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"I thought he said he wasn't gay?" Mikey said, confused.

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"Matt's kid?" Gerard asked Summer, confused. How could this kid look so much like Mikey?
Summer looked in the hall to make sure no one was there, then turned around. "Um, now's really not the time."
Mikey cleared his throat uncomfortably. There was no way... it had just been a summer fling. But Summer had been very special to him (even when she fell for Matt). He'd been afraid to let his friends, family, even his brother know about Summer--- she was one of the "popular girls" and he'd never hear the end of it. Of course, she didn't mind so much either... as much as she liked Mikey, it would've killed her socially. He was afraid for his brother to judge him, which is why he was so sure that Gerard really was gay, or atleast bi-sexual, and was afraid of everyone's judgement.
"Stay," Summer whispered. She walked out of the room quitly, peeked around a corner and kept walking.
As she did this, Gerard pointed out how much Mikey and the toddler looked alike, as the toddler sat and listened.
"My daddy's not Matt," the boy said. "I hate Matt. He's mean."
"Then who's your dad?" Gerard asked nicely.
Mikey grabbed Gerard by the shoudler, "No," he said deffensively.
Raising one eyebrow, Gerard asked the little boy his name.
"My name's Micheal," he answered. "Mommy says that was my daddy's name."
Mikey caught his breath. He could've sworn she had said she was on birth control.
"And where's your daddy?" Gerard asked nicely.
Micheal shrugged. "Mommy says, 'Micheal please! I don't want to talk about is so that means stop asking!'" he said, imitating her. Pointing his finger and everything.
Mikey tried to find something to reassure him that this kid's father wasn't him. "And how old are you Micheal?"
Micheal held up two fingers, said, "two and a half! Except that I don't have a half finger..."
Summer reappeared, "let's go."
"Hold on, hold on," Micheal said. "They are my friends! Where are they going?"
"Baby, please," Summer said.
Micheal screamed, like a big brat. He flopped on the floor and started smacking his hands on the hardwood floor.
That's when the basement stairs creaked and everyone grew still. Mikey was frozen to the floor and was inable to move, even with Gerard pulling on his arm.
"Please Mikey, let's go, come one!" he whispered frantically. In the corner, Summer was trying to calm little Micheal.
Another stair creeked. "Shut that kid up!" he yelled. "Where the fuck are those boys! When I get my fucking hands on them!"
And yet Mikey was still unable to move.

Gerard, Mikey and Summer were all standing back in the cellar. Along with Matt, and the three men, his bodygaurds.
Summer was first. She sat in a chair, while Mikey and Gerard were being held by a man, who each had a gun out and ready.
"You bitch," Matt said. "I keep you hear. I buy you jewelry. I feed your fucking kid. The one who's father is here in this house. In this very room. You are a /slut/."
A single tear rolled down her cheek and her lip quivered. "That's right, cry! You are so weak compared to me. YOU'RE LUCKY I'M SO NICE!!" He screamed in her face. Then smacked her, hard. He then pushed her. Mikey tried to turn away, but the gaurd held his head, forcing him to watch. Matt continued, getting more and more harsh.
When he was finished, he said calmly, "Mikey, have a seat." When Mikey didn't budge, the gaurd shoved him into the seat, still keeping the gun near his head.
"So Mikey," Matt said. "You like to go against, people, huh? You went against me. Kicked me out of the bend. You hit me. Then you and your brother try to run away. And the slut tried to help."
Out of the corner of Mikey's eye, he saw that Summer was throwing up red. /Blood/. She then curled into a ball and cried.
"Look at me when I'm talking to you, bastard!" He yelled in Mikey's face, then without hesitation, punched him square in the jaw. He was sattisfied to feel the bone break a little, just enough to cause a hell of a lot of pain.
Gerard started to shake uncontrolably. He knew he was near tears.
"So tell me, Mikey, how did you ever get with a girl like Summer?" asked Matt.
Mikey swallowed, said nothing.
"We..." /ouch/, Mikey thought, /he better not have broken my frigging jaw.../. He said, "It was just once." Matt waited patiently. "It was the begginning of Summer. And she told me that... she admired me... always had." He paused, and stared in his lap. "But it was all secretive... she broke up with me at the end of summer, since she was going to college."
"Did you have sex with her?" Matt asked.
Mikey's nod was very small.
"Look's like the slut really got around in high school!" one of the gaurds said. His voice was very deep and could frighten even the toughest monster.
Matt and the gaurds laughed.
"Hm, not laughing, Mikey? You don't think that was a funny joke?" Matt said, fake niceness in his voice.
/Summer's a nice girl/, Mikey thought.
Completely unexpectedly, Matt shoved Mikey off the chair with the force of a lion. Mikey flew a few feet before landing on his elbow, which seared with pain. As Gerard was sat in the chair of hell, Mikey made is way towards Summer. "Everything will be alright," he whispered in her ear, as she sniffled.
"So," Matt said. "Hun... why not start off where we left off? Not earlier... I mean in our relationship," and he gave a suggestive wink.
Right now, Gerard was so afraid, he'd do anything. So he leaned close to Matt and kissed him. Matt's kisses were always to aggressive, shoving his tounge down Gerard's throat. And his breath... obviously this house they were in didn't have any bathrooms. Discusting.
Matt got on Gerard's lap, stradling him. His stomach was so uneasy--- he could feel Matt getting hard for christ's sake!
Mikey watched as the two went at it, but could only take it for a few moments. Just the thought that this was what Gerard was always doing behind his back, with such a revolting asshole was enough to make him grab a gaurd's gun and shoot himself in the head. It wasn't Mikey being homophobic--- it was him being /matt/-ophobic.
The makeout session was beginning to be too much for Gerard. He pulled away, making the excuse that he didn't like to do this in front of people.
"Lock 'em up," Matt instructed the gaurds, who then proceeded to shove Summer and Mikey into a closet and close the door, then stand in front of it.
Matt smiled seductively at Gerard. "Let's get down like back in the day," he said, then started to unzip Gerard's jeans.

In the closet, Mikey and Summer were having a discussion as quietly as they could, for they knew the gaurds were able to hear.
"I thought he said he wasn't gay?" Mikey said, confused.
Summer sighed, "he's not. He's---"
"Mikey?" a man's voice said. It was coming from somewhere to his right. "Mikey, is that you? Come towards my voice."
Mikey tried to stand up, but the roof was too low, the air was too thin, his jaw hurt to much, and he passed out.
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