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How Could This Have Happened?

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Gerard finds out what's wrong...

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Gerard couldn't speak. He was afraid to speak for the fear of what could come next.
Mikey looked up from his menu, a worried look on his face.
"...Mom," Gerard said, quietly, hardly audible above the noise in the resteraunt.
More silence. "Gerard, your father... he..."
Gerard rested his head on his hand, elbow on the table. How could this happen? "What, ma?" he asked.
"Dead, someone's shot him." She started to cry. "In the head, the /head/..."
He had flashbacks of the times his father would bring Mikey and him to the parades. It wasn't the best memory, but for some reason, it had always stuck out in his mind.
"Mom, we're coming to New Jersey..." Gerard said. "I gotta go."
"... I love you," his mom whispered.
"I love you, too," he whispered back.
All the bandmembers looked at him expectingly. They waited a whole five minutes. Mikey was about to throw up, he knew something was horribly wrong.
Gerard took a breath in, said, "Me and Mikey need to take a trip to see mom. Dad's... Mikey, dad's been fucking shot."
'How could this have happened?' was Mikey's first thought. "What?" he said, as if he hadn't heard right. No one said anything.
"Look... let's go, I'll drive you guys to the airport. Let's just go back the bus for a while." Frank said. He pulled out a ten and left it on the table, a payment for the drinks and a small tip. All off them made there way out and into their manager's car, the one he let them borrow when they wanted to stray away from the bus.

Mikey and Gerard were seated on the plane. The flight would last seven to eight hours to Boston, then they would switch over and fly to an airport in New Jersey.
Gerard sat next to the window. He peered out at the ground, they were already flying over water. Good thing Mikey couldn't see, he'd have freaked. Good thing he was napping. Both the brothers had been awake for approximately twenty-seven hours, and even though Gerard was so tired he was practically /dead/, he couldn't get himself to close his eyes and sleep. Just sleep.

The back of the plane is where he's seated... the very back next to the bathrooms, so he can see the boys if they got up... which surely the would, this being an eight hour flight and all. A women next to him gets up as soon as the seatbelt sign is off, and rushes off towards the boys. /His boys/.
She comes back moments later and he has to move his legs once again for the women. She looks through her purse for what seems like days, searching, searching... making so much noise. When he is about to complain, she politely excuses herself and walks back towards his boys.
Up near the front, there's camera flashing. He sees people move there neck to see what all the fuss is about and then rest their head back down on a pillow. A teenage girl gets up excitedly and walks towards the women and his boys.
Oh, celebritys...
He slides his credit card through the plane phone, and dials. Ringing. A women, Summer, picks up.
"Hey Sum... Plan still on?" Pausing, he looks around. "Good... and who's that in the background?" Biting his lip, he whispers, "Jesus Christ."

Excitement surrounded the Way brothers. Gerard didn't want to have to be rude, but whatever it would take to get these people away...
"Um, look, now is not the time," he said, a bit of edge in his voice. Everyone left in disappointment.

Just one more foot and he'll be next to the younger of his boys. One more step...
"This is your captain speaking, I'm turning on the fasten seatbelt sign because we are going to be hitting some turbulence. I'd like everyone to return to your seat immediatly."
He stood there, thinking. What the fuck? I finally get myself up to go talk to my boys... Gerard, the one I love and will always love...
"Sir?!" a young flight attendand practically shouted. "You really should get back to your seat."
He turned and started to walk back... so much for reuniting with some old friends...
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