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Sunshine Wants To Go - DEC 20

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Luke surprises Kelly.

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The next few days passed uneventfully. It was Thursday morning when Alicia called Christa. “Hey bi-ouch, what’s up?”
Christa laughed, “Nothing much. What’s up with you?’
“Called to ask a favor in the name of Kara.”
“What?” Sometimes it was hard to follow Alicia’s thoughts.
“Kara wanted me to call for her and ask a favor.”
“Oh, got it. So what’s the favor?” Christa asked. She sat down on the sofa and absently wondered how much longer until Ray got back. The guys had gone to a local radio station for an interview.
“Well Kara is supposed to be handling Jamia’s baby shower but with school and all she needs help.” Alicia explained.
Kara was suspicious. Had Ray said something to Alicia about her not feeling part of their group? “So how come you aren’t helping?”
Alicia had this all planned out. “Cause I’m staying with Jamia and we don’t want her to know all the details.”
“Well what about Monica?”
Alicia laughed, “Kara doesn’t want to do this with her mom. You know how that is”
“Oh” Christa said thinking over the situation. “Sure, I’d be happy to help out.”
“Knew we could count on you. Kara said to have you give her a call tonight.”
“Sure. I’ll call before the concert.” Christa said smiling.
Alicia smiled too. She had felt terrible when Jamia had told her about Christa not thinking she was one of them. “So what’s new in MCR land?”
“Not much. I’m just waiting for Ray to get back from the radio station. He’s taking me to lunch.”
“Lot’s of waiting involved in touring isn’t there?”
“More then I ever dreamed.” She paused, “Hey Alicia tell Kara thanks for asking me.”
Alicia pretended to be surprised. “Thanks for asking you? Hell I think she made me do it cause she was afraid you’d say no.”
“Why would I say no? I’m happy to do it.”
“Cause it’s a lot of work?”
“Hey, I don’t mind. I want to do my part.”
“That’s good sista. Cause you’re one of us now.”
Christa smiled and said goodbye. Ray walked in as she was just disconnecting.
“Who was that?” He asked dropping a kiss on her lips.
“Alicia. She called to say that Kara wants me to help her with Jamia’s baby shower.”
Ray loved the smile on her face. “Oh” he said hiding his own smile. “Ready for lunch?” Secretly he was thinking he needed to thank Jamia.

“Hey Kelly wait up.” Sarah was out of breath when she reached her friend. “Where have you been?”
“I stayed after in Chorus.”
“Wanna go to a movie this weekend?”
“Can’t. I’m staying at my grandma’s and I’m gonna spend time with her.”
“Oh, Donna.”
Kelly was really tired of people not thinking that Gerard was her dad or Donna was her grandma just cause her mom hadn’t married him yet. “Yeah, Donna’s.”
“So you talk to Luke?”
Kelly didn’t like that question either. The fact of the matter was he hadn’t called her and she hadn’t seen him here at school either. “No.”
Sarah didn’t pick up on her vibe. “That’s probably for the best.”
Kelly stared at her. “Whatever. Hey, talk to you later.” She took off quickly before Sarah could say anything else she didn’t want to hear.
The rest of the day passed and when Kelly returned to her locker before last period is was glad it was almost over. She pulled open the door and a piece of paper fluttered to the ground. Picking it up quickly her eyes scanned the note.

I’m heading for my place after school.
Wanna come?

She looked around but didn’t see Luke anywhere. Well how did he think she was gonna answer his question? She stuffed the note in her pocket and headed for her next class.

“Monica I was wondering if Elle could stay with you this weekend?” Liv asked hating to make the request but knowing it had to be done.
“Oh” Monica was shocked. “You mean the whole weekend?”
“Yeah, a friend invited me to go out of town with him and it sounds like fun.”
“Liv, I’m sorry but Kara and I are flying to Denver this weekend. It’s the last date of the tour for now and we’re not gonna get back until Sunday night.”
Liv sighed, “Oh, no problem.”
“Wait, Kelly is going to stay with Donna and I know she would love to have Elle stay too.”
Liv thought the idea over. She knew how much Donna hated her. “I’m not sure she’d agree to watch Elle for me so that I could go out of town.”
“I’m sure she would. Donna really wants to spend time with Elle and Don really wants to meet her.”
“You should check with Donna first.”
“Okay, I’ll call her. If you give me your number I’ll call you right back.”
“No, I’ll call you back in about an hour.” She disconnected. It would be hard to leave Elle for the weekend but it was something she needed to do.

Kelly slipped into the car throwing her book bag down at her feet with a disgusted sigh.
“What’s your major malfunction?” Kara asked.
“Nothing.” Kelly muttered.
“Sunshine had a bad day.”
Kelly’s head whipped around to the back seat. “What are you doing here?”
“Nice” Kara said putting the car into drive. “Great social skills.”
Luke shrugged. “I was waitin’ for your answer.”
“Oh” Kelly said smiling. “But how would we get there?”
“That would be your kind hearted sister.” Kara said pulling out into traffic.
Kelly looked over at her with a disbelieving stare. “You’d take us?”
“Well it’s for sure I can’t drive us there. You’re mom made that clear.” Luke said taking out his pack of cigarettes. “Cool?” He asked Kara.
She nodded looking at him in the rear view mirror. “Yeah, Gerard smokes so the car already smells like an ashtray.”
Kelly couldn’t believe this was happening. “You would take Luke and I to the house?” She looked back at him. “You told her where it’s at?”
He shrugged while lighting his cigarette. “How else would we get there?”
“I’ll drop you guys off, go do some shit I need to do then come back for you in a couple of hours.” Kara said.
“What are you gonna tell Mom?”
“I told her I had shit to do after school. She’ll just think you’re with me.”
Kelly sat back in her seat.
“Unless Sunshine doesn’t want to go with me. She’s never answered.” Luke said.
Kelly tried not to smile but it was hard, “Sunshine wants to go.”
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