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Pete held Kristin's hand protectively as they walked across the LA street in the bright Sunday morning sun. The news of the pregnancy had just recently gotten out to the paparazzi. Kristin was just over 5 months and most definitely showing on her little frame. Pete didn't like the idea of leaving this week to record in New York because he would be leaving Kristin all alone. She had to work and he knew it. He had tried to convince her to quit and let him take care of her, but she refused. She loved her job. She worked with blind children, teaching them to read and perform many other tasks.

Pete opened the door at Starbucks and let Kristin walk in first. He kissed the top of her head as they waited in line. Ever since the announcement of her pregnancy Pete had become more affectionate, if that was possible. Kristin leaned her head onto his shoulder with her hands on her belly.

"I love you," Pete whispered softly in her ear.

"I love you too," she smiled and interlocked her hand with his. It was their turn to order and they walked up to the counter. Pete ordered something that would definitely taste like candy and Kristin ordered a decaf caramel coffee. She couldn't have caffiene but wanted to feel like she was. Pete paid and they waited patiently at a table to the side.

"So I was thinking that we would start moving you into my place before we leave," Pete said. He wanted her to stay at his place while he was gone. He knew that Travie would keep an eye on her while he was gone. Her being pregnant made him nervous. They would be gone to record the final copies of their songs.

"I haven't packed anything yet Pete. I thought we were going to wait until you got back?" They walked to the counter and grabbed their coffee.

"I know, I just would feel better if you were there. Plus Hemmy can keep you company," Pete smiled his famous toothy grin.

"Yea yea, well if you want to move all my shit then go for it," Kristin laughed and shook her head. Pete took her hand protectively again and they made their way into a store full of baby supplies.


Kristin sat on the exam table with Pete in the chair next to her. He was leaving tomorrow and today they would find out whether she would be having a boy or a girl. Pete wanted a girl and Kristin wanted a boy. Kristin knew that Pete would just spoil a girl to death and she teased him about it. The doctor walked into the room.

"Hi Ms. Jones and Mr. Wentz," she spoke as she walked over to the cabinets and began putting on gloves and gathering some equipment. "How are you feeling today," she returned and began taking Kristin's blood pressure.

"I feel pretty good. My back is starting to hurt. Am I supposed to be this big? I feel like a blimp," Kristin laughed lightly and Pete smiled. He thought she looked beautiful but Kristin complained that she was fat.

The doctor frowned. "Your blood pressure is a little high. Be sure to relax and get plenty of rest. You might want to take maternity leave from work earlier if this continues."

Kristin frowned and looked at Pete who immediately began to ask questions. "Is she going to be ok? What does she need to do to make it go down?" His honey eyes filled with concern.

"Just get plenty of rest and not work as much. Stress can cause blood pressure to rise," she fiddled with a machine and began to rub a jelly-like substance on Kristin's belly. "Are we ready to see your baby?" Kristin and Pete nodded. Pete joined Kristin's side and took her hand. They stared at the screen in amazement at the very large figure on the screen. Pete had decided to go with a 3D ultrasound. With a 3D ultrasound you could see actual features. The doctor moved the wand around Kristin's belly and began inspecting the figure on the screen and then came across a shot with two little faces appearing.

"Well it looks like you are having twins," she smiled at the young couple. Pete and Kristin were speechless. No wonder Kristin was so big. Pete kissed the top of Kristin's head smiling.


Pete had been gone for two weeks and he missed Kristin like crazy. He knew that she wanted to continue to work and made a deal with her to take leave when she reached 7 months. She was just about 6 months along. Pete would be gone until she reached 7 months to record and to help out with some upcoming projects he and Patrick had going. Patrick had suggested that JJ stay with Kristin because he knew it would ease Pete's worry filled mind.

Pete was listening to a track in the studio with Patrick, trying to tweak it so it was just right when his phone rang. His eyes lit up when he saw Kristin's face on the screen.

"Hey baby," he said smiling.

"Hi," she sounded like she had been crying and Pete shot up from his slouched position in his seat.

"What's wrong, are you ok?" Pete questionned causing Patrick to glance up from his work.

"Nothing, I'm just really emotional today. The paparazzi were bothering me at the grocery store. It's really hard to carry groceries to the car and walk with people in front of you snapping pictures. With my still slightly messed up vision it was kind of hard to see," she sniffled. Pete knew this was going to happen. It's one of the main reasons he wanted her here with him. He wanted to protect her. He was so used to the paparazzi, but Kristin definitely wasn't.

"I don't want you going anywhere alone anymore baby, it makes me nervous. Please take someone with you next time," he pleaded. He made a mental note to call Travie and have him stop by the house to make sure she was ok.

"I know, I will next time. I'm don't want to leave the house ever because I'm terrified that they will hound me. It's not like I'm laying a fucking golden egg, I'm just having some babies." Kristin sniffled again. "I know you're busy so I'll let you go, I just wanted to hear your voice. Call me tonight when you get to the hotel," she asked as she sighed deeply.

"I will, love you," he said worried.

"You too," she hung up the phone. Pete was so close to hiring a body guard for her. He knew that it was a little extreme. Kristin didn't have these encounter's with the paparazzi everyday, just sometimes. The more pregnant she got, the worse it seemed. It hadn't leaked that they were having twins just yet.

The next week flew by and whenever Pete would call Kristin she never mentioned any encounters with the paparazzi so he figured all was well. It was about 3 in the morning when his phone rang.

"Hello," he asked half awake. Who the fuck was waking him up when he actually fell asleep?

"Pete it's JJ. You need to come home, Kristin's in the hospital." Pete shot up in bed and instantly woke up.

"What? What happened? Is she ok?" He was turned on the light and began pulling on his jeans.

"Well she has been really stressed out by the paparazzi and all and the doctor ordered her to take maternity leave immediately. Today she was feeling really dizzy and nauseous and I took her to the doctor. She's got Hypertension."

"What's that?" Pete tried to remember what it was. He knew that the doctor had told them about it before.

"It means that she has really high blood pressure and she could have other pregnancy complications. They are afraid that she'll develop placental abruption."

Pete remembered that term. He got off the phone with JJ and rushed to Patrick's room and banged on the door. He answered in boxers and a t-shirt.

"Yep buddy?" he asked yawning.

"I have to go home, Kristin is in the hospital." Patrick's eyes grew wide.

"I'll come with you, pack your stuff and I'll get the others around." Patrick said. He knew that if something went down that Pete would need someone there to be strong for him.


Four hours and one plane ride later the guys were in Travie's SUV and on their way to the hospital. Pete sat in the front speechless and looking out the window. He didn't say more than a few sentences since they had boarded the plane. He was scared and Patrick knew it. They all knew it. Travie dropped Pete and Patrick off at the front doors of the hospital before parking with everyone else. They made their way to the elevator and pressed the button. 'Jesus could it go any fucking slower' Pete thought to himself and as the elevator doors opened. They stepped out onto the maternity floor and up to the reception desk.

"We're here for Kristin Jones, I'm the father," Pete stood there nervously. The nurse looked over the screen in front of her.

"Can I see ID's," she asked sweetly. Pete and Patrick pulled out their wallets and showed them to the nurse. She smiled and thanked them. "She's in room 224, it's down that hallway on the left," she pointed as they walked off down the hall. Pete gently knocked on the door before walking in. JJ looked up and immediately walked over to Pete and hugged him. He gave her a tight squeeze and walked over to Kristin's side. She had all sorts of medical items attached to her. She looked so peaceful sleeping and he brushed some hair gently out of her face.

"She's been asleep for 3 hours. They want to keep her here for a few days," JJ informed Pete and filled the guys in on everything. Pete climbed into the hospital bed with Kristin and placed a hand on her bulging belly. 'Man she had gotten big in the past few weeks.' Kristin snuggled up to Pete and slowly opened her eyes when his scent filled her lungs.

"Hey baby," he smiled weakly and kissed her lightly. "I'm here now."

Kristin smiled and snuggled her face into his chest and fell back asleep.
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