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To Wish On A Dime

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The band get's to just relax for the first time in a long time...

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Hey guys, it's Courtney... first chapter!! Tell me what you think and if it's worth while to continue :)

Wooden benches, all lined up along the path in a beautiful park in Spain. Which to sit in? He needed to pick the perfect spot, or else the boys may become suspicious. He wanted to see every little movement they made, while at the same time being suddle. As they neared, he quickly picked the nearest one and acted like he was into the newspaper, even though he didn't know Spanish.
A simple thought crossed his mind just then. Simple to him and yet... was it even possible? Maybe there's a way... He'd been wanting this for far too long.
He picked up his cell and dialed back home in the U.S. A women answered on the other line.
"Listen, Summer... I'm going to need you to do me a favor. Listen carefully. And don't screw this up."

It was a perfect day to just relax, and that's exactly what the band planned on doing. They had the next twenty-four hours off for the first time in quite a while... four or five months, to be exact.
"I say we go on a sailboat. I've hardly been on one twice..." said Ray, pushing his hair from his face. The wind blew it back and he tried to fix it a few more times, until finally giving up.
Frank gave him an odd look, said, "since when do you want to go on a sailboat?"
"It's relaxing," Ray answered, shrugging.
"Not on that it's not," Bob said laughing. Out in the distance was the ocean, roaring with furry as a few dark clouds started to gather. Just looking at the water made him seasick. "Why don't we just like..."
"Maybe we should just relax instead of busying oursleves," Gerard told his bandmates.
Ray shrugged, "it's just weird having nothing to do," he said. Everyone nodded in agreement.
Gerard wandered off from the group and stood over a wishing well that was over near a tree. Feeling in his pocket, he was soon filled with disappointment. He smiled inside,remembering that when he had gotten a coffee the other day, he had thrown the change into his jacket pocket. so, he reached in and pulled out a dime.
'I wish that I had a good reason to just go home for a while...' he said, then tossed in the dime.
He was so busy with his thoughts that he hadn't even noticed Mikey come up behind him. "Hey, we're going to go get a bite of eat. Everyone's starving." Noticing the sad look on Gerard's face, he asked, "You alright?" Gerard nodded. "You just look-"
"Really Mikey, I'm fine. Wonderful," Gerard said, adding a smile.
The two brothers walked in silence, both of them taking in the fresh air and kind of missing the feeling of having a show soon, the adrenaline... but everyone needed relaxation.

You'd think the boys would have thought something strange was going on when he was at the same resteraunt as them... were they really as oblivious as they seemed? Maybe fame could go to your head and mess things up... bastards.
He watched as Gerard looked at his cellphone screen and picked it up, smiling.

"Hey mom!" Gerard said.
There was a sniffle on the other end. "Hey hun," she said. Silence.
Gerard grew stiff and started to break out in a cold sweat. The last time she had every sounded like this was when she had broken the news to her sons about the death of their beloved grandmother...
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