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Chapter 2 Learning A Loss Of A Heart

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Gabriel learns of a secret life Jimmy and Cindy were keeping from her in this chapter

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After all the kids left Kennedy was watching Dora as Cindy rubbed her head and set up a desk in an abandoned office.

“All right Kenny we’re going to be very busy in here so don’t bother us unless it’s incredibly important” Cindy said as Gabriel dragged her feet across the rug.

“Or you could just bug the hell out of us now so it’s like I’m at school and there’s nothing I can learn, If you were a real little sister you’d do that” Gabriel said as Cindy shut and locked the office door.

“All right Mrs. Vortex from what I understand you were reading The Loss Of My Heart by a one C. A. Vortex, now let’s see where you left off shall we?”.

Cindy opened the book as Gabriel groaned and put her head on her arms as they rested on the desk and she fell asleep.

“It looks like we left off where our hero Cynthia is sent to jail for trying to save her husband, now why don’t we try reading the next chapter to see what happens?” Cindy asked as a snore greeted her and she saw Gabriel drooling on her desk.

“Pay attention Mrs. Vortex there’s going to be a test on all the chapters you’ve read so far later today young lady”.

Gabriel slowly turned over to Cindy’s screaming and dozed off again as Cindy knew what to do grabbing a ruler and slapping Gabriel’s palms with it as she jumped up rubbing them together.

“Now what have we learned Mrs. Vortex?, we learned that if you sleep in High School they ban things like this but in my class nothing is banned so just try testing me again” Cindy said smiling as Gabriel angrily opened her English book.

“Great idea Gabriel let’s start on chapter 3 and go from there, if there are any questions I’ll be happy to answer them seeing this is my life story”.

Gabriel scanned the chapter and what she saw she couldn’t believe as her eyes went wide and Cindy smiled as Gabriel looked up at her.

Police cars flooded our driveway once they heard I was keeping Jimmy hidden, I didn’t want them to take him away from me again so I did the only thing I could do at this point, I took the rap for him and I was looking at 10 to life for attempted murder in the first degree, but Gabriel had to be proud of me and I felt that this would make her proud of her rule making, stuffy, bossy mother.

“You went to jail for me mom?, what was it like being there for as long as they put you in there?” Gabriel asked as Cindy smiled seeing her daughter excited about a book.

“Read on and they kept me there for a year and then your father bailed me out to save his own skin and you” Cindy said as Gabriel’s eyes were fixed upon the page.

They told me that I was looking at a long jail sentence so I made the best of it, I met a nice girl named Laney that I hoped to name one of my girl’s after, and I also met a boy named Leo who took me under his wing and I promised to name my first son after him, Jimmy and Gabriel were on the run most of the time but that doesn’t mean they didn’t find time in their busy schedules to visit with me

“What did dad do that was so bad mom?, I mean why did him and I have to run from the law while you were locked up?” Gabriel asked as Cindy pointed to the book.

Jimmy said he was sorry so many times for hurting him but I never believed that, I believed he wanted to hurt Nick that night and now with him dead and me confessing to the murder there is nothing tracing it back to him but he insists that he should still skip town with my little Gabby by his side to keep him company.

“Your father loved you so much when you were younger Gab, but as you grew so did your attitude and that’s when you were so distant towards us” Cindy said as Gabby nodded and flipped the page reading on.

They said they were going to put me on death row if I didn’t give Jimmy up, but there was no way I could do that to my two loves Gabby with no daddy and Jimmy with no me, I could only imagine what they were going through when they heard about my new sentence, I just hope that Jimmy can get the bail money to get me out of this hellhole before it’s too late for Gabby, him, and me to be a family.

I don’t understand if dad loved you this much then why didn’t he just say it was him that killed this Nick guy?, I mean he had a chance to save you and all’s he cared about was protecting me” Gabriel said as Cindy nodded smiling at her daughter.

“I’m partially to blame for that, see I left you with your dad on purpose because I knew that dad wouldn’t let me go but with you by him he wouldn’t let you go either” Cindy said as Gabriel shut the book with tears in her eyes.

“So he gave up saving you to save me, and you gave up trying to prove your innocence so we could be safe and sound?”.

I made the ultimate sacrifice Gab, I gave my heart and soul to that prison and all’s I got was a death row sentence and a I’ll see you again someday from the warden”.

Jimmy finally got the money after a lot of begging to my mom, he became a new man once I got out and Gabby hasn’t changed a bit she’s still sweet, loving, caring, and obsessed with The Little Mermaid, her birthday is coming up soon and Jimmy and I plan on celebrating it with all the trimmings, you know balloons, streamers, a happy birthday sign you know the works, and the best part is I can live to see another sunset with my two loves Jimmy and my first daughter Gabriel Aurora Vortex once again.

Gabriel closed the book wiping her eyes as Cindy walked up and sat across from her also crying and hugging her.

“I didn’t give up my heart just for you to lose everything I taught you in the years that you’ve been on this earth” Cindy said as she wiped her eyes off and Gabriel sniffled at her.

“If you told me that you’ve been through hell and back before I got expelled I would never have been expelled” Gabriel said hugging Cindy again not being able to wait until Jimmy got home from doing the errands.

“So do the other eleven know about me and dad’s life on the run from the law?, or your life on death row?”.

“No I can’t find it in my heart to tell them but my book will be read by them one way or another I bet” Cindy said as she slowly let go of Gabriel and she pulled a piece of paper out wanting to write a book of her own.

“So why did you name the book The Loss Of My Heart?, and if I wanted to write a book how would I go about it?” Gabriel asked as Cindy smiled and handed her a pen.

“I think you have done enough in your life to write twelve books, but as my publisher says the first one is critical because it establishes yourself as a writer”.

My mother was a brave woman in all the years she’s been on this earth, when I was born she went to jail for me and my dad so my dad could have a better life for me, death row must have been scary for her because I know I would have screamed every night in a jail cell, that’s what makes my mom brave she never screamed not once, she stood against the people who caged her and became a much stronger woman for it”

When Cindy read Gabriel’s opener she cried again and hugged her as she picked up her Apple notebook and started writing what Gabriel wrote down.

I can’t imagine having to give up all the things you love in this world for a life behind bars, or having to run from the police every time sirens were getting closer to my dad and I, My mom never wanted us to have to live behind the bars she lived behind so she took the rap for something she didn’t do to save two lives, as the saying goes she killed two birds with one stone but no she saved a million birds with one stone, everybody my mother met in this world has fallen at her feet and worshiped the ground she walked on, it took me getting kicked out of school and reading a book I thought was boring to realize that.

Cindy’s fingers went a mile a minute as did Gabriel’s pen and there was a knock which made the both of them jerk up.

“What is it Kenny sweetie are you tired?, or is there something else you want?” Cindy asked as Jimmy’s voice was heard in the kitchen.

“Nope I just wanted to tell you daddy’s home if your interestedly in him at all” Kennedy said as Cindy and Gabriel couldn’t help but chuckle at that.

Gabriel ran at Jimmy crying and hugged him as he walked through the living room and he loved the change in her.

“Well this is better than resenting us now isn’t it?, I mean when you resent us we resent right back don’t we?” Jimmy asked as Gabriel remained clinging to him.

“She’s been reading The Loss Of My Heart and like I said she’d totally appreciate the book when she gets older” Cindy said as Gabriel slowly let go of Jimmy and he lifted Kennedy onto his shoulders.

“Well you can ask your old man anything about that fateful year and I’ll answer them, but I know that talking to your mom about jail is more interesting” Jimmy said as Gabriel hugged him again.

“I was thinking we could go get some ice cream later dad, I mean I know I’m grounded for three months and two weeks and all but it could be like old times” Gabriel said as Jimmy smiled down at her and so did Kennedy.

“Ice cream sounds great but we’d have to talk to the warden before I make any decisions like that, I don’t want her coming down on me like a house made of bricks”.

“I don’t see any reason why all four of us couldn’t go out for ice cream now, and the three months is off but you still have to play babysitter as a punishment” Cindy said as Kennedy pumped her fists in the air in happiness.

“That is the best idea ever mommy, Gabby is a great sitter seeing she takes us to the candy store whenever we want to go” Kennedy said as Cindy looked down at Gabriel.

“What can I say she knows how to use her baby browns to my advantage, just like I used to be able to hypnotize dad with my baby greens” Gabriel said as Kennedy giggled.

“I knew there was a reason your breath smelled of Swedish Fish and Gummy Sharks when I came home from dinner after every anniversary” Cindy said as Kennedy licked her lips.

“And don’t forget the Malted Fizzies their this chocolate milk balls with Strawberry pudding in the middle, ohh my mouth waters just talking about them” Kennedy said as Cindy giggled.

“Your just like I was at your age, but my candy devotion of choice were Chummis which were gummi bears covered in milk chocolate, your dad used to eat them at the movies and one day I had some with him and then I was hooked”

Well that’s it so reply please and I’ll continue to imagine Jimmy and Cindy’s life with twelve count them twelve kids
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