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Run to You - FEB 25

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Monica finds out about Luke and Kelly.

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Kara sat staring at the text message. Holy crap, she thought, what am I gonna do? She closed her phone and stared out the windshield at the passing traffic. Her mom was going to be livid. Why the hell did bad luck seem to keep show up on their doorstep? She shook her head, sighed deeply, and put the car in drive. She had to go home and face the music. It might as well be now. There was no sense putting it off.

Monica sat across from Kelly simply staring at her daughter. She tried to calm down before she spoke. “It was obvious from what the officer said you and Luke were having sex.”
Kelly was looking down at the carpet refusing to meet her mother’s eyes. From the family room she heard the familiar tune of her favorite Disney movie. Elle was watching the movie blissfully unaware anything was wrong. Here in the living room the only the sound was her mother tapping her foot gently while waiting for an answer. She couldn’t ever remember her Mom being this angry.
“Mom, Luke and I went there to talk.” She finally said softly.
Monica shook her head, “But you weren’t talking when the police found you, were you?” She still was trying to deal with the fear she had felt when she and Elle returned home just in time to see a police car pull in front of their house. The office explained why he was bringing Kelly home. They had already taken Luke to his house.
“Mom, it’s not what you think.” Kelly said finally looking up.
The both heard the door open and looked up to see Kara walk in carrying several shopping bags. She deposited them on the bench in the hall then walked into the room. “I am assuming you are the one who drove them to the house?” Monica said to her oldest daughter.
Kara nodded, “Yeah, I did.”
Monica was trying desperately not to lose her temper. “Why? Tell me really did you think it was a good idea to drop them off there?”
Kara looked over at Kelly, “What happened?”
“Someone called the police and told them we were trespassing.” Kelly answered.
“You were trespassing.” Monica said, “That property is posted “Keep Out”.
“Mom, Luke goes there all the time.” Kelly explained. “No one ever said anything before.”
Monica rubbed her eyes trying to relieve the headache that was getting worse by the minute. “You’ve been there before with him, right?”
Kelly nodded, “Yeah.”
“Mom, it’s no big deal.” Kara took a seat by Kelly.
“No big deal? No big deal?” Monica’s voice was getting louder by the minute. “Excuse me? The police brought your sister home because she was trespassing on private property. Oh and did I mention she and Luke were having sex?”
Kara turned to Kelly, “Really? God that must have been embarrassing.”
Monica couldn’t believe this. “Kara, shut up.” She snapped.
Both girls looked at their mother. They knew that tone of voice. “Look Mom, don’t freak.” Kara said
“Don’t freak? My fifteen-year-old daughter was having sex in a deserted house and you don’t want me to freak? What am I just supposed to say oh that’s nice and overlook it?”
Kara’s eyes narrowed, “You seem to overlook things all the time. Why not this?”
Monica stared at her, “What do I overlook?”
Kara’s anger exploded, “Oh all kinds of things. You know, anything that’s not perfect in your new life.”
Kelly put her hand on Kara’s arm. “Stop” she whispered.
Now that she had unleashed her anger Kara couldn’t stop. “You overlook things all the time, Mom. You are so busy trying to make everything so fucking perfect. It has to be that way for Gerard, right? He needs a perfect house and a perfect family. Well you know what? I don’t want to be part of it.” She stood and walked out of the room.
Kelly looked back over at her Mom. She could see that she was trying to hold back tears. “Mom” she said softly. “I’m sorry. Kara didn’t really mean that. She’s just upset. It’s hard for her with Bob gone. She hates school and…” her voice softened, “Like me she’s just worried about you.”
Monica sat a moment trying to regain her control, “Why?”
Kelly shook her head, “You and Dad have been through so much and you both should be happy.”
“No, I don’t want to talk about this again. Nothing is wrong between us. Nothing is going to be wrong between us.”
Looking back down Kelly didn’t say anything else. She felt her Mom’s eyes still on her. Finally she looked up, “Mom, we didn’t have sex.”
Monica gave her a disbelieving look.
“Really we didn’t. Luke wouldn’t.”
“Mommyca” Elle called from the other room. “Me’s ungy.”
“We’ll talk about this later.” Monica said standing. She needed time to think.
“Do you think the owner of the property will press charges?” Kelly asked. She wasn’t concerned for herself but she knew how much trouble Luke would get into with this dad.
“I don’t know.” Monica said walking towards the door. “I don’t know anything anymore.”

Later that evening Christa stopped by the bring Elle a gift. Monica met her at the door and immediately Christa knew something was wrong. “Hi” She said. “Okay that I stopped by? I have a gift for Elle from Ray.”
Monica was glad to see her friend, “Sure, come on in.” She led Christa through the house to the kitchen. “Kara’s giving Elle a bath but she’ll be done in a minute. Like a cup of coffee?”
Christa took a seat at the table, “Thanks.” She watched Monica move around the kitchen almost in slow motion. “So where’s Kelly?”
“In her room.” Monica answered quickly. “Cream and sugar?’ She asked holding Christa’s cup of coffee.
“No thank” she took the cup from Monica and waited until she sat down. “So what’s wrong?”
Monica sighed, “I’m that obvious?”
Christa smiled, “Yeah, you look pretty upset. Anything I can help with?”
Before Monica could answer Kara walked in with Elle in her arms. “She wants to give you a kiss goodnight.” She said walking over to Monica.
Monica stood and took Elle into her own arms. “Night little Bug.” She kissed her soft cheek.
“Mes seepin with Kwara.”
Monica gave Kara a surprised look.
“She wants to sleep with me in the pink nightmare.”
Monica nodded and handed Elle back to Kara.
“Oh Elle I have something for you.” She picked up her bag and pulled out a stuffed elephant. “Ray wanted you to have this one.”
Elle’s face lit up. ‘Tanks” She hugged the animal to her tightly.
“Night” Kara said without emotion. Christa waited until they left the room before she spoke. “So what’s up with Kara?”
Monica honestly didn’t know where to begin. She ended up telling Christa what had happened today. As much as she wanted to keep the story in herself she needed to talk to someone. She also told her what Kara had said. Repeating her daughter’s words hurt.
Christa shook her head, “Shit, Monica. Do you believe Kelly about her and Luke?’
Monica shook her head, “I don’t know. I just don’t know what to think or do anymore.”
“Did you tell Gerard?”
“I haven’t talked to him since it happened. I guess he’s busy.” She said blinking back tears.
“Call him.” Christa said. “You’re having a rough time and he needs to support you.”
“But he’s so far away from home. I just don’t see the point of bothering him.”
Christa grew angry, “Stop it Monica. You can’t keep things to yourself like this. He needs to know what’s going on with you and the girls.”
“I guess I could see if he’s back at his hotel room.” Monica said softly.
“Yeah, do that.” She took a deep breath then added, “And about the adoption idea. Monica are you sure you really want a baby or are you just agreeing because you think Gerard wants a baby and you feel bad you can’t have one?’

Just outside the kitchen door Kara came to a complete halt. She had come back downstairs to give her mom a kiss goodnight. She didn’t want to go to bed angry. Christa’s words about Gerard wanting to adopt a baby were echoing in her ears. A baby? Kara shook her head and turned to go back to her room. This was all too much.

“Kara, what’s wrong?” Bob asked. He could tell by the tone of her voice as soon as she had answered the phone that there was a problem.
Slipping out of bed, Kara took a peek at Elle then moved into the hall. She walked into the guest bedroom and closed the door so she could have some privacy. “How was your day?’ She asked her husband totally ignoring his question.
Bob didn’t fall for it. “Kara, what’s wrong?” He repeated.
She walked over and looked out the window into the darkness. “Have you heard that your friend thinks he and my mom should adopt a baby?’
Standing up Bob motioned to Gerard he was going out to find a place to talk. Gerard stood, “Hey, I’m gonna go grab a coffee.” He took off leaving Bob alone in the hotel room.
“Okay, Gee’s gone. Kara why is this upsetting you so much?’
Kara couldn’t believe he’d even ask. “A baby? Do you really think Mom needs a baby? She’s got Elle now. Shouldn’t that be enough?”
“Hon, I’m gonna tell you something and you need to give it some thought. I’ve talked to Gee about this. In his mind he’s doing this for your mom. He feels bad knowing that she’s always thinking about how she can’t give him a baby.”
Kara cut him off, “You’re saying he’s doing this for her. Not because his brother’s gonna have a baby and Frank’s gonna be a dad.”
“That is what I’m saying. He really thinks this will make your mom happy.”
Kara shook her head, “All I know is I want out of this house.”
“You can’t run from your problems. You know that.” Bob said softly.
“I just want to run to you.” She had tears in her eyes.
Bob sighed, “I wish you could run to me. I wish you were here with me right now. But you’ve got to finish school. It will be okay, Baby.”
“So why do I feel like I do? Crap, Bob. I’m having trouble sleeping and I can’t concentrate on anything. I just know something is gonna happen, something bad.”
“I don’t know why you feel like that.” Bob said trying to understand. “Gee is really being good on this tour. He’s focused on the music and all he talks about is your mom. He keeps saying how much he misses her.”
Kara shook her head, “Maybe I’m wrong. I hope I am.”
“So now tell me about your day.” Bob asked, “You only went to school half a day right? Let me guess you went shopping?”
Kara closed her eyes. Crap, now she had to tell him about driving Kelly and Luke to the house and about what happened.
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