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Don't Keep Secrets

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Because they always come out.

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I sat infront of our manager, my mouth hanging open. I couldn't believe what was happening. I had been trying to prevent it from happening ever since Sara and I had gotten married half a year ago, but I guess it was bound to happen, but why so soon.

"Ronnie, I'm sorry. I know you don't want to, but you guys can't pass this opportunity up. Last year you didn't get to play the whole tour, this year you will. You just have to stay out of each others way."

"Yeah, but that's going to hard to do every day, all summer" I replied.

"Don't complain to me!" he retorted. "You're the one who got yourself into this mess by taking his wife!"

"You guys, come down," interjected Max. "We'll do it, it will be fine."

Our manager nodded and glared at me before leaving us alone in his office. It took Max five minutes to convince me that everything would work out fine, but on my way home, I couldn't stop thinking about how everything could be ruined.

Sara and I rarely argued, and when we did, it was over stupid small things. Being married to her turned out to be the best thing for me. But our marriage was still in the early stages. It was fragile and needed to be carefully nursed, and I was still worried about the affect Gerard had one Sara. I knew what he meant to her, no one forgets their first love.

For the first couple of months of our marriage, I would often hear her in her sleep calling out to him. Although she almost never did it anymore, there was no doubt in my mind that she still thought about him. I knew she loved me, I wasn't worried about that, I just wondered if the love she had for me even compared to the love she had for Gerard. And I knew that if Gerard came back into her life, then our marriage might change. So I decided not to tell Sara, who was visiting her parents, that we were going to be on the Warped Tour with MCR. It would be best for everyone.

Ronnie and I shared a bunk at the back of the bus while the rest of the guys were near the front. My agency did not want me to join Ronnie on tour, but finally after much debate, they finally agreed under the circumstance that I help sell merch for a clothing company.

It was the first day of the tour, and Escape The Fate had drawn a 4:45 start on the Hurley Stage, but I didn't get to see Ronnie for most of the day. First thing in the morning, I had to set up the merch tent and sit there all day taking pictures with a whole bunch of kids who claimed to be my biggest fan. I was still getting used to people recognizing me for what I do and not who I was dating, but for the most part, I enjoyed it.

Finally, at 4:30, I got to take my break, and I made my over to the Hurley Stage as quick as possible, because I had promised Ronnie that I would watch their first show. I got delayed a few times, because I was too polite to say no to people who wanted pictures, but I still made it before they had started.

I flashed the security my pass, and came up beside Ronnie, who was having a conversation with Rob.

"I made it," I whispered in his ear, and he turned around and grinned.

"Hey baby," he answered, and gave me a quick kiss. I heard a camera click, but I ignored it.

"Make sure you think of me while you're up there," I said before he was ushered up onto the stage. I joined Rob's girlfriend on the side of the stage, and I watched my man with pride. He always looked especially sexy when he was on stage with his microphone. He glanced over at me a couple of times, and we smiled at each other.

Just as they were finishing their last song, my phone buzzed, and it was a text telling me to get back to the tent. I told Robs girlfriend to tell Ronnie I had to get back to work, and I decided to go around back instead of leaving by the side stage. I had only made it a few steps before someone blocked my way.

I thanked the crowd one more time before we left the stage, but Xana, Rob's girlfriend, caught my arm and said, "Hurry, they're behind the stage," and I didn't have to ask who she was talking about.

I leaped down the stairs, turned behind the stage, and sure enough, there was Gerard talking to Sara. I could hear them arguing, so I jumped in to tell him to get the hell out of there, but Sara turned on me.

"And you," she said just below a yell. "You lied to me!"

Shit, I thought. Everything had backfired already, and it was still the first day.

"Baby, it's not like that. I just thought it would be better if you didn't know."

"Surely you would have thought that I would find out, didn't you?" She didn't let me answer; instead she stormed off in the other direction before yelling, "Don't either of you try and follow me," but away went Gerard. I ran after him, and surprisingly, I managed to take him to the ground.

"Get the fuck off!" he grunted underneath me, and it wasn't until someone had pulled me off of him that he tried to get me, but he was held off, too.

"Give it up!" I cried, jerking myself out of a security guards grip. "She doesn't want you anymore!"

"We'll see about that," he scoffed, straightened himself up, and walked away.
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