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To Hatch A Plan

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Gerard steals something that may come as great help for everyone...

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Nights were getting colder in the closet. This meant winter. It meant Thanksgiving and Christmas and all the holiday cheer... all of it spent in a dark, cold room, with an insane man on the other side of the door.

About three times a day, Gerard was forced to go and spend time with Matt. Sometimes he came back unable to speak, and would just sleep, but sometimes he came back with an extra snack he's stolen.

So far Mikey had attempted only once to use his cell phone. For some reason it wouldn't turn on, and all he could think about was when Matt had pushed him and he'd landed on his elbow--- but also, his cell phone must have landed funny.

And so far, James had managed to chip away more of the crack, so that a small beam of light came in and you could see that they were at some sort of a cornfeild, with woods off in the distance. There was a swingset, too, off to the right.

Everyday Summer grew more and more depressed. Whenever she'd bring up Micheal, Gerard acted funny. His face would contort into the most hurt expression, as if remembering an extrememly bad dream. If one good thing could come out of this, it was that Summer and Mikey were closer than ever.

On the day that Gerard brought back something that would benifit everyone in the closet, Mikey had asked Summer that, if they ever got out of here, would she marry him? And she had said yes.

"But how on earth did you manage to get these back?!" Donna asked Gerard, perplexed.

Instead of telling her that when Matt was doing Gerard and Gerard had slipped the weapons into his jacket, he just said, "Mom, you know me. I'm a sneak."

So every night, Gerard, Mikey, Donna, James and Summer would pack together and whisper a plan. They had to come up with one quick, before the gaurds came to "check on everyone".

After an hour of planning, they'd come up with one that seemed foolproof. Mikey and Gerard would each have a gun, James would take the two knives. They'd kill the two gaurds and Matt next time the gaurds opened the door, and when they were finished, they'd call the cops and tell them to please, help, track down where they were and come save them, because they'd been locked up in a closet for the past three weeks, that they were the Ways.

Forty minutes later, there was movement outside the closet. Shaking, Gerard gripped the gun behind him. Mikey and James stood behind, just as nervous, but so completely ready for this.

The key turned, and the door was opened.

The plan was underway.

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