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I could be an accident but I'm still trying

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Their lips crashed together in the moonlit room. His warm hands sliding slowly up into her skirt. A soft moan escaped her lips as he began kissing her neck and shoulder.

Pete felt his need for her ache for more room in his tight jeans. As if reading his mind, Kristin reached down for his pants, slowly undoing the belt. He began kissing her lips again with more passion and need than before, but noticed that the kisses were really really sloppy. ' Why is she practically licking my face?'

Pete opened his eyes to see Hemmy licking his face.

"Uh! Hemmy! That's sick! Jesus, I thought I was making out with someone and it was just you." Pete whiped his face with his tee and looked around the room. The sun was peeking through the crack in the curtains. Glancing at his most hated object, the alarm clock, he noticed that it was 9 am. 'Haven't been up this early in awhile.'

Pete made his way to the bathroom and showered, deciding to get a head start on today's events. He wanted to make sure that his place looked perfect, but then realized that she wouldn't be able to see it. Laughing to himself as he straightened up to make sure she wouldn't trip on anything he heard the front door open.

"Hey Joe," Pete said knowing exactly who was walking up the stairs.

"What's up dude?" Joe plopped himself down on the couch with Hemmy soon jumping into his lap. "So Patrick said you invited some girl over here that you met at Starbucks?"

"Yea, I did. She's fucking beautiful."

"And where does Ashlee fit into this little event?" Joe said tugging at Pete's conscience.

"I know I know, its pretty much a bad idea, but I can't help it. I mean Ash and I have been having issues for a long time. Things aren't the way I would have liked."

"Well I'd hate to see this blow up in your face, that's all."

"Thanks dad," Pete mocked still moving things around to make sure Kristin would have a clear path.

"What are you doing?" Joe watched Pete move furniture around and push things against the walls.

"She's blind and I don't want her to trip over shit."

"Your lusting after a blind chick... that poor girl."

"I know, she lost her eyesight about 10 years ago, it is pretty sad," Pete said while trying to pick up Hemmy's toy, meanwhile Hemmy would grab each toy that was put on his couch and carry it off.

"No, I mean that poor girl doesn't even realize how ugly you are," Joe said trying to stifle a laugh.

"You asshole," Pete threw a bunch of Hemmy's toys at Joe, causing Hemmy to pounch on Joe playfully.


"JJ! HELP ME GET DRESSED! I'M SO NERVOUS!" Kristin yelled from her bedroom, sitting on her bed wishing she could see her clothes. JJ walked in and helped her pick out what to wear.

"You need to wear your Playboy Bunny bikini." JJ said.

"Really? Well, ok... I just don't want to show off too much, I mean, I barely know him and we don't know anyone else. I don't wanna be the slut who hung out with Pete Wentz."

"You won't look like a slut," JJ laughed, handing Kristin the bikini. "But it'll definitely make him check you out."

After 2 hours and a few calls to Pete for directions, the girls finally arrived. 'God why am I so nervous? Not like I can see anything anyways' Kristin thought as she and JJ made their way to the front door.

"Hey! You guys finally made it!" Pete said, smiling from ear to ear.

"Well if JJ wasn't so horrible with directions, we would have been here sooner," Kristin teased her sister.

"Well you suck at giving directions!" JJ responded as the girls stepped inside the house.

"What a beautiful place!" Kristin joked, pretending to look around.

Pete laughed and helped Kristin up the stairs and into the living room where everyone else was chilling. Hemmy immediately ran over and jumped on Kristin.

"Hey buddy!" She knelt down, petting the excited dog. He immediately ran, grabbed a toy and dropped it in her lap. Kristin tossed it lightly, not wanting to break anything and stood back up.

"Hey guys this is Kristin and her sister JJ." Pete said introducing them to the group. Patrick, Joe, Andy and a few other people introduced themselves to the girls and everyone headed out to the pool.

'Being in a poor with complete strangers and not being able to see, this should be fun,' Kristin thought to herself.
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