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Sometimes I just want to know what it's like to be you

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Kristin sat on the edge of the pool, dangling her legs in the cool water listening to the others swim and laugh. This is one of the time when Kristin would give anything to see. The group had just decided to have a cannon ball contest.

"Who wants to be the judge?" Joe asked.

"I do! Whoever can splash me the most over here wins." Kristin said, wanting to join in on the fun. She was seated closer to the shallow end of the pool wearing just her bikini top and white peasant skirt. After multiple splashes and laughs later, Joe ended up being the winner.

"Its only because of your fro that you made a bigger splash than me," Patrick whined, the reigning king of cannon balls being dethrowned. "Can't believe I got beat by Frohman."

Pete swam over to where Kristin was sitting on the edge, half soaked from the contest. "Why don't you come and swim?" Pete asked standing in front of her.

"It just makes me nervous since I can't see and all."

"Here, I'll help you," Pete placed his hands on her hips and lifted her off the side of the pool, gently placing her into the water. Kristin held onto his shoulders and he walked them away from the wall. 'God being this close to her is driving me crazy, she smells amazing,' Pete thought as he looked down at her smiling face.

"Here, hold this, it'll make sure you stay above water," Pete handed Kristin a boogey board to use as support.

"Thanks, just make sure I don't run into anything," Kristin said still smiling. Everyone continued to swim around until it was time to start cooking. Kristin and JJ sat at a table on the patio waiting for their meal.

"So, Pete is pretty much all over you Kristin," JJ commented, "He won't stop looking at you."

"Whatever JJ, he's just being friendly. And anyways, he has this thing called a girlfriend, remember?" Kristin responded. 'Why would someone like that want to be with someone who can't even see? I'm practically cripled!'

"You can't see, so how would you know?" JJ said matter of factly.

"I hate it when you pull that card." Kristin Frowned. "Anyways, enough about me, I heard you talking up a storm with Patrick. Not much of him talking, just you." Kristin laughed, making fun of her talkative sister.

"Sorry I talk a lot when I'm excited, and he excites me. Shhh, here they come."

Once everyone had eaten, it began to get dark and everyone slowly start to leave. JJ and Kristin were grabbing their belongings heading to JJ's car. As they were throwing their things in the back Pete walked up to Kristin.

"Thanks for coming today, it was really nice to spend time with you." Pete said kind of softly, standing a little closer to Kristin than he had before. Butterflies fluttered in Kristin's stomach and little did she know, Pete had the same feeling.

"Thanks for inviting us, we had a blast."

"Can I uh, take you to lunch tomorrow?" Pete nervously asked, glad that she couldn't see him blush until he noticed her sister watching.

"Yea, sounds great. You'll need to pick me up though, JJ has to work."

"Great, I'll call you tomorrow," Pete leaned down, kissed her cheek gently and gave her a hug. The girls got in the car and drove onto the busy LA street. Pete stood there watching, his hands in his hoodie. Patrick walked up next to Pete. 'Damnit, I know what Patrick's thinking. I hate how we can read each other's minds.'

"Don't even say it, I know, I need to choose which one."

"Just don't let it get too far Pete. You always fall head over too soon and make mistakes. Just be careful buddy. Oh, and don't make enemies with Kristin, I wanna see her sister again." Patrick said walking off into Pete's house with a laughing Pete following close behind.
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