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Kelly was talking to Luke on the phone, Kara was giving Elle a bubble bath and Monica was finally unpacking Elle clothes. It made her sad to see just how few items of clothing the little girl had. Liv had packed them with care and it was obvious that even though they were older and worn Liv had tired to keep them nice. She reached the bottom of the second bag and saw the phone. Monica pulled it out of the bag and sighed. She had really hoped that Liv would have kept it. Now she had no way to call her. Monica sat down on the bed with the phone in her hand. The sound of Elle singing to Kara from the bathroom filled the upstairs. Kelly walked in and saw her.
“Mom, you okay?”
Monica forced a smiled, “Fine Hun, How’s Luke?”
Kelly smiled, “He’s happy his fingers are hurting. He just keeps saying it has to be a good sign. Mom do you think it is? Do you think his hand is gonna be all right?”
Monica looked at her closely, “What do you think?”
Sitting down on the bed next to her mom she sighed, “You mean do I have any feelings about it?”
Monica nodded.
“No, nothing and I really wish I did. I hate how hit and miss my feelings about stuff are. I mean, why couldn’t I have had a feeling something bad was gonna happen when we walked to school?” She paused, “Mom, I know you and Dad were gonna get married that day, weren’t you?”
Monica couldn’t lie to her, “Yeah, we were.”
Kelly leaned her head down on Monica’s shoulder, “I’m sorry.”
“Hey, it’s not your fault.”
“But if you had then maybe what’s gonna happen.” She stopped suddenly.
“Kelly, what’s gonna happen?”
Kelly raised her head, “I don’t know. It feels bad. Like a weird feeling in the air. Remember back home when we had bad weather and we used to talk about how you could feel it in the air if a tornado was coming?’
Monica nodded.
“That’s what it’s like. I can feel something coming but I don’t know what.”
They both looked up to see a shocked Kara holding Elle’s hand. “Yeah, a tornado” Kara said softly.

The next morning after the girls left for school Monica called Christa.
"Hey, believe it or not I was just about to call you." Christa laughed setting down her morning cup of coffee. She had meant to call her last night but a work related problem had kept her busy most of the evening.
"Then we are on the same wave length. So I was wondering if you need any help packing up your stuff."
Christa looked around the apartment that now resembled a war zone. "Oh yeah, help would be great. You and Elle help and I promise to provide lunch. Anything you want."
Monica looked over at Elle sitting at the table working diligently on her coloring book. "We are easy to please where lunch is concerned."
"Great, see you soon." Christa said happily. As soon as she disconnected Ray called.
"Hey, Babe. Talk to Monica?"
"I didn't get to call her last night because that stupid Withers report got messed up but she just called me."
"Oh, how is she?" Ray asked looking across the room at Gerard who was sitting alone waiting for his turn to be interviewed. He looked deep in thought.
"She sounded happy. She and Elle are gonna come over and help me pack."
"Really? That’s good. Wonder if it's strange for her to suddenly have another little one."
Christa reached for her cup of coffee, "You know I wondered that too. Since her kids are older it might. So where are you now?"
Ray sighed, "Doing interviews for some magazine I've never heard of. They wanted to interview us all separately. Mikey is in there now. Frank and Bob wandered off in search of coffee and haven't shown back up."
"And Gerard?"
"Sitting alone looking like the weight of the world is on his shoulders. I just don't get the guy. He's got everything going for him and yet he's still not happy."
Christa took a drink of her coffee before asking, "Think it's because of Liv?"
Ray snorted, "Well, yeah. I just wish he could see how all this shit hurts Monica."
"True." Christa said sadly.
"Shit, I gotta go." Ray said. "I'll call you later. Love you, Babe."
"Love you too, Raymond." Christa disconnected then took another sip of coffee. Her eyes looked around the apartment. She was glad Monica was going to help. This was turning into a much bigger job then she had thought.

"I think the shits gonna hit the fan." Luke said as soon as he and Kelly were seated in the lunchroom. "My old man found out that my hospital bills been paid."
Kelly opened her carton of milk slowly. Her body was stiff and sore but she tried to downplay the pain. Her mom had told her she should have waited to go back to school and she didn't want to admit she'd been right. "What did he say?"
Luke frowned, "The day he picked me up at the hospital he explained to them he didn't have time to make arrangements about the bill but that he would call them in a few days. The woman had just nodded." He shook his head, "I'm guessing she didn't want to deal with telling him it had been paid cause I think you mom had warned her he might be pissed."
"Mom, was right?"
"Oh, yeah." Luke looked around the lunchroom. The glances he and Kelly got were getting to him today.
"Luke?" Kelly knew what was going on. She wanted to draw his attention away from the table of Mike's friends. "What happened with your dad?"
Luke looked at her; " He called the hospital when he got home from work last night. That's when they told him the bill had been paid."
"And he was pissed?" Kelly guessed.
"He ranted about not being a fucking charily case. I don't know what he'd gonna do. I told him Gerard wasn't even in the country"
Kelly took a bit of her pizza, "Don't worry about it"
"You don't understand he's got a fucking mean temper. I don't want him giving your mom any shit."
Kelly smiled, "Mom can be pretty tough. She told me that dad had already warned her this might be a problem. She told him that if your dad was mad that was just too bad. Mom said that you saved my life so paying the bill was something they were gonna do."
Luke looked uncomfortable, "I didn't save your life."
She reached out and touched arm, "Yeah, you did." They locked eyes.
"Look it's Mr. and Mrs. Frankenstein."
Kelly looked up to see Logan, one of Mike’s friends, standing over them. He laughed, "Man, Kelly you look rough. Guess it's a good thing you got a loser boyfriend. Nobody would want you now.'
Luke shot to his feet, "Shut up fucker." He ground out. Kelly tried to pull him back down but he shook her hand off angrily.
"Oh, what's emo boy gonna do? Hit me with his fucked up hand? I'm scared." Logan taunted. He took a step closer to their table and whispered loudly, "So Luke, we were just over there wondering if what they say about Kelly givin' great head is true."
Kelly jumped up, ignoring the pain in her shoulder and grabbed Luke. He twisted away from her and turned back towards Logan but before he could make a move a tray of spaghetti hit Logan full force.
"Well shit, I tripped. Sorry Logan" Kara said with a smile.
"You bitch." Logan spat shaking the pasta off his clothes.
"Mr. Rice. That's enough. Get your self down to the principals office now." No one had seen the lunchroom monitor standing nearby.
Logan glared at Kara. He opened his mouth but he knew the teacher standing near enough to hear. He turned and walked out of the lunchroom with the teacher on his heels.
"You dweebs wanna get out of here?" Kara asked.
The three of them walked from the lunchroom ignoring the whisperers that followed their departure.

"Kara, you did what?" Bob's voice caused Gerard to look over at the drummer.
"Well I made it look like an accident. You don't seriously think I was going to let that ass say that about my sister do you? Besides I didn't want Luke to try to fight him with his messed up hand."
"Look we're getting ready to go on stage. I just called to tell you I love you." Bob said still shaking his head.
"Love you too. Call me after the concert, okay?"
Bob noticed how fragile she sounded, "You know I will. I'll call as soon as I get back to the room." He disconnected and stashed his phone.
"You guys ready?" Mikey asked standing in the back stage doorway.
Gerard stood, "Yeah." He turned to Bob. "Something happen to Kara?"
Bob nodded, "Trouble at school. She was defending Kelly and Luke."
The roar of the crowed was getting louder meaning the lights had been turned down. "Everything okay?" Gerard asked as they sprinted towards the stage.
"Yeah" Bob yelled. "I'll tell you later."
Gerard felt his already bad mood worsen. Something had happened concerning Kara and Kelly and no one had thought to tell him. Why hadn't Monica called him? He skillfully put on the mask that hid his true emotions and took the stage. It took all his concentration to do the show.
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