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To The Woods

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Mikey felt his pocket. "Wait," he said to no one in particular. The group watched as he pulled out a sidekick.

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After Summer announced that there was a backdoor, leading out to a garage, which led outside, after racing outside and Gerard struggling through pain, Paul and his friends had found a key and we inside the house.

Summer and Donna were running towards the woods, which were a good three acres away, while James and Mikey fast-walked, supporting Gerard in between them. No one knew what they were going to do once they were there--- just that it meant safety. For the most part.

A gunshot sounded in the distance. Gerard prayed that it was just a hunter, that people wouldn't die because Matt had shot him.

Donna was starting to run out of steam. It had been quite a while since she'd gotten this much exercise.

"You can do it, you can do it," Summer encouraged her. The woods seemed just in reach, so they sprinted the rest of the way.

That's when Mikey heard, in the distance, a yell. Paul, or one of his friends, must have just realized they were gone. "Come on, hurry," he said, urgently.

The tone of his voice scared Gerard, so he said, "just run."

And they did. It was awkward, but it was a run. They reached the woods quickly, because of all the adrenaline. They had to push through some thorn bushes before reaching the side where the women were seated on the ground, which was frozen because winter was just about here. Gerard collapsed down and tried to get comfortable, but realized that was impossible with a shattered knee.

Once he caught his breath, James said, "how will they know we're here?"

"Who?" Donna asked.

"The police."

"I don't care, I just want the police to get all of /them/," Summer said, looking at the house.

"But... but how'd they know to come here?" James wondered.

Everyone was silent, until Summer got a chilling thought. "I think that's who I spoke to..." she told them.

Then she remembered everything that Matt had said once, bragging about his kidnapping skills. 'You call 911, it doesn't go through. Atleast not to the cops.'

"But... but how, that's not--- that's not possible," Donna said. Part of her was expecting Summer to turn on them any second. Had she faked calling the cops? "You bitch."

"What?" Summer looked genuinly hurt.

Mikey felt his pocket. "Wait," he said to no one in particular. The group watched as he pulled out a sidekick.

"What the fuck, Mikey," Gerard said, catching a glimpse of what they'd always needed.

"Sorry," Mikey said. "It hasn't been working."

"But how'd you keep it?" James asked.

Mikey smiled. "Told the idiot I left it in Spain. And he believed me."

He hit the on button, nothing happened. "Please work," Mikey begged his phone. He held down the on button, and still nothing happened. Pressing it down again, the screen lit up. Third time's a charm.

Except that nothing else happened. Just light.

"Just dial," Donna told him. This had happened to her phone before.

Shaking, Mikey opened his screen and hit 9-1-1, then closed the screen and held it to his ear. It was ringing!

"911 dispatchers, what's your emergency?" said a friendly sounding woman on the other line.

Mikey spoke fast. "Please, you need to send help. We've been kidnapped. We killed the kidnappers but now someone else is here trying to kill us and we're hiding in the woods."

"We've tracked the number and the police and ambulence are on their way. Can I get your name sir?"

He took a deep breath in. "I'm Mikey way."

"Really?" she asked, surprised. "From that band?"

"Yes," he answered.

"Oh my gosh," the women said. She was truly speachless. The Way brothers! They're alive! "You're brother and your parents there, too?"

"Yeah," Mikey said. The reality of everything was starting to kick in, and he started to silently cry.

"It shouldn't be too much time," the women told Mikey. "The station's just down the road a way from you all."

They were both silent, except that occasionly she'd ask if Mikey was still there. In the faint distance, there were sirens, until they were loud, and pulled up in front of the old house.

"They're here, the police are here," he told the women excitedly.

"Alright then, bye hun," she said.

"Bye. And thanks," Mikey said.

"No problem," and then the line went dead.

The Ways and Summer watched as a policeman got out of his car and knocked on the front door. Paul opened up the screen and they conversed as another policemen made his way towards the woods, as if he knew exactly where they were.

An ambulence pulled in as the policeman walked closer. James slowly walked out, and watched as the cop ran towards them.

"You the WayS?" he asked in a Maine accent. /Officer Countway/, his nametag said. Mikey walked out and nodded. Donna and Summer followed.

"Gerard's behind there," Donna said, motioning her head towards the bushes. Officer Countway talked into his walkie talkie to drive towards him, and the ambulance started to make it's way through the field.

"It's all over," the officer told the group standing in front of him. "You are safe."

Off in the distance, Paul and his buddies were being handcuffed and put into a police car.

The ambulence pulled up and the back door oppened. An EMT came out with a stretcher and make his way through the thicket, a few other EMT's following. They scooped up Gerard and place him on the stretcher, then loaded him into the ambulence.

"Let me go with him," Donna said.

An EMT nodded, "We'll take to of you, then the others can go with Officer Countway."

"I'll go, too," James said, as an old blue pick-up truck rumbled through the feild and pulled up beside Summer and Mikey.

The driver pulled down the front seat. "Hey, I'm Detective Baily. You're friends are sure going to be happy to see you."
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