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What's he going to do them?

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He smiled in pleasure at the look of horror on the boys' faces. On the counter he spotted a kitchen knife, grabbed it and held it to James throat.
That's right, James Way--- who was supposed to be dead.

Gerard knew this man. And Summer. But where from? His mind was still blank and it was impossible to even comprehend what was happening. A strange man in his kitchen... holding a knife to his father's throat. His father who was supposed to have gotten shot in the head.
Looking over at Mikey, he felt tears well up. Mikey was holding his stomach, and was suddenly feeling like he had when he'd gotten food poisoning.
Then Gerard glanced at his mom. She was silently crying to herself. And a look at Summer, she was pulling out a gun. Three large men came into the room from the backdoor, also holding guns.

"Now listen carefully," he said to his boys, and their parents. "We are all going to get in a car and drive. You are not going to make one fucking noise. You aren't going to fight back or else we'll blow your fucking brains out. You make this hard, you will die a gruesome death. You get along, you live. Do you understand me?"
He laughed. Laughed at how scared the Way family looked. He could just imagine the poor mother's thoughts... what did I ever do? What did any of us do to get this?
He was hysterically laughing now.
Thanks for introducing me to revenge, Gerard.

Pain. Everywhere. Can't move. Where are we?
Mikey looked over at Gerard, fast asleep. His mother and father were no where in sight. And what was he laying on? On closer examintation, he realized, dirt. Once his eyes ajusted to the dark, he realized they were in some sort of cellar, or a barn... it was freezing.
Mikey looked at his cell phone screen. Thank god he'd thought up such a quick lie... this phone was his only hope now. He had to let this battery last.
There was barely a fraction of reception, but he tried to text the band. After he shut it off, making sure it was on silent, so it wouldn't make a noise when he turned it back on.
He tried to snuggle up in his jacket, to get warmer. What was that smell? Looking at his shirt, he realized blood. They'd beat him pretty bad, and drugged him to sleep. Remembering Gerard got the worst of it, he slowly crawled over to him.
A big gash was on his forehead, and blood was all over his clothes. Mikey started to get filled with adrenaline... Gerard couldn't die. He was his only brother. Without him... Jesus, Mikey didn't even want to think about it...
So he lay next to his brother and cried himself to sleep.

He made his way down the stairs. Time for a little talk with the boys...

Sorry it's a little lame. I was being rushed... reveiws? :)
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