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Why can you read me like no one else?

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"WHAT?!?!?!" JJ shrieked causing Kristin to jump. "What, how? Don't you guys use condoms?"

"Well um, let's see. We had unprotected sex a lot and I'm carrying his child. And I think it's from the first time we slept together to. How ironic. Fucking heat of the moment." She sat at the counter fidling with her thumbs. "I have no idea how to tell Pete. I mean, he told that he loved me about 2 months ago, but I'm still scared."

"Just tell him! He's getting older Kristin and he's probably about ready to settle down. One of the reasons he and Ashlee were having problems is because of that."

Kristin shrugged. It sounds like the truth but she was still terrified. Patrick would know what to do. After JJ had left for work Kristin threw on one of Pete's hoodies and made her way to Patrick's. She knew that she couldn't hide it much longer because she woke up with a little baby bump this morning. She was 4 months along already. Walking up to Patrick's front door she glanced into the driveway. None of Pete's cars were there, thank god. She knocked and Patrick answered.

"Hey Kristin, you alright?" He looked at her concerned. She did look a little frazzled.

"Um, yea, kinda. Can I come in and talk to you? I need some advice about Pete.," Patrick stepped to the side letting her in. They walked into the living room and Joe was there hanging out. "Hey Joe," she smiled and he waved back from his video games.

"So what's going on?" Patrick took a seat on the couch. Kristin sat next to him and unzipped the hoodie and lifted her shirt to reveal a little baby bump. At first Patrick was confused and then his eyes grew wide as soon as he realized what this meant.

"You're... you're pregnant?" This caused Joe to wip his head around.

"Holy shit," he put his hand on the little belly.

"How do I tell Pete? I am terrified and I've been keeping it inside for like 2 months," she put her shirt back down.

"How the hell does he not know?" Joe looked confused.

"Well this bump popped up over the past two days and I don't drink, so I didn't really change my habits," she replied.

"Look, just tell Pete. I know that he will be happy, I promise you. He's been wanting a normal life for some time. He thought Ashlee would change and want the same things as him, but that obviously didn't happen. When he met you he told me that he could see himself having the life he always wanted. You wouldn't think it by looking at Pete, but he wants the traditional wife and kids life." Patrick's words made Kristin smile. Kristin was just about to open her mouth when Pete walked in. He looked around confused a little but shrugged it off. He walked over and sat next to Kristin and kissed her forehead and leaned back on the couch.

'Well, guess I better just get it over with,' Kristin thought. She leaned back into Pete's shoulder and took his hand, placing it on her little belly. He looked at her for a second and then smiled.

"You are pregnant," he smiled. Krisin looked so confused.

"You knew?" She sat up.

"Well a couple of months ago I found a pregnancy test in the trash. I figured that you would tell me and that you had gone to the doctor and it was a false positive." He kissed her. "We're having a baby," he wrapped her into a hug, pulling her into his lap. 'Maybe things aren't going to be bad after all,' Kristin thought.
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