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We can fake it for the airwaves force our smiles, baby, half dead

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Pete shot up in bed to the crashing sound that he heard coming from his entry way. Hemingway was barking and he heard Ashlee yell.

"Shut up you stupid little dog, look at the mess you made!" Ashlee shrieked, causing Hemingway to run back to his couch. Pete walked into the entryway clad in boxer briefs staring at Ashlee.

"What the fuck Ash, it's 4 in the morning." Pete's eyes immediately fell to his shattered picture frames on the entry way floor. "Jesus, you're fucking wasted again, aren't you?" Pete began to clean everything up, trying not to step on any glass.

"I'm not that drunnnk. I mean, I drove here all by myself and look, I'm still alive!" Ashlee did a little hop when she said alive, slurring her words the whole way through her little speech.

"You said you'd cut back on drinking, and I cannot believe you drove! Are you crazy? Want to be the next Paris or Lindsey?" This was something that really pissed Pete off. It wasn't that she drank, but how frequent and how much. Everytime she would go out, she got smashed and she'd even made a fool of him in front of his friends quite a few times.

"Fuck you Pete, I'm better than them. Plus daddy won't let me get in trouble."

"Yea, well when you kill someone because you hit them head on he won't be able to save you."

"Whatever," Ashlee scoffed and stormed off into Pete's room, crashing on the bed. 'There is no fucking way I'm sleeping next to her,' Pete thought as he grabbed the spare blanket and pillow from the hall closet before crashing on the couch to try to get some sleep.


Kristin woke up to the sound of Fall Out Boy on her sidekick. She felt around her nightstand for the phone, finding it barely in time to answer.

"Hello?" Kristin sounded a little startled.

"Hey, it's Pete. You ok?"

"Yea, sorry. The phone scared the shit out of me. I was dead asleep." Kristin said sounding a little more groggy.

"Sorry I woke you. I figured you'd be up by noon." Pete said cautiously. "Well, do you think you could be ready in an hour?"

"Um... yea, I can. I just need to shower and throw some clothes on." Kristin gave Pete the directions and got off the phone to hop in the shower.


Pete walked back into his room to grab his wallet, Ashlee still asleep in his bed. When Ashlee acted like she did last night, he just couldn't see what attracted him to her, but when she was sober and in a good mood, so was so sweet. He wanted someone who was a little more grounded than a party girl. He liked Kristin and couldn't help but think about her, but Ashlee was always in the back of his head nagging him because he had made a commitment to her. 'I can't decide this yet. I need to think about it,' Pete shut the bedroom door queitly and left Hemingway in charge.


Kristin stepped out of the shower and pulled a towel from it's usual place, drying herself off. Once she was plenty dry, she made her way to the closet, feeling each drawer's brail label that she had made so that she could dress herself. She found a pair of dark skinny jeans, a white tee the hung just off one of her shoulders and slipped on some ballet flats. Walking into the bathroom, she applied mascara, which she tought herself years earlier so that JJ wouldn't have to do everything for her. Her hair was an easier task. She blowdried it straight and pulled most of it back from her face with a clip.

Kristin left her bedroom when she heard a knock on the door, becoming really nervous.

"Who is it?" She leaned against the door.

"Your stalker," Pete said nonchalantly as Kristin opened the door.

"Well, you did come into the same Starbucks that I would go into every day and stare at me," Kristin giggled.

"How would you know? You couldn't see me, remember?"

"Touche," Kristin nodded smiling and reaching for her purse. Pete's eyes wander over her appearance. She was so incredibly beautiful, but not really done up. The way her top hung slightly off her shoulder and wasn't quite form fitting made his mind wander back to the dream he had.

"Stop staring," Kristin said, feeling watched.

"Sorry, you just look, well beautiful," Pete said truthfully reaching for her hand. "Ready to go?"

"Sure," Kristin said letting Pete lead the way. Pete drove them to a little outside cafe near the outskirts of LA, hoping for a little bit of privacy.

"How do you eat without seeing your food?" Pete asked.

"Jesus Pete, I'm blind not completely handicapped," Kristin laughed. "I do still have my sense of touch and I do have pretty good motor skills despite my lack of vision."

"Sorry I just don't think I would be able to feed myself." Pete said trying to feed himself with his eyes closed and missing, causing himself to drop his fork.

"Let me show you," Kristin laughed scooping a bite from Pete's plate impressively and placing her hand underneath his chin. Kristin skillfully fed Pete a bite of food.

"You're good. You'd be an awesome blind mommy," he laughed lightly grabbing her hand from his chin and kissing it lightly. Kristin's breath caught in her throat at the feel of his lips on the back of her hand. Pete let go slowly realizing that the paparazzi could be anywhere. He never seemed out of their reach unless in his home.

After a minutes of silence while they ate, Kristin finally asked the question that had been going around in her head for the past 5 minutes.

"So don't you have a girlfriend right now?" Kristin casually asked, trying to seem slightly uninterested.

"Yea," Pete sighed deeply not really sure of what to say now. "She seems more interested in alcohol and partying than me."

"Well I don't see how she could be."

Kristin and Pete drove back to her place in silence. Pete wasn't sure how to proceed with things and Kristin was wondering where she and the girlfriend fit into his whole plan. Kristin didn't want to be another rebound or the other woman. Pete didn't want to put Kristin in a compromising situation, but he was quickly putting her there. Pulling into Kristin's driveway, Pete put the car in park.

"Want to come in for a little bit?" Kristin nervously asked not wanting him to leave, but at the same time wishing he'd say no.

"Sure." Pete turning the car off and they walked into her house and sat on her couch talking.

"How did it happen," Pete asked hoping it wouldn't bother her to tell him. He was sitting sideways on the couch facing her as she sat indian style facing him.

"I was 13 when it happened. My brother had just learned how to do some trick in chemistry and I was watching a little too closely. The chemicals got into my eyes and burned them so badly that I haven't been able to see since. He hasn't forgiven himself."

"Gees, I'd feel like shit too if I fucked up someone's vision."

"Yea, I know, he couldn't stand to see my eyes so I just got into the habit of wearing these," she pointed to her sunglasses which hid her eyes perfectly.

"Can I see your eyes?" Pete softly asked. Kristin nodded and he gently took her sunglasses off. Kristin slowly opened her eyes and stared blankly ahead. He could tell that she used to have beautiful blue eyes, but the color seemed clouded over now, almost a grey-blue hue to them.

"Horrible huh?" Kristin looked down slowly as Pete lifted her chin up.

"No, beautiful," Pete leaned in to kiss her.

"Pete," Kristin said softly knowing that this was wrong, but Pete ignored what he knew she was thinking and pressed his soft lips gently against hers. Their lips meshed together perfectly as they continued to kiss. The kiss quickly intensified as Pete allowed his tongue to explore hers until his phone rang. Kristin pulled away, hearing what song was playing on his sidekick. It was Ashlee's song and she knew that he had to answer.

Pete stood up and walked across the room to answer.


"Don't hey me, where are you? You just left without saying anything to me."

"Ash, you came to my house last night, broke a bunch of my shit and then faught about not being drunk with me and calapsed onto my bed. Why would I want to listen to you berate me while you where hung over?"

"Whatever... where are you?"

Pete looked at Kristin knowing that she was listening. "Nowhere, I'll be home later and we'll talk more about last night then. Bye," Pete hung up the phone and walked back to the couch. "Sorry about that," Pete took Kristin's hand.

"Pete, we shouldn't have kissed. I mean, you have a girlfriend and I don't want to be rebound from a fight."

"Kristin, don't ever think you are just rebound to me. I had been trying to work up the nerve to talk to you for a month before finally doing it."

"And you had a girlfriend then Pete, haven't you been with her for a few years?"

"Well yea, but," Kristin cut Pete off.

"I can't be the other woman, I've done it before and it's not who I am. Look, just go home to her, figure out what you want and then let me know." Pete couldn't blame her for feeling this way. I mean, he hadn't even mentioned her name at all until she asked at lunch today. Pete kissed Kristin' cheek and left without a word.
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