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Fifteen - I Wanna Run Through the Halls of My High School, I Wanna Scream at the Top of My Lungs.

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Ok yeah, this chapter broke my heart and i am now an emotional wreck because of it but just remember that i have a plan.

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It was that day, the day that Kate had been inwardly dreading since she got the reminder phone call from the overly perky Shana Walsh. August 10 - New Trier High School's Class of 2002's 10 year reunion.

"Well you look adorable and . . ." Sara paused for a second to take in Kate's dress that was actually very flattering considering that Kate was way larger then she felt was normal.

"FAT! I look fat, just say it." Kate cut her off and crossed her arms over her chest pouting.

"Well you are a . . . little bit . . . bigger then I remember being at 13 weeks but that's ok." Sara smiled sweetly.

It was then that Joe walked into the house tripping in the doorway and then promptly checking the floor to see what tripped him though he knew that it was nothing.

"That," Sara gestured to Joe's suit, "looks really familiar."

"He wore it to prom." Kate nodded still disbelieving Joe's wardrobe choice.

"What? It's a blast from the past - it's fucking awesome." He beamed while looking down and checking himself out.

"It's too small and it has tire marks on the arm from where Andy ran you over." Kate rolled her eyes and Joe smiled bigger.

"I can't help it if I'm a badass."

"More like dumb ass." Pete retorted while walking back into the house from dropping his children off at his parents. "Are you sure I have to go Sara?" He whined.

"I'm not going to my high school reunion eight months pregnant without my husband!" She shrieked.

"Everyone knows you married me so it's not like it matters really."

"It matters, it matters to me!" Her high pitched tone was starting to annoy Pete who decided that he was done complaining if it would make her stop.

The foursome left shortly after Pete and Sara resolved their little disagreement and arrived at the hotel within a few minutes, after all, Pete didn't live that far away from downtown Chicago anyways. Brian and Sam were trying to lay low outside as they waited patiently for them to arrive, Kate roped them into this and there was no way they were going in un accompanied.

"Have you been inside yet?" Sara questioned curious while dragging Pete along like a disobedient child.

"Pshhh no." Sam huffed amused.

"I don't so feel good." Kate hiccupped and shook Joe's hand to get his attention.

"Oh no, you are not faking your way out of this." Joe pointed his finger at her before draping an arm around her shoulder. Kate hiccupped again and groaned.

"I'm not faking." She whined while tugging at his sleeve - she wasn't paying attention and ran straight into Sam's back.
"What the hell?" She smacked Sam who looked down at her cautiously before motioning his head inside the banquet room.
"Oh my God." Kate gasped and covered her mouth with her hand.

"Wow this is really . . . elaborate, and kind of creepy." Joe used his hands for emphasis as he described the room in front of them.

"It's like a John Hughes movie. Weird!" Sara commented while looking at Pete.

"I always new the class of 2002 was all kinds of fucked up." Pete nodded before trying to make his escape unsuccessfully as Sara had a tight hold on his coat jacket.

"Name?!" The girl sitting at the table demanded for the third time. Brian finally glanced down and smiled apologetically.

"Brian Donahue." He relayed to the girl who paid no attention to his identity while flipping though the book and finding his name under the D's.

"Brian Donahue. Art Club and President of the Environmental Club?" The girl read off the sticker nametag making sure he was the right person.

"The one and only." Brian smiled before the girl stood and slapped the sticker onto his chest a little bit more forcefully then needed. Sara tapped her fingers on the table waiting to be acknowledged by the girl who apparently no one had ever heard of. The girl peered up at the very pregnant Sara and motioned for her to 'go ahead.'

"Sara Walker." She said a little more shyly then she normally would have.

The girl let out a sigh as she flipped to the W's.
"Sara Walker. Dean's List, International Thespian Society?"

Sara nodded and the girl stood to slap the sticker onto her but opted just to hand it to the pregnant lady instead.

"Hey Sweetness." Sam replied while leaning on the table, the girl however was not amused and was clueless to the fact that she was standing with five more than mildly famous people.
"Name?" The girl questioned and Sam sighed defeated.

"Sam McDonald." He replied shortly now upset that he wasn't recognized.

"Sam McDonald. Dean's List, President of the Chess Club?" The girl glanced up and openly laughed in his face mocking his extra curricular activity.

"Yeah, yeah." Sam responded annoyed before snatching the sticker out of the girl's hand and sticking it roughly to his chest.

"Joe Trohman." Joe yelled excitedly without waiting to be acknowledged. The girl nodded before pausing and looking up at him disgusted.

"You're the pervert that sneaked into the girl's locker room." She huffed before flipping to the T's.

"Yup." He smiled proudly. Hell, it took him two weeks to plan his entrance into the locker room someone had better have remembered.

"Joe Trohman. Band and Audio Visual Club?" The girl didn't wait for confirmation she just shoved the sticker forcefully in his direction and waved him off.

Kate was next and she approached the table apprehensively.

"Kate Wentz." She almost whispered, the girl nodded still not paying attention and flipping back to the W's.

"Kate Wentz. Dean's List, Student Body President, Cheerleading and Softball Team Captain, Homecoming and Prom . . ." The girl suddenly stopped reading and glanced up quickly.

"Fucking over achiever." Pete rolled his eyes at his sister who shrugged innocently before waving at the girl.

"Kate Wentz! Kate Wentz, Brian Donahue, Sam McDonald." The girl stood excitedly almost as if she was registering the facts for the second time.

"Joe Trohman, Pete Wentz." Pete retorted feeling the need to validate his band as well.

"Sara Wentz!" Sara added excitedly making sure she wasn't left out.

Kate waved before un sticking the sticker from the page herself and placing it on her chest.

"Thank you." She stopped before fixating on the girl's nametag. "Bonnie Samuels."

"Oh I need a drink." Joe admitted before grabbing Kate's hand and pulling her into the banquet hall.

"No you are not going to drink and leave me all sober - that's not fair!" Kate whined.

"I'll just have one, just one. I promise." Joe smirked before he, Sam, and Brian disappeared to go find some sort of 'refreshment.'

"What a liar!" Kate laughed slightly annoyed more at the fact that she would have to remain sober throughout the entire night; she wasn't in the mood to deal with High School shit all over again. The cheerleaders criticized the softball team, softball team criticized the cheerleaders - no one understood why she associated with Sara, Joe, Sam and Brian - but despite everything they still loved her, Kate never really figured out why.

"Kate Mother Fucking Wentz." A voice called out. Kate turned at the sound of her name and smiled at the sight of four members of the softball team with their significant others, one of those others being a woman.

"Hey!" Kate replied energetically just as her name was being called from the opposite end of the room. She turned slightly to see who else was calling her name and was faced with three bubbly blonde cheerleaders and their GQ husbands.

"And the shit hits the fan." Sara smiled while taking the soda Pete had just walked up with.

Before Kate could even acknowledge both groups she was hit with a strange queasiness that she couldn't really pinpoint. She held up a finger to Sara signaling that she would be right back before making a B-line to the restroom.

"What's her problem?" Joe questioned from out of nowhere, no one had even seen him walk up.

"I don't know, probably just gas, I'll check on her if she's not out in a minute." Sara replied nonchalantly not noticing the disgusted looks coming from Joe and Pete at the mention of gas - somehow it was less funny when talked about in a female context.

Kate ran into the bathroom and immediately into a stall expecting to throw up, when she didn't and the feeling didn't subside she sat down frustrated. She then noticed that her palms were sweating; in fact she was extremely sweaty - so sweaty that she was giving Patrick a run for his money. The thing that caught her off guard however was the fact that her thighs were sweating, almost dripping. She groaned as she tugged at the toilet paper that seemed to take a life of itself as it projected onto the floor getting tangled around her legs. Kate shakily bent down to recover the disobedient toilet paper but stopped short to focus on her hand that was trembling. She shook her head in confusion before picking up the toilet paper and wiping her face with it in attempt to rid herself of the perspiration. Once her face was as dry as possible she moved down to wipe her thighs, it was then that she noticed that the sweat had red tint that was now coating her legs. She abandoned the toilet paper and wiped a hand across her inner thigh before bringing it up to her face. She separated her fingers as she stared horrified at her bloody palm. Kate stood faster then she thought possible given her altered state and was halfway out of the stall to go get help when everything went black.

"If you're so worried go check on her Babe." Pete responded after catching his wife glance at the bathroom door for probably the tenth time since Kate ran off.

"It's not like she fell into the toilet or anything, she's just trying to get out of actually having to mingle with people." Joe responded while taking the last sip of his rum and coke, he sighed sadly at his empty glass and at the fact that he told Kate he would only have one.

"I don't know, I'm just going to check on her cause if she's sick having someone to hold your hair back is actually quite helpful." Sara replied while handing her empty glass to Pete and walking in the direction of the bathroom. She stalked into the Ladies room to see Kate sprawled out on the floor unconscious and bloody.

Pete and Joe were standing people watching when they heard Sara scream bloody murder, immediately they were in the Ladies room. Sara was crying as she tried unsuccessfully to pick Kate up, a task she probably couldn't of done regularly much less eight months pregnant. Joe stood in shock as Pete rushed to his sister's side picking her up immediately and cradling her in his arms. Brian and Sam pushed their way through the crowd that had now formed around the bathroom door and also stood in shock of the site before them. Sara was on the phone with 911 when Pete finally looked up meeting Joe's gaze.

"Go get Patrick."

Without question or protest Joe was forcing his way through the people and out of the hotel.


Patrick walked around his house not really enjoying the intense silence that comes with living alone, well almost alone, Mussolini his fish wasn't much company though. He didn't really understand the purpose of having the fish anyways, he was never home and his mother fed him most of the time. He sighed as he glanced at the fish and then in the direction the fish was facing. Patrick grabbed the magazine that was in the fish's eye line, and put it up to the glass.
"Yup, I dated her. Dated as in past tense cause I dumped her." He replied to the fish with a sarcastic laugh. The fish of course didn't respond.
"Oh, why you ask? Because I'm stupid." He said overly enthused, the fish loss interest in the magazine pressed up against his house and swam to the other side of the tank. Patrick sighed again,
"I'm talking to my fucking fish." He replied while reaching across the counter to his ringing phone.
flashed in the caller ID, and Patrick frowned.
"Joe Trohman you can go to hell." He retorted to the cellular device while pushing the ignore button and tossing his phone back on the counter. His phone ran three more times before Patrick just shut it off - Joe obviously couldn't take a hint. With his phone off Patrick was once again surrounded in silence, he placed his head on the counter and closed his eyes just wanting everything to go away for awhile, of course, that's when the knocking started. He grunted growing more and more annoyed at the persistent knocking, he just wanted whoever it was to get the hint and leave. He grew hopeful when the person on the other side of the door ended their relentless pounding. After a few seconds of silence he let himself relax once more thinking that whoever it was had left. He once again put his head back on the counter closing his eyes as he did so, but that's when the yelling started.

"Patrick c'mon I know you're home!" Joe pleaded crying, he didn't have much energy left and he didn't feel like handling Patrick's mood swings and stubbornness, not right now.

Patrick's head shot up at the sound of Joe's distraught voice. For a split second he felt an urge to go open the door and see what the cause of all the hysteria was. That urge melted away when he remembered what Joe had done to him and the fact that Joe was probably all worked up over something stupid that he did and couldn't get himself out of, but the pounding persisted along with the yelling.

"Patrick God damn it - it's Kate, she's in trouble." Joe pounded weakly on the door.

At the mention of Kate's name Patrick stood and walked to the door, he still wasn't 100% sure about what was going on. He leaned on the doorframe inches away from the closed door.

"If she's in trouble why don't you go save her Superman?" Patrick spat, still thinking that Joe was using 'Kate being in trouble' to get him to open the door.

"I'm not fucking kidding Sara found her passed out on the bathroom floor she was rushed to the hospital."

Immediately Patrick opened the door. One look at Joe and Patrick could tell he wasn't kidding.

"And the baby?" Patrick asked frantically Joe simply shook his head.

"I don't know."


Pete knocked gently on Kate's hospital door awaiting a response though not expecting to get one.

"Come in." Kate instructed nonchalantly.

Pete tossed a confused glance towards his wife who just shrugged and motioned for him to open the door. He obliged. Upon entering the two were faced with a Kate who besides makeup being smudged and hair being askew looked fine.

"Hey sweetie." Sara cooed as she tucked a strand of Kate's hair behind her ear, "How are you doing?"

"Fine considering that the remains of my child were just extracted from my body with a vacuum." She spat sarcastically before sobbing.

"Hey, don't do that to yourself." Pete scolded while grabbing his sister's hand forcefully.

She started to cry harder while bringing a hand up as if to say 'what?'
"I had a miscarriage Pete, that's just what happens. Or the," She stopped to sniffle slightly, "spontaneous end of a pregnancy at a stage where the fetus is incapable of surviving, generally defined in humans at a gestation of prior to 20 weeks." Kate responded robotically quoting the doctor's exact words.

"I know, I know." Pete soothed while pulling his sister into a hug while running his fingers through her hair gently, he knew that there was nothing he could say or do to make her feel better.

"I want to go home." Kate cried into his chest, Pete sighed heavily.

"You can't go home just yet Baby, there's media surrounding the Hospital we're going to wait till it dies down a little before you can leave, then we're going to release a statement that says that you collapsed from exhaustion, ok?" He used his paternal voice in attempt to persuade Kate that everything would be ok.

"I'm not fucking Mariah Carey, I don't collapse from exhaustion Pete." She sobbed.

"I know, I know." Pete repeated not being able to think of anything better to say. He sighed before turning to face Sara.
"Go outside and call Bob and tell him that I will be getting in touch with him later about canceling the tour." He whispered so Kate wouldn't hear, but she did.

"No, NO!" She yelled, "I have to tour, I have to work - don't cancel - I can't be at home by myself, please." She practically begged her brother.


Outside Joe crookedly pulled into ambulance parking startling the paparazzi that had made their home outside the entrance of the hospital. Both Patrick and Joe got out of the vehicle abruptly before pushing their way through the photographers all the while yelling every profanity under the sun at the cameras.

They were halfway down the third floor hallway when they saw Sara and Pete exit room 325 quietly. Pete sighed and put his head in his hands as he leaned on the outside of his sister's hospital door. Joe stopped abruptly upon seeing his band mate so distraught; he let himself yell as he hit the wall with his fist realizing exactly what had happened. That's when Patrick snapped, he ran towards the closed door wanting to get inside, he wanted to hold her, cradle her in his arms and tell her everything was going to be ok. Pete however had other plans for him. He held onto Patrick's shoulders preventing him from getting inside the room. Patrick fought against him but Pete stood his ground, fighting back just as hard.

"What the fuck man?!" Patrick yelled after he was tired of fighting his best friend.

"I'm sorry, ok? But I don't know if she wants to see you, I hadn't of thought of that when I told Joe to go get you, but I just, I'm sorry." Pete sighed defeated letting his arms drop from Patrick's shoulders.

"But . . ." Patrick began as he gestured to the door. Sara nodded as she placed a reassuring hand on his arm.

"I know you just want to help, but right now it's best for you to stay out here Patrick, ok? Just trust me, just - "

Patrick shrugged her hand off his arm before shaking his head violently,
"No! Just please, please let me in." He pleaded like a child as his frustration grew. He just wanted to be with her and they wouldn't let him in, they wouldn't let him in and he didn't understand why. Not that he understood very much at this point. Why was this happening? Why was this happening to her? Why was this happening to him?

Joe took it upon himself to push past the trio and into the room - though no one would have fought him if he had just asked to be let in. He fixated on the closed door while listening to Patrick having a fit outside, he took three deep breaths before turning around. He was immediately surprised to see Kate sitting awake on the bed staring at him like he was crazy. The look she was giving him however didn't take away from the fact that she was crying, if that was her intention or not he wasn't sure. He quickly approached the bed and sat down cautiously, her eyes following his every move was making him nervous and the fact that he could hear Patrick pleading outside wasn't helping either.

"I'm so sorry Kate." he responded, because that was all he could say. Kate nodded solemnly.

"I know." She nodded once again before glancing at her hand. She sighed as she untied the string around her ring finger, placing it in the middle of Joe's palm before urging his hand to close around it.
"Thank you Joey." Kate stated as the tears began to well up in her eyes once more.

Joe nodded in agreement as he stood. He pushed her bangs away from her forehead before kissing it gently and walking to leave.

"It's ok if he comes in." Kate whispered while studying her hands as if they were the most interesting things on the planet.

Joe nodded once more before opening the door and walking into the hallway. He closed the door quietly behind him and leaned up against it as he watched Patrick beg Pete to let him in. Joe then looked over at Sara who was crying because she felt partially responsible for Patrick's intense state of panic but knew that right now Kate's emotional state was far more important.

"It's fine." Joe yelled slightly over the commotion. When the noise died down Joe repeated himself.
"It's fine, she said it was fine. Go ahead."

Once Pete released his grip Patrick was almost immediately inside the room. He sighed heavily as he watched the door close behind him before turning to face Kate who was still busily studying her hands. He wasn't really sure how it happened but one second he was clear across the room and the next she was in his arms. Kate stiffened at his touch, not because she didn't like the feeling of him against her, but because her heart couldn't take it anymore. She physically could not handle loosing her child, relapsing to Patrick only to have him push her away, everything inside of her would die. Kate squirmed against him as she tried unsuccessfully to push him away.

"Just don't, please, just don't touch me!" She cried not meaning for it as sound has harsh as it had.

"No." Patrick replied as he held her tightly to him refusing to oblige to her wishes, "No, I won't let you go." He stated softly trying to hide the unsteadiness in his voice.

Kate stopped fighting and collapsed into his chest sobbing,
"Our baby is gone Patrick." She managed to get out in between sobs.

Patrick didn't say anything, there wasn't anything he could have said that would relay exactly how he felt so he stayed silent. He sat on the bed and cradled her in his arms gently rocking her back and fourth until she fell asleep.

totally didn't proof read because i really didn't want to read over it again. please excuse all typos. thank you.
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