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I don't blame you for being you but you can't blame me for hating it

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Pete walked into his house knowing all too well that he and Ashlee were about to have one of their battles. He had seen the magazine, he had even thought about this happening when he went to lunch with Kristin. It was expected, but he should have been more careful. But, then again, he did cheat on Ashlee by kissing Kristin and the magazine didn't really lie. For once.

Pete stood there and let Ashlee scream at him for what seemed like an eternity. He knew that he deserved it. He had put both girls in a bad place. Just like the line in his song "Because they've got me in a bad way I've never seen a heart I couldn't break."

"Are you trying to make me look like a fool Pete?!?!" Ashlee screamed. "You're obviously fucking her! I mean you have lunch with her being all romantic and cozy. Who do you think you are to cheat on me?"

"Ash, I know! Ok?! I am just one giant fuck up. That's all I've ever done in my life! And no, I'm not fucking her." Pete thought to himself 'she wouldn't let me get that far yet.'

"Look baby, I'm sorry. Let me make it up to you ok? I'll take you shopping, or whatever. Please." Pete said hoping that Ashlee would forgive him. It's not that Pete didn't love Ashlee, because he did. There were just things about her that had changed over the years and sometimes he wasn't sure if he could take them. Eventually Ashlee wasn't able to resist his dark eyes and heartmelting smile and gave in. She took the shopping offer immediately and demanded that they go now.


Kristin walked around with JJ as they shopped for both of them.

"So has he called yet?" JJ asked while looking through their favorite part of the store, the clearance rack.

"No JJ, thanks for reminding me that he chose her over me. I knew I was just rebound from a fight." Kristin said sitting down on the random chair in the store. "Enough about my sad, sad love life. How was your date with Patrick last night?"

"He was so sweet, he took me to dinner and a movie. It was a basic date, but he was such a gentleman. Opening doors, of course paying for everything. He even asked if it was okay to kiss me," JJ giggled excitedly.

"I'm glad JJ, you deserve someone who treats you like that."

"Oh, shit... we should probably leave like, now." JJ said a little tense.

"Why? What's happening?" Kristin asked nervously.

"So Ashlee and Pete just walked in. And you KNOW she saw that tabloid of him kissing your hand at lunch." JJ put down all of the items she held onto the rack. "Come on, give me your hand, I'll sneak you out."

"No, look buy your stuff and then we'll leave. I'll wait right here. I'm kinda hidden aren't I?" Kristin was sitting in a chair behind a lot of racks of clearance clothing.

"You're right, she's got a shit ton of money, she won't shop the clearance racks." JJ grabbed her items and headed to the register telling Kristin she'd be right back. Kristin just sat there patiently in the chair and then suddenly heard someone stomping their heels towards her. 'Fuck, I'm caught.' She thought.

"YOU!" Ashle boomed her voice throughout the store.

"Are you talking to me?" Kristin asked confused on what was happening.

"Yes you! You little slut! Stay away from my boyfriend!"

Kristin sat there just staring in Ashlee's direction, not really sure of what to do. "Look, I was just leaving, and just so you know,
I'm the one that ended whatever was going to happen." Kristin stood up, pulling out her staff, extending it. Ashlee jumped back, thinking that Kristin was going to hit her with it. Kristin began using to to navigate out of the store and Pete stood there not really sure of what to do or say. He wanted to stop Kristin, but now was not the time.

"You cheated on me with that crippled bitch? She can't even see!" This made Kristin turn around and JJ run over to see what the hell was going on.

"Excuse me? I am not a crippled bitch, just because I can't see doesn't mean that I'm crippled." Kristin walked back towards Ashlee. "You're the one who choses to get completely wasted every night and take Pete forgranted!"

Pete couldn't believe what was happening. JJ elbowed Pete. "Dude, stop the fight before my sister beats your girlfriend's ass. She may be blind, but Ashlee won't be able to walk when it's over."

Pete turned to see Ashlee push Kristin. Kristin stumbled back slightly and went to shove Ashlee back as Pete grabbed her, pulling her outside the store. Kristin didn't fight once she recognized Pete's cologne filling her lungs.

"Hey Kristin, I'm so sorry. Ashlee is so upset about the tabloid because of how it affects her image and..."

"Save it Pete. Look, it's so obvious that she's not right for you. She's your typical Hollywood girl. You're so different from her... well, at least I thought you were." JJ joined Kristin outside the store and they began walking off together.

"Kristin... wait!" But it was no use. Kristin and JJ kept on walking down the street. Soon Ashlee was outside the store screaming at Pete for defending Kristin.

"Jesus Ashlee, don't you get it? All you care about is yourself? Your image, your feelings, what you want! Ever think about my feelings or what I want? I was willing to give you everything! I wanted to settle down, get married, have kids, have a normal life, ya know? All you want to do it party and fucking drink your life away."

"What are you saying Peter?" Ashlee stammered looking shocked because Pete never ever raised his voice with her.

"It's over Ash, I'm fucking fed up with your childish bullshit. Go find someone else to gain publicity off of." Pete stormed off down the street towards his SUV hoping that Kristin would be able to forgive him for the day's events.
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