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The Plan In Action

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"Goodbye, my love," he said.

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Sorry I haven't updated in like 23473487 years. Seems whenever I was in the mood to update, my mom was like "you can't use the computer, you haven't done any chores," or whatever. Plus I was mad about how I wrote so much then saved it and it was like "did not save," so I was like /peice of shitttt/. So anyway, enjoy. If you like it reveiw please :)


In the cellar, the plan was already working it's charm. In a matter of seconds, the two gaurds were shot down, and announced dead by James. Gerard walked towards the stairs, one thing on his mind--- the end of Matt Pelissier. Mikey had insisted that he go with his brother, but Gerard knew that, no, the only way to get revenge was to do this himself.

He bound up the stairs, taking two and sometimes three at a time, using all of his muscle to grip the gun in his right hand.

Matt didn't have a good feeling about going downstairs with his gaurds. Something in his gut was making him stay up in the bedroom. As he sat on the bed he started thinking, for the first time, about what he was going to do to the Ways and Summer after he got bored with manipulating them and playing his little games.

Just as he thought this, the door leading to the cellar was pushed open with such force that Matt jumped up from the bed. In the doorway stood Gerard, who was breathing as if he'd just got finished running a marathon. Matt glanced at the gun in Gerard's hand, the way it was clenched, and thought about his two options--- he could start running, or he could get the gun from the bottom drawer of the bedside table. He chose the latter and soon both men were standing at their own sides of the room, pointing a gun at the other.

"I never wanted it to end like this," Matt whispered.

"I never wanted to start this," Gerard uttered back. "With you taking me, dragging my family into this. What the /fuck/."

"But, honey---"

"Don't." Gerard starting breathing heavier, but continued, "it was never love."

Matt smiled, which really irked Gerard. For some reason, neither of them could seem to pull the trigger. Until Matt spoke up. "Goodbye, my love," he said.

It was time. The intensity in Gerard's eyes had caused him to have an unsteady shot, and at the same time the bullet collided with Gerard's knee, the bullet from Gerard's gun hit Matt's head, killing him instantly.

Gerard laughed, despite the pain surging throughout his leg, a song playing in his head. A song he knew too well...

/Well let's go back to the middle of the day that starts it all
I can't begin to let you know just what I'm feeling
And now the red ones make me fly
And the blue ones help me fall
And I think I'll blow my brains against the ceiling
And as the fragments of my skull begin to fall
Fall on your tongue like pixie dust just think happy thoughts

It had been too long when James and Mikey came upstairs to check things out. They found Gerard, who was giggling because the pain was just that bad, then saw Matt, his body toppled over and blood everywhere. James yelled down to Donna and Summer, who came upstairs slowly and followed the instructions to not look at all around the room and just go to the kitchen and dial 911.

Donna sat at the kitchen table, stunned that this was finally it--- they were soon to be free--- as Summer got the phone and dialed.

"911, what is your emergency?" said the operator on the other line.

"We--- we've all been kidnapped and kept here and now they've shot the men who've been keeping us here." Summer said carefully. It was as if this was the only chance, and she couldn't screw it up.

"Can I get your name?" the operator asked.

"It's Summer and... and the Way family is here, too. and Gerard's been shot." Everything was sudduenly just too much, and a wave of hysterity washed over her. Suddenly she was crying, tears of joys and tears of fear, every emotion possible.

"The police are on their way. You are at 99 Webber Road near Pine Knoll?"

"Um... yes," Summer said.

"We are sending an ambulance, too. It may be a while because you are all so far out, so make sure you wrap your friend's leg and keep it elevated."

Summer swallowed back tears, so she could thank the man, but he'd already hung up. Setting the phone on the hook, she sat down next to Donna and watched as Gerard was carried by James and Mikey out of the bedroom he'd been shot in and over to the couch. James sat on a recliner next to the couch and Mikey sat on the floor next to his brother. Everyone sat and just relaxed, knowing that help was on it's way.

It hadn't been long at all until their was a knock on the door. There had been no sirens, no "Police," just a knock. There was uneasiness all around as James glanced out the side window.

"It's not the police..." he announced, a hint of panic in his voice.

Mikey glanced out. "Shit," he said, "it's Matt's cousin Paul--- and he's brought friends."

They knocked again, as Mikey watched another man come around from the trunk with the kind of rifles you would use to hunt moose with.

His breath caught in his throat.

James caught sight of the weapons and whispered, "we have to get out of here, /now/."
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