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Always Take Care of You - FEB 24

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Luke and Kelly alone

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"We were just in the neighborhood." Alicia said grinning.
"Hey come on in." Christa stepped back to let Alicia and Jamia walk into the apartment. Both women spotted Elle watching the movie. "I take it Monica's here?" Jamia said.
"Yeah, she and Elle have been helping me pack."
Elle looked over hearing her name and waved. Jamia and Alicia both waved back.
"Come on Monica and I are in the kitchen." She led them through the maze of boxes that littered the floor.
"Hi" Monica said when they entered the kitchen. "Glad to see you. Alicia your husband is worried he can't get a hold of you."
Alicia nodded. "I dropped my cell in the toilet. That's why were really out so I can get a new one."
Monica and Christa both laughed. "How the hell did you do that?"
Alicia rolled her eyes, "I don't want to talk about it. So how do you know he's been calling?"
"Gee called me and Mikey wanted him to ask if I'd talked to you guys today." Monica explained.
"That man is driving me crazy." Alicia said but they could tell by the tone of her voice she loved the attention. "I had just talked to him before I dropped the phone. He called to tell me about Gee and.." she stopped suddenly and shot Monica a stricken look.
Monica laughed, "Let me guess. He told you that Gee wants to adopt a baby."
"Shit, I was afraid he hadn't talked to you about it yet. Fuck, that could have been bad." Alicia took a seat at the kitchen table next to Jamia who had already sat down.
"Well if you'd gotten here about fifteen minutes ago and said that you would have gotten a big 'what the fuck are you talking about' from me." Monica said trying not to smile.
The women around the table all laughed. "He just told you fifteen minutes ago?" Jamia asked.
"Yeah, the wondrous mind of Gerard Way." Monica said shaking her head.
"So what do you think?" Jamia asked. She and Alicia had talked about this on the way over and had wondered how Monica would react.
Monica sighed, "I like the idea. I just question the timing. I told him I thought we should be married first before we tried to adopt but he pointed out that this may work out and we wouldn't want to miss this chance."
"But do you want a baby?" Alicia asked.
"If I had a dollar for every time I've heard that question." Monica teased looking over at Christa. "Yeah, I'd love to have a baby. I know it's something Gee wants."
"Just make sure it's something you want." Jamia said reaching over and touching Monica’s arm with affection.
Monica smile slipped slightly but no one noticed. She had almost added ‘a baby is something I can’t give him”
The doorbell rang. “Pizzas here” Christa said standing. Monica was glad the discussion had ended.

Kara pulled off the road and turned to Kelly. “I’ll be back in a couple of hours.”
“Thanks.” Kelly said with a smile. “I’m sure Mom doesn’t even remember we only had a half a day at school so there should be a problem.”
“There better not be.” Kara said “I don’t want to listen to Mom rant at me about corrupting her little girl.”
Kelly giggled, “But I’m not her little girl anymore. Elle is.”
Kara opened her mouth to respond but snapped it shut. What difference would it make if she said anything anyway?
Luke and Kelly got out and waved goodbye as Kara drove off. Kelly grabbed Luke’s good hand and they started off through the woods. “Shit we haven’t been here in a long time.” Luke said as they walked.
“I know. Last night before I fell asleep I realized how much I wanted to come here.” Neither said anything else until they reached the house and went inside. It looked the same as it had the last time they’d been there. Kelly pulled Luke over to the spread out sleeping bag and they both sat.
“So what do you need to talk to me about?” Luke asked.
Kelly looked down at the ground. “I lied.” She said softly.
“Lied?’ He repeated, “I don’t understand.
She didn’t raise her eyes, “I didn’t really need to talk to you. I just needed to be with you.”
Luke reached out and placed his finger under her chin. He gently raised her face to his, “Sunshine, what’s wrong?’
She looked deeply into his eyes, “Nothing and everything.” She whispered.
He leaned forward and kissed her lips. After a moment he moved away slightly, “Talk to me.”
Tears formed in her eyes, “I’m afraid. I know something terrible is going to happen but I don’t know what.”
Luke struggled to understand, “Something terrible? To who?’
“I don’t know.” She tried to hold her tears back but it was impossible. “When Dad said goodbye to me the day he left for the tour something happened.”
Luke moved so he could put his arm around her, “What happened?”
Kelly laid her head on his shoulder, “He was walking towards the door and I had the most horrible feeling that he was walking out forever.”
“Have you talked to him since he left?’
Kelly nodded, “Lot’s of times. He seems really happy when I talk to him on the phone.”
Luke didn’t know what to say to ease her fears, “Well then maybe you are wrong. Maybe you just didn’t want him to go so badly and that is what caused the feeling.”
She wished with all her heart she could believe him but she couldn’t. “Luke, what if I am wrong? What if noting bad is gonna happen?”
He was confused, ‘”That would be good, right?’ Much to his surprise she started crying. “Sunshine, I don’t understand.”
“If I’m wrong about this then I might be wrong about other things.” She buried her face against his chest, “I could be wrong about us.” She paused then added, “You might stop loving me. You might leave me.”
Pain tore through his heart. How could he make her understand? “I will never stop loving you. I know people would say we are too fucking young to feel this way but they are wrong. I love you and that will never change. Some day I’ll find a way for us to be together. If I have to work three fucking jobs to make it happen I will. You and I will have our own place and we’ll be together always.”
Kelly looked up into his face. Her heart told her his words were true yet her mind was questioning everything. She moved slightly and pressed her lips to his. Soon the sweet, gentle kiss became something more. All the pent up fears she’d been holding deep inside came to the surface. She kissed Luke needing to feel the connection her heart told her was true. Soon they were laying side by side on the sleeping bag forgetting everything in the world but he need to be together. Clothes were loosened so that their hands could explore each other’s bodies.
“Luke, please. I’m ready. I want this so much.”
He tried to catch his breath. Slowly his fingers brushed her soft skin stopping at the ugly stitches. He remembered the fear he had felt when he’d seen the dog attack her. He had known at that moment that his own life would be over if anything happened to her. ‘Sunshine I want you so fucking much” he said his voice raw with emotion, “but I didn’t expect this. I didn’t bring anything to protect you.”
Kelly closed her eyes and gently pulled his body to partially cover her own. “You protect me.” She whispered.
Luke moaned as she felt her soft skin against his own. “I promise to always take care of you. Always.”
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