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He Was Stalking Us... He Was Everywhere

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Slowly, Gerard sat up. Mikey helped him up.
The man grabbed a chair from the corner and sat in front of the boys.
Gerard's head pounded, and he suddenly realized who this guy was. He had aged quite a lot since he'd last seen him--- three and a half years, to be exact.
"Matt?" Gerard whispered, shocked.
The corner of the man's lips curved upwards as he said, "Precisely."

Matt Pelissier was the former drummer for My Chemical Romance, replaced by Bob Bryar. Everyone but Matt had agreed on him "leaving the band" (to put in nicer terms). Gerard wanted to be sober, stop the drugs and to never be suicidal again. And everyone knew that it wouldn't be possible unless Matt was out of the picture.
Matt, of course, disagreed. He'd put up a good fight, but it was all over. For him, atleast. Ever since then he'd been just a step behind Gerard... and while Gerard recovered and the band become extremely successful, Matt kept up his old ways. He'd try to form new bands countless times, but nothing was near as good as the one he'd been kicked out. Especially because Gerard was the only one he'd ever love, and without being in a band with him, it just wasn't worth it.
And to him, the band wouldn't had even started if not for him. It was rediculous! Gerard had to be convinced to start a band, Matt doing the convincing. It was /his /band, and always would be.

"What do you want from us?" Mikey questioned Matt.
Matt shifted in his seat and sat forward, his face just a foot from Mikey's face. A stream of light was gleaming across his face, making the mood even more frightening than before. "What do you think I want?" he asked.
"I have no clue," Mikey answered, trying to sound calm. He was really pissed off and was holding back so much not to just knock Matt out. He didn't want to get killed and leave Gerard alone, which was a horrible thought, because where were their parents. "That's why I asked you."
Folding his hands together in front of him, Matt smiled. "I don't need to want anything from you. But I want your brother to have wild nights with me again... we were in love, you know that?"
Gerard gasped. No one ever knew this... Gerard didn't even like men, but there was something about Matt that made him unable to think, breath, unable to react. It had made him depressed, that he was afraid to mention he loved a man to even his own brother.
Mikey didn't even glance at his brother, instead said discustedly, "you are one hell of a fucking liar, Matt."
And Matt was calm. "Oh yeah? What about those times Gerard snuck out at night? Did you really believe he had a girlfriend," he paused, and inched closer to Mikeys face, close enough their noses were about to touch, "you were helping him sneak out at night so he could fuck /me/."
Swallowing, Mikey looked over at Gerard, who was dying inside. Suddenly the room they were in wasn't so deathly cold. "Why didn't you just tell me?" Mikey said softly. He felt sort of betrayed.
Gerard shrugged, "I don't want to talk about it."
"Well it was the best time of my life," Matt said, sitting back in his chair, arms crossed, "but your bandmates had to ruin---"
"We did it because you were a bad influence," Mikey yelled, getting up. In a flash, he raised his fist, and punched Matt in the face, knocking him of his chair. Matt put his hand to his nose, which was now bleeding. Mikey kicked him in the stomach a few times, then in the head, and Matt blacked out. Mikey stood over him, breathing heavily. "Fucker," he said, spit on him, then went over to Gerard and sat next to him.
He took a breath in, "Why didn't you tell me you were gay?"
Gerard was staring at the ground, looking as if he was ashamed. "I'm not even gay..." he told Mikey.
"Dude, I don't care. It's your life, live how you want, like---"
Gerard cut him off, "Mikey I'm not fucking gay. It was a mistake. A one time thing! He's the only guy I was ever attracted to... I don't know why. He brainwashed me or something. Three quarters of the time I was with him I was fucking wasted or stoned!"
"Gerard, I really don't care if---" Mikey started, but again was cut off by his brother.
"Just drop it. /Now/," he said sternly.
And Mikey did drop it. He glanced over at Matt lying on the ground. /Shit/. He was a dead man walking. "What are we going to do with that?" he asked, pointing at Matt.
Gerard shrugged, then said, "you ever notice him around us? Like, after we kicked him out..."
Memories surged through their minds. Lots of the concerts, resteraunts, cities, all around the world. Wherever they were. And at the airport.
"What a creep," Gerard whispered. "What a fucking creep. He was stalking us... he was everywhere..."
They sat in silence for a while, dreading the time when it would be discovered that Mikey had beat Matt like he had. But it was nothing compared to what those muscly men had done to the Way brothers.
The stairs creaked and Summer's voice drifted through the room, "Matt?" She flew to his side. "What'd you do to him?"
"He had it coming to him," Gerard mumbled.
"Is he out?" she asked.
Mikey shrugged, "think so, unless he's faking."
Summer went over to the boys and kneeled down, whipsered, "listen. I want to help you. Quickly, while he's out." Then gestured for them to follow her.
So the three of them jogged as silently as they could to the stairs, went up them two at a time, and into a closet. They pushed through a few clothes and were brought into a small child's bedroom.
"Daddy?" a little boy, sitting on the bed said.
Gerard turned to look at him and came face-to-face with a toddler who resembled Mikey a little too much...

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