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Still Rose Petals and Forever - JAN 11

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Gee and Monica and the surprise

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The limo pulled in front of the Burnsley. Gee and Monica were escorted through the lobby and to their suite without delay.
Once the bellboy had been tipped and the door locked Monica stood in the center of the suite. Just as she had done before she slowly turned to take in all the beauty. "Sometimes I think I just dreamed how beautiful this place is." She crossed the room to look out onto the balcony. The lights of Denver sparkled below them.” I can't believe you went to all the trouble to get our room for us."
He smiled "I wanted this to be special. You deserve the best Monica." Suddenly he was behind her, his arms encircling her waist. "This is the room where you agreed to be my wife. God, I was so fucking nervous that night. I was so afraid you'd say no."
"I love you Gee. There is nothing in the world I want more than to be your wife."
He kissed her tenderly, slowly, "I love you more than I have every loved anyone." They stood in each other's arms not needing to speak. The magical feeling was still surrounding them.
"I'm going to slip into something more comfortable." Monica told him with a seductive smile. He reluctantly let her go. She moved into the bedroom and found their bags that had been delivered earlier. She unzipped her duffle and grabbed the new red satin gown. She knew Gerard's eyes were on her. Slipping off her sweater she revealed her new sexy bra. His look of shock made her giggle. "You like?"
"You know damn good and well I do." he took a step towards her.
Monica laughed and headed towards the bathroom. "I’m gonna take a quick shower. I’ll be right back." She said in a flirty tone.
Gerard forced himself to keep his mind on the task at hand. He moved around the bedroom and lit several candles; he noted that the rose petals were in a bowl on the dresser. Quickly he took handfuls and scattered them over the bed. Just like last time. This night had to be just as perfect.
When she emerged from the bathroom his eyes drank in the sight. She had donned a short red satin gown that was sexy as hell. He held his breath when he saw the garters and silk stockings, “Wow"
Monica laughed, "Wow? I take it that's good?"
Without another thought he took her in his arms. Gerard ran his fingers over the delicious length of her silk encased thigh. His hand slid easily under her short skirt to cup her bare butt. He broke away quickly. This was moving too fast. He wanted his night to be special. Her eyes left his face and traveled to the bed.
He saw her look at the rose petals on the bed. "Just like last time."
Monica smiled, "Better than last time."
He made himself stop staring at her. "I've got to jump in the shower. Be right back."
Monica giggled. “ I’ll wait here." She pointed to the bed.
He looked at her, and then the bed "I'll be quick."
She heard the shower running as she settled down on the center of the bed. The rose petals were soft under her skin. She closed her eyes and smiled. When she heard the bathroom door open she opened her eyes to see Gee walking towards her in a black silk robe. "Damn you look good."
He was almost to the bed when there was a knock on the door. Monica looked at him questioningly. Gerard shrugged indicating he had no idea who would be knocking at their door. A strange feeling of deja vou hit Monica. She slipped off the bed and followed him into the living room of the suite.
When he opened the door a hotel messenger stood smiling at him. He handed Gerard a simple white envelope. Gerard thanked him, gave him a tip then returned to the living room.. Monica had tucked her legs up under her on the soft leather sofa. She looked up at him then down to the envelope in his hands "What is it?"
Gerard shrugged, "It is address to you." He handed it to her and took a seat in the chair across from her. She turned it over in her hands. "The last note I got here was the most beautiful note I'd ever gotten in my life."
"Maybe this one will be better."
Her fingers trembled slightly as she opened the envelope and unfolded the single sheet of paper. At once she recognized Gee's handwriting.
When I gave you my grandma's locket I gave you my heart
When I wrote you the song I gave you my soul
When I made love to you I gave you my body
When I asked you to marry me you said yes and made my life complete.
Now here we are again. In my heart you are my wife, I am yours forever.
I love you, more than I can ever say."
Monica stood and walked over to stand before him. "I love you Gerard. Now and forever.
He stood and took her into his arms. "God Monica I was so afraid you would say no that night. So afraid I would have to live my life alone. Without you I would disappear. You are so much a part of me." He lifted her in his arms and carried her across the room into the candle lit bedroom. Gently he lay her down amongst the rose petals.
Monica felt their satiny texture on her bare skin. "When did you plan all this?' she asked in a throaty voice.
He smiled "It took me a while. Our room was booked. I had to convince the hotel how important it was we had this room. I wanted this night to be perfect for you.”
Gerard picked up one of the rose petals and lightly caressed her neck. "I promised that night to try to make you happy every day of your life. We've been through some rough times but we're still together stronger than before."
She closed her eyes as he ran the petal down to the lace that covered her breasts. Breathlessly she told him "I remember the words I spoke to you that night. I told you that when you are away from me you would be in my heart. Your voice would be in my ear. My life will be waiting to begin again when you come home."
"Home is in your arms" he told her lowering his lips to her. "Always I will come back to you. You are my home, my love, my life." These were the words he had answered that magical night. Now his lips moved lower following the petal. The straps of her gown slid off her shoulders the top of her gown falling below her breasts. The feel of the soft petal circling her hardened nipples caused her to moan deep in her throat.
"Gee that feels so good," she told him breathlessly
"How does this feel?" His tongue replaced the petal, swirling until he stopped to gently blow on the wetness. Her nipples responded sending small shock waves of pleasure through her. Gerard looked up to see her close her eyes and softly moan. She looked so beautiful with her hair fanned out across the pillow. He tugged on the gown bringing it down her body until it fell at the foot of the bed. He tried to ignore the passion that filled him looking down at her body. Now she only wore a red satin thong and the garters and stockings. She was surrounded by the rose petals. He wanted to bury himself inside her and feel the hot wetness of everything she contained. He wanted to take her but not yet. He wanted this moment in time to last forever.
Once more he brushed a path down her body this time using his tongue. He slid his warm hand up under her bare behind, massaging her cool flesh. Slowly he pushed her hips higher to meet his waiting mouth. “Honey as much as I love the stockings I want them off you.”
“Then take them off, Gee,” She said with a seductive smile. He did slowly enjoying the feel of her silky legs. Once the garters, stocking and thong were gone
his lips moving through the soft curls into her open womanhood. He slipped a finger into her folds loving the wet heat that greeted him. The scent of her desire almost pushed him over the edge. His tongue traced along the swollen lips while his finger slipped in and out, in and out. The tempo increased along with her breathing. Her slick heat coated his finger as he moved faster. When his hand left her butt she whimpered.
He looked at her questioningly. "Do you want me to continue?"
Monica tried to slow her breathing, "No. It's your turn, Gee" she placed her hands on his shoulders and lowered him to the bed. She looked into his passion filled eyes for a moment loosing herself in their depths. "I love you," she whispered into his open mouth her tongue tracing his bottom lip. He watched her as she undressed him with a deliberate slowness. He was so hard it was painful. When at last his robe was careless tossed away followed by his boxers he could breath again. Monica sat back on her heels to drink in the sight of his nude body. The passion in her eyes almost drove him to the brink of insanity.
"Monica I need you,” he begged.
"I want to take my time, Gee. I want to look at every inch of your body and know that it's mine." Her words pushed him further into the realm of passion. He closed his eyes waiting.
When she straddled him he almost cried out. She smoothed her palms down his flat belly; her fingers tingled as they trailed over the path of hair leading to his stiff dick.
Gerard growled and grabbed her hand. He raised it to his mouth and licked her palm. Monica closed her eyes and shuddered.
Once more she moved up his body and lowered her head to his chest. Her tongue darted out to lick a path down his chest. By the time she had reached his rock hard erection he was almost out of his mind with desire. When she took him in her mouth he cried out. "You are driving me fucking insane women. I'm trying to make this last but you won't quit."
The seductive sound she uttered only made it that much more difficult, the sound vibrating. Up and down her tongue ran the length of him. It only stopped to caress the satin tip of his penis. Gerard moaned her name. She took him completely into her mouth sucking slowly, playfully. "I'm warning you" he ground out. The tempo of her mouth increased. He was to his breaking point. “You are gonna make me cum."
She could feel the throbbing growing stronger. He was so close she could taste it. Moving quickly she sat up and positioned herself over him. Teasingly she let him enter her a fraction of an inch then moved back. He looked at her through half closed eyes. She did this over and over letting him in just a bit more each time. Slowly she took him into her body only to stop and pull back. Gerard could take no more of the sweet torment. He threw his arms around her pushing her down on him fully. Monica's response was immediate. She threw back her head and rode him until the passion broke in waves.
Gerard watched her, his eyes narrowed. When she screamed his name he let go filling her. She moved on him until his passion was spent. He reached up and pulled her body down onto his own. He whispered of his love for her. She whispered of her love for him. The love they had shared that night here at the Burnsley still burned as strong as ever.
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