smacking his chin and biting his cheek in the process.

A small trickle of blood came out from the corner of the titan's mouth as he looked up with a dazed expression. His vision was swimming and he couldn't concentrate, but he could make out the white smiling teeth of his enemy as he walked over to him and bent down and whispered in his ear before his mind swum into nothing but a numb dark inky black.



A/N Archie won't be coming around for a very long time! Mwa ha ha!!!


Cronos muttered a few Latin words and shrunk Agnon down to his normal size. The olive skinned giant came down to his master and picked up the purple haired teen off the ground and slung him over his shoulder like a bag of spuds. Cronos created a portal and stepped through to his hide out with his servant at his heals.

"Ahhh, so good to be back" sighed Cronos "Agnon, take him up to the pool room and lock the door with all the bolts. I don't want to take chances this time"

With a grunt the giant carried Archie's motionless form out of his master's site


"Sharlet" Herry was saying "Welcome to the god's mansion"

For the other titans who had come here each and every day of their lives in the past few months, it was as though nothing had changed or been moved out of place. But for Sharlet, who had never seen, heard, or done anything like this in her life she could compare it to, it was unbelievable. For a moment, she stopped breathing as she looked around with wide eyes

"Charlie? Er... are you okay?" Neil asked

Hearing her nickname brought her back to reality. She blinked "Yeah..." the violet haired teen breathed "But this is just incredible!"

Theresa smiled "Come on, we'll give you a tour"

Atlanta shook her head "No! There's no time. We have to find Hera. Archie's only going to live for another few hours unless we do something now!"

"Who are you?! And what are you doing here?!" the quick snap of the Queen god's voice made everybody jump

"Hera!" Exclaimed Jay as the others breathed a sigh of relief except Sharlet; all of this was new to her.

The elderly woman in front of them had not aged a single day since they last saw her. They guessed it was one of the perks of being immortal. None the less, in all her thousands of years of living she had never experienced or seen this.

"Jay?! Odie? Theresa? Neil, Herry, did you all get here? You're suppose to be older- with children! Why Neil, you're tea lady just finished making you chocolate slice!"

The model looked at her oddly. Only they knew that his older counter part loved that particular treat....unless...-

"So my future tea lady is associated with you! Oh that is so cool!!!" squealed Neil

Jay stepped right into business "Hera, we need your help. Is there somewhere we can talk?"

Hearing the seriousness in his voice, the Queen nodded and led them into her office where she heard their tale and questioned Archie's sister

"Drowned, you say?"


"Hmm...yes. I believe you. You have his eyes"

Neil stepped in "Ah, hello! Purple hair! Who else do we know has purple hair?! Of coarse they're related!"

Hera ignored him and spoke directly to the others "I do not know if I can send you back, because it will alter this future...but, it is not where you belong"

"What about me?" Said Sharlet

Hera looked at her straight in the eye "Your adventure ends here little one. You have aided your friends as much as you can, and we thank you. But now it is time for you to go back to your home"

Sharlet's gray eyes widened in shock; Odie tried to step forward and speak in her defense, that she should come with them, but as soon as he opened his mouth he realized the God was right and remained silent.

Sharlet however, did not intend to remain quiet. She stepped forward with her fists clenched "What?! You can't leave me hear like this! I can help him!"

Hera put her hands together and rested her chin on her knuckles

Herry backed her up "Yeah! She's got all Archie's abilities!"

Jay nodded "She's a descendent of Achilles too Hera, and besides, the prophecy states that seven teens destroy Cronos, but they didn't say how. What if it is Charlie- Achilles' descendent and not Archie is the one that helps us defeat"-

"No! Absolutely not!" argued Hera "Miss Harper shall return to her home to where she belongs- as will all of you"

A hollow knock at the door caused the titans to swing around to see nervous Hermes " sent for me Hera?"

"Indeed I did. Please escort Miss Harper here back to her farm. The rest of you, come with me"

'Dimmitt Hera!' Sharlet thought cursing the Queen of the Gods

"Please make your goodbyes then we will be on our way"

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