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years after everything ends.

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The last chapter...
actually, the last chapter was the last chapter, but here's just a little look at how everyone's lives turn out.

A Year Later.

Gerard is living with his brother and Summer, (who are married with a baby girl on the way in just three months).

He's still very skittish of every noise and has nightmares, also needing a cane to walk. The cane doesn't help him

much and just causes him to have an even more awkward gait.

The Way parents have moved and are living in Wyoming, at a beautiful cabin by a lake. They call their sons about

five times a day, which neither of the boys mind.

All four of the Ways, plus Summer are in therapy and Summer has become very reserved.

As for the band, they've stopped touring and making cds. Ray joined a new band, Frank went back to college and is in

a band off to the side, but it's not as big as My Chemical Romance was, and Bob is back working as he was before My

Chemical Romance, being a sound engineer during concerts.

Tonight is a special night, I night of reunion, where Summer and Mikey host a dinner party for Mr. and Mrs. Way,

Frank, Ray and Bob. Everyone makes small talk, afraid to bring up something that might remind anyone of just a year

before. Donna and Summer chat about baby shower plans, names for the girl, and how they are getting the baby's room

done. Gerard sings everyone a new song he wrote, one about redemtion, forgiveness, life fulfillment. It's not like

the stuff he used to write, but like a whole new genre.

Five Years Later.

Summer and Mikey's daughter, Anais is now five. Ray's been married and divorced. Gerard's dumped the cane because

now he can walk, still not as well as before, but it's an improvement. Bob's quit sound engineering, and Frank's

dropped back out of college, for the same reason he'd done it before--- for the band, for My Chemical Romance. They

just couldn't stay away for long.

Their new cd is out, and it's their most succesful, but they don't tour, instead playing a few concerts here and

there, which all are sold out.

The rest of their lives.

James Way dies of a heart attack, Donna of a sixteen year battle with breast cancer.

Anais follows in her father's footsteps; she's a rockstar in an incredible band. Summer is long gone from a car


Bob's retired, living in a nursing home. He'd never married, for the only one he'd ever loved had died just as soon

as he'd met her and gotten to know her.

Ray is battling cancer.

Frank is still pretty healthy, but old.

And as for Gerard...

All of his old bandmates get to meet again at his funeral.

Even fifty years after My Chemical Romance's frontman and his brother had gone missing and escaped, the band still

lives on, it's music and the story that goes along with it.
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