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Chapter 3 Trips, Hickey's, Bad Report Cards, and Purple Hair

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The title pretty much sums up the cahpter

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Meanwhile Alex is against her locker staring at just about the worst report card she ever got.

“Do you think they’ll buy that F’s count for A’s this year Megs?, I mean I could always tell them that there was a clerical error and my report card isn’t really mine?” Alex asked her friend as her friends fiery red pigtails swung back and forth.

“With grades like that their going to call your house, so unless you Houdini and can get home before your mom, dad, and with a stroke of luck your eleven siblings I’d say you were in the doghouse for a long time my friend”.

“Hey I have an idea that could change all of this damage real quick, now give me some white out and a black Sharpie I’m about to change my fate”.

Megan Sheppard Alex’s only friend did as she asked as Alex smiled demonically whiting out the F’s and changing all her grades to A’s.

“And Veoula there my friend as they say is how you avoid being grounded into mummy dust, now let’s talk more about your B day party that I will no doubt be attending shall us?” Alex asked as Megan just shook her head at her friend.

“There’s still the call from the principal that you have to avoid, and if memory serves me right and it always does half of the Vortex dozen is right in this very school with you” Megan said cracking a smile as Gretchen dashed up the hall smiling at her sister.

“Word on the street is that you have more F’s on your report card that it looks like a stutter, and I thank you because now I can reveal this to them” Gretchen said swishing her plum purple hair back and forth cackling.

“He said no pink hair but all the other colors were fine in my book because he left them out, and he’s about to learn the hard truth about Junior Highers we take what they say to heart”.

“All right my F’s are not going to save you from the most brutal lashings of arguments, Dad’ll just talk to both of us together until one of us says the wrong thing and then it’s punishment city” Alex said as Megan just stared amazed at Gretchen’s hair.

“Who is your hairdresser my friend?, I need a new color and I’m thinking of going with green hair but my mom won’t let me do it” Megan said as Gretchen passed her a card.

“Christie Anne Matthews hairdresser for hire, if you mention that I gave this to you the first colorings free no string attached”.

Angel passed by and saw Gretchen’s hair and had to do a double take as Gretchen just flipped it at her smiling from ear to ear.

“Dad is so going to kill the both of you when you get home, first he’ll kill Alex for her report card, and then there’ll be another plot next to hers for the purple haired dream” Angel said her blonde bangs getting in her eyes.

“Christie can cut those for free Angie and that way the money can be for some nice black roses for our plots” Gretchen said as Angel opened her locker and pulled out her straight A report card.

“Now this is how a report card should look straight A’s with nothing but the comments by the teachers to ease mom and dad’s pain for the straight F’s you got”.

“Now, now Angel I wouldn’t be so sure I got straight F’s, I mean if you look hard you’ll see straight A’s just like my eggheaded sisters” Alex said as she slipped Gretchen her report card.

“It’s obviously white out you dunderhead, it even reeks of white out and Sharpie ink, in short this’d never fool mom and dad for a second” Angel said skipping off being excited about her report card as Alex slumped against her locker.

“I’m going to be grounded into mummy dust aren’t I Megs, I mean do you think they’d at least let me come to your party on Saturday?” Alex asked as Megan placed her hands on her head.

“And Madame Megan says all signs point to hell no, come on Al you’d be lucky they even let you come back to school after the lashing your report card got”.

“At least I have dad blowing up at Gretchen too to deal with, that way I’m not the only one getting yelled at”.

Megan shrugged and ran off to find her bike as Alex did the same knowing this very well could be her last bike ride from school.

Meanwhile Angel dashed into the house before anyone to hide the hickey she got from a boy at school knowing that if Jimmy or Cindy found it she was going to be in just as much trouble as Gretchen and Alex.

“Come on you stupid beauty mark leave already before my sisters find you and I’m doomed to the back in my day talk”.

No matter how much makeup Angel used it seemed to not leave her neck as she grabbed cover up and lashed it across her neck hoping to be enough as the front door slammed.

“It’ll have to do for now and if they find it then I can use the first offense card and hope to God it works with them” Angel said to herself skipping down the hall.

Angel heard the answering machine beep as a smile came over her face and she skipped merrily down the stairs.

“Well, well, well what do we have here a girl who’s looking to get grounded into dust If I may say so myself” Angel said catching Alex with the machine tape in her hands.

“I wouldn’t talk if I were you Mrs. Hickey, that’s right word travels fast within the confines of Merry Elementary” Alex said a smile spreading over her face.

“All right how much is it going to take to shut you up Al?, even though I could play the first offense card what card can you play?”.

“The my sister has a hickey and even if it is her first dad’s still going to blow card, just because you’ve never been in trouble doesn’t mean your off the hook yet my little do gooder”.

Britney sailed through the house when she got home setting her sights on Alex and Angel as her smile grew wider.

“Lucky for the both of you word travels fast in High School too, now I’m going to borrow Angel while Ally can find her own way out of grounding” Britney said grabbing Angel’s arm and running up to her room with her.

“You gave it a hell of a try sis but they can see right through cover up, what you need is a heavy duty neck makeover and you came to the right person”.

Angel had no idea what a heavy duty neck makeover was but she knew that if it had the words makeover in it Britney would know how to do it.

“All right now what we need to do is find some makeup that goes with your complexion, you can thank mom later for this seeing she taught me everything I know about makeup”.

“Can I still rat Alex out because of her report card?, I mean with you by my side mom and dad will never be able to notice the hickey” Angel said as Britney nodded laughing.

“Pretty soon you won’t be able to keep the boys away, being a Vortex has that kind of effect with boys Angie, there are a few rules you need to know before jumping right into the world of boys though” Britney said as she applied sparkly makeup to her neck and the bruise disappeared.

“You did it Brit you’re a total lifesaver, how can I ever in my life repay you girl just name it and I’m there no matter what it is”.

“Everybody get’s one Angie, Alex got hers when she played football and came home caked in mud and mom and dad were out for the evening, I washed her clothes, covered up the bruises, and then told mom and dad that it was my dirt all over the porch” Britney said as Angel laughed.

“Now get downstairs and meet mom and dad at the door, tell them report cards came today and that’s where they’ll expect Alex to show them hers, she’ll say she left it at school and that’s where Kennedy the truth telling youngest sib will tell them where she’s hiding it”.

Angel heard the van pull up as she dashed down the stairs and beat Alex who was ripping the tape out of the machine tape and Angel shook her head.

“Well look at this Cin we have a welcoming party to greet us, hello welcoming party and might I ask why your looking so chipper today?” Jimmy asked Angel as Kennedy and Gabriel came inside with bagfuls of candy.

“Report cards came today and I think your going to be pleasantly surprised with the outcome of mine” Angel said thrusting hers into Cindy and Jimmy’s hands.

“Straight A’s is there anything you can’t do sweetie?, now why don’t we ask Alex about her report card unless she conveniently left it in her locker at school once again” Cindy said as Alex smiled and turned around to face Angel.

“Well Angie I believe the man asked you a question, is there anything you can’t do like apply makeup for example?” Alex asked as Angel shrieked softly and Alex’s smile was held on her face.

“Hey peoples guess what I did today besides getting the best report card of my ever loving life?, give up all right I’ll tell you I colored my hair once again to plum take that father unit” Gretchen said tearing a ball cap off to reveal her purple hair and Angel stifled a laugh.

“I’ll get to you in a second young rebel, Angie what did Alex mean when she said you couldn’t apply makeup?, I mean are you starting to wear it because if you are your mom is here to help apply it” Jimmy said as Angel just smiled nervously.

“She caught me in the bathroom applying cover up on my neck, see I have a zit and I was told if you put cover up on it that it would be barely recognizable” Angel said covering her tracks as Britney was proud of her sister for lying to the parents for the first time.

“Well is that all I used to do that all the time at your age, and cover up only works if it blends with you skin complexion Angie” Cindy said as Angel nodded smiling at Alex approvingly.

“Back to your report card Alex and don’t tell us you misplaced it again because Kennedy is like a lying bloodhound” Cindy said as Kennedy’s nose gave a sniff and she smiled up at Gabriel.

“I didn’t exactly misplace it but the funny thing is I never got mine because the computer broke down and mine was never processed” Alex said hoping it would get Kennedy the blood hound off her trail.

“She’s lying liken a zillion miles away mommy, she has it and she’s hiding something else too but my gift can’t tell you what it is” Kennedy said her nose sniffing all over Alex as she sighed angrily and passed up the phony report card still smiling.

“Well this report card is interesting because I see A’s all around which begs the question why did she try to hide it, and why does it smell so strongly of Sharpie ink?” Cindy asked as Kennedy opened the machine and saw what the other thing Alex was hiding was.

“We’re missing a machine tape mommy which brings me to the thing that Alex was hiding from you, she destroyed the tape and is hiding it from you guys”.

“Fine here it is bad as new my school called about the straight F’s I got, and instead of taking the punishment I thought I could hide the tape and buy a new one before any of you noticed” Alex said as Cindy nodded and Jimmy held his gaze on her.

“I want the two of you in the kitchen now young ladies, and by two I mean the young rebel too if you catch my drift Gretch” Jimmy said as Gretchen and Alex shuffled their feet to the office as Alex had another idea.

‘Angel’s lying too she doesn’t have a zit she has a hickey from Jordan Marsh, see he’s this guy that’s crushing on her and they were caught kissing near the girl’s bathroom at lunch so I think it only fair that she get’s the pep talk that we’re getting”.

Kennedy’s nose gave a sniff and she shook her head at Jimmy and Cindy giggling at them and stuffing a gummi shark in her mouth.

“She’s clean mommy and daddy but you knew she would be seeing that she’s no offense Angel but she’s Angel” Kennedy said as Britney winked at Angel and she smiled.

“Well thank you Ken and believe me when I say that I take no offense to being Angel because I’m known to all my teacher’s as the Angel of the classroom” Angel said dashing off as Gabriel knew that Kennedy was in Britney’s pocket.

“I’m going to talk to her because unlike your father I know that she has a hickey and I think it’s time for mommy and Angel time” Cindy said as Britney followed her upstairs.

“All right what tipped you off mom?, was it the makeup, the fact that she dashed off, or was it Kennedy’s keen sense of bloodhounding?” Britney asked as Cindy stopped by Angel’s door.

“All of the above my little Brit all of the above, the makeup was brought by me and given to you, the dashing meant that she had something to hide, and everybody knows that Kennedy is in your back pocket eldest sib” Cindy said as Angel was heard giggling thinking she got off.

“Hey there my little Angel, I have to say great report card but why all the dashing up here after the conversation Angie do you have something to hide?”.

“No mom I mean when have I ever lied to you?, I’m your little Angel remember?” Angel asked as Cindy smiled at her knowing a way to get her.

“All right then lift your neck and let’s take a look at the zit on your neck then Angie, I mean I am a pro at making those impossible zits go away”.

“No that’s fine I popped it already and I hid it because the blood was gushing from it and I didn’t want people to stare at me like I was bitten by a vampire or something”.

“All right then let’s take a look at this gushing zit, it could be a blood pocket and those will kill you if you lose enough blood” Cindy said as Angel hesitantly lifted her neck and Cindy took a cloth to her neck.

“Just as I suspected this is a hickey if I’ve ever seen one, it’s a big one too it must have taken hours to hide it from me and your father”.

“Well with me doing it it took forever and a day but Britney is pretty good with makeup, I suppose your going to tell dad and I’m going to get in trouble for the first time in my life” Angel said glumly as Cindy shook her head no.

“Just like everybody get’s one life saver from Britney they get one get out of angry father free card from me, and I think you’ve more than earned a week of pampering with me and your father” Cindy said as Angel’s jaw dropped and Cindy smiled at her.

“Not the punishment you were expecting is it Angel?, see we did the same for Britney when she started getting hickey’s, no doubt your dad will put two and two together sooner or later”.

“So when should I start packing?, and might I ask why your doing all this for me over a hickey?” Angel asked as Cindy sat next to her still smiling.

“Because your you Angie, my little Angel and it’s not just the hickey your taking on too much and you could use a break for a little while, and you can start packing now because we leave at dawn seeing that’s when your father likes to leave to beat the traffic” Cindy said as Angel pulled a suitcase out.

“So am I practicing tropical or what?, I mean we aren’t vacationing in Antarctica are we mom?” Angel asked as Cindy shook her head laughing.

“You will definitely be packing tropical my little Angel, we’re going to be spending one week in the Bahamas, just your father, you, and I” Cindy said as Angel started tearing dresses that barely hid her stomach.

“Your father is going to kill you Angie, when the rest of the girls started dressing like this he said that boys were going to be wolf’s in sheep’s clothing”.

Angel started throwing bras, panties, and sandals into her suitcase next as Cindy helped her pack and we hear Alex downstairs fighting with Gabriel.

“It isn’t fair that she get’s off Gabbie and to top it all off she get’s to soak up the sun while I’m here grounded for a week!” Alex yelled as Angel was having second thoughts and Cindy read her mind.

“Your going on this trip if I have to drag you from bed and force you into that airplane Angel, you have more than earned a trip away from all of this for awhile” Cindy said as Angel continued to pack.

“Do you have any idea what mom and dad went through to give us the life we have now?, because I do and trust me once you read mom’s book your going to wish that you never called dad the names you called him and mom the names you called her!” Gabriel yelled back as Kennedy hopped up the stairs.

“Oh goodie are we taking a trip mommy?, Am I coming too or is it just you and daddy like the time you went on a second honeymoon?” Kennedy asked as Angel packed half of her closet up and forced the suitcase shut as Kennedy looked on with interest.

Pounding was heard as Alex stopped huffily at Angel’s door angrily clicking her fingers against the door frame.

“Well this looks like your day doesn’t it Angel?, I mean you get a hickey, you get off from getting grounded, you trick mom and dad into grounding me, and to top it all off your going to the Bahamas for two weeks” Alex said grumpily as Cindy looked up at her.

“Thank you very much Alex I was saving the three weeks we’re going to be gone as a surprise meaning her not knowing but that’s fine you’ll be here while your father, Angel, and I are in the Bahamas swimming in the bluest oceans, getting tanned to death, and spending every night in a queen sized bed Cindy said.

Alex gazed angrily into Angel’s eyes as she shrugged and started packing CD’s and her Discman as Cindy also saw schoolbooks.

“These stay at home Angie your not going to the Bahamas to study, your going to take a three weeks load off, I mean it’s the start of Summer and school doesn’t let back in until September sweetie”.

“Yea I can see her diary now, Dear Diary went to the Bahamas this Summer while my sister who’s the same age had to stay home because she got straight F’s on her report card end session” Alex said as Angel heard enough and pinned Alex to the wall.

“It isn’t my fault that you got straight F’s and I passed every single class Ally, mom seems to think I deserve this trip and I’m not far from agreeing with her, and mom knows about the hickey” Angel said slowly letting go of Alex as she stared at Cindy.

“Let me guess she’s using her get out of angry father card now isn’t she, I mean now would be the perfect time wouldn’t it the little hickey magnet?” Alex asked as Gabriel walked up with some clothes.

“These are for you little sis seeing I won’t be wearing them for awhile, I just want you to know that you deserve to go on this trip and don’t let the naysayer’s tell you any different” Gabriel said shoving the clothes into Angel’s suitcase and Angel hugged Gabriel as she hugged her back.

“Mom and dad must have been through a lot with us to change you from a girl who hardly listened to a girl who loves her family, I really can’t wait to read the book” Angel said as Cindy handed her a hardcover copy.

“All right everybody out so I can spend some more time with Angel and then I’m ordering Chinese for dinner” Cindy said as Alex’s phone rang The Hardest Button To Button and she answered it as Jimmy passed by taking the phone from her.

“We’re sorry Alex can’t come to the phone right now due to the fact that she’s grounded for a week, leave a message after the angry father and she’ll get back to you when she can” Jimmy said as Alex angrily pursed her lips at him.

“You know the rules Alex no phone, no TV, no field trips, no going outside, no anything fun for a week and look at it this way the young rebel will be joining you for your unfun filled week”.

Alex angrily slammed her door as Jimmy winced and saw Angel’s suitcases packed and Cindy smiling at her.

“I’ll go tell your father that your coming to the Bahamas with us, you just finish the packing and I’ll call you down for dinner” Cindy said walking off as she met Jimmy in the hall.

“Well as I guess you already heard Angel is coming with us to the Bahamas for three weeks, I’ll explain the rest as you call out for Chinese”.

“All right but I hope Alex wasn’t right about Angel’s hickey because we did the same thing to Britney when she got a hickey” Jimmy said as Cindy quickly led him down the stairs.

“Now Jimmy you know that Angel’s growing into a young woman before our very eyes, and she still has her get out of angry father free card which you agreed to when our kids were born” Cindy said in the kitchen as Jimmy knew where she was going.
“All right Britney was the same age as Angel when she got her first hickey so I can’t really be mad, but what I am mad about is the fact that she bold faced lied to us” Jimmy said as Cindy’s green eyes met his.

“Jimmy you know as well as I do that she lied to save her skin, she knows how you are when the girl’s get interested in boys and she doesn’t want to be another notch in your argumentive belt” Cindy said as Jimmy quickly looked away.

“What is it with you and green eyes Jim?, I mean Gabriel used her to hypnotize you into not grounding her, your weak to mine, and yours are the same color so spill your guts”.

“All right If you must now the eyes make me weak because they were the reason you took me to the camp dance for our first date, they were the reason I asked you to be my girlfriend, and they were the reason we got engaged” Jimmy said as Cindy kissed him.

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