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How The Misery Begins

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Gerard and Mikey arrive in New Jersey.

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Together, Gerard and Mikey made their way through the airport to the baggage claim area. A whole conversation was going on without either of them even uttering a word.
/What's mom going to be like. Will she become an alchoholic? What if she turns to drugs again? Nah, mom wouldn't want to put us through that again. What will it be like without dad? Completely strange. Will mom sell the house? Probably. Now it will be just her/, and so on.
As they turned the corner, Donna Way looked up and put on a half smile, happy to see them, not so about the circumstances.
"Donna," a blonde-headed women said, walking up towards the boys' mother. "We all about ready to head home?"
Donna took in a sharp breath, bit her lip, trying not to ball her eyes out in the airport. Surely it was because of the death of her husband, James? The fact that you're now a widdow would strike anyone hard. "Of course," she replied. "Oh, and boys. This is Summer, she's been helping me out for a while..." she trailed off watching a man walk by them hurriedly.
Mikey swallowed hard as Summer gave him a meaningful look. Blast from the past.

He had to get there, and fast. He had to be the first to arrive and have everything set up and ready to go. Timing had to be perfect, for time wasted would just make the plan less likely to succeed...

Donna was driving awful slow, which Mikey was the first to point out. "Mom, you sure you're alright to drive?" His mother nodded. "You sure? I mean, I can drive, really, it's not a big deal..."
"Honestly, Mikey, I'm fine," she said, the tone of her voice deffensive.
Summer but in, "Donna, let the boy drive. You seem like your not feeling well."
Gerard become uneasy and had to shift in his seat a few times. Leave it to Mikey to call shotgun, and leave Gerard back here with this... girl. She couldn't be much past twenty-six, and had to have a big deal job. Probably a famous hair dresser. Or maybe she just married a rich man, which would explain her high-society clothing, hair, jewelry, shoes, makeup and attitude. Plus her perfume made him want to throw up on her face.
They had pulled over, Donna having given in. It wasn't a fight worth fighting. Mikey and his mother got out of the car, switching sides.
"You know, actually--- I should drive, Mikey. you know how you can get," Donna sighed, opening the car door. That was just like her, changing her mind.
"Let's not make this a fucking chinese fire drill," Gerard muttered under his breath.
Summer's phone gave out a ding, which meant a text. Furiously, she typed a long message. She sent another message again as they pulled into the driveway.
"You know, Summer, you look really farmiliar, I just can't... place you," Gerard said, finally saying out loud what he has been thinking since he first looked at her.
She shrugged. "Never seen you before. I mean, on television in stuff, but it's not like we've met. Until now," she said.
Donna coughed, said, "When we get inside boys, uh... you know, nevermind. Here, I'll pop the trunk, get your suitcases." Her voice sounded unlike her, and both Mikey and Gerard were growing more and more anvious by the minute.

Anytime now and my boys should be walking through their front door. Anytime. Can't wait to see the look on their faces...

Donna walked up the stairs slower then ever, searched for her keys for what seemed like ages, until Summer said, "here I'll get it," and found the keys in a matter of three seconds. "Your mom's been a little over tired since, you know." No one acknowledged what she'd said.
She opened the door a hair. Gerard and Mikey shuffled inside and dropped their bags, and she suggested they all go into the kitchen for a drink and a snack. Even though the boys said they just wanted some rest and to be with their mother, Summer insisted.
And when they set foot into the kitchen, Summer was unfazed, Donna was about to upchuck, and Gerard and Mikey wore a look of releif and then, pure horror.

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