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Don't Worry - MAR 19

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Monica and Donna discuss Liv. Bob knows something is very wrong.

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“Give me a call if you have any problems.”
“I’ll be fine Mom.” Kara said leaning against the doorframe. “Give Jamia my love okay?”
“I will.” Monica said. “Do me a favor cause I’m running late. Call Kelly and tell her I’m on my way.”
“Will do.” Kara answered watching as her mom walked out to the car. Once Monica drove away she Kara closed the door and walked towards the kitchen. Suddenly she stopped and listened. Had she heard Liv call out? She quickly crossed to the stairs and ran up them. When she got to Liv’s room she was shocked to find her on the floor by the bed.
“I’m okay.” Liv said seeing Kara rushing towards her. “I just was going into the bathroom and fell when I got out of bed. Fuck, I’m still dizzy.” She leaned her head down and closed her eyes.
“You should have called me and I would have come and helped you.” Kara said kneeling down on the floor beside her.
Liv exploded, “Do you have any idea how fucked up this is that I can’t even make it to the bathroom by myself? I don’t want to have to call someone to fucking help me take a crap.”
Kara understood Liv’s anger. “I would imagine it sucks.”
Liv felt bad for her outburst, “Yeah, it sucks. I’m sorry.”
“You don’t need to apologize to me.” She said, “Think you can get up now?”
Liv was grateful Kara brushed over the incident, “Yeah, I think so.” She grabbed Kara’s hand and made it to her feet. Slowly they walked to the hall. Kara waited outside the bathroom door. She shook her head sadly. Soon Liv would not be able to get out of bed at all.

“Hey Honey.” Monica answered. She had just arrived at Donna’s and was walking towards the house. “What’s up?”
“What’s ya doin’?” He asked happily.
Monica smiled, “Well I just got to your Mom’s.” She stopped herself. Shit, she’d almost said to pick up Kelly.
“I thought you were going to visit Jamia today.”
“We are but we thought it would be nice to visit you mom and dad too. I’m practicing to be a good daughter-in-law.” She kidded.
Gerard laughed, “Oh hell, I’m sure my parents already like you better than me their own son.” He kidded back. “So anyway I only have a few minutes but I wanted you to know I talked to Brain about the adoption.”
Monica stopped on the porch. “What did he say?”
“Well he’s gonna call you later with the details but the mother wants to meet you.”
Monica closed her eyes. Hell, why now? It had gotten to the point where she didn’t want to leave Liv alone ever and Kara had school during the day. “Oh, okay.” She answered slowly.
Gerard didn’t notice the hesitation in her voice, “Yeah, I guess it’s not unusual in cases like this. I told him I was sure you wouldn’t mind.”
The door opened and Donna stood looking at her. Monica smiled, “No, of course I don’t mind. Wanna say hi to your Mom?”
“Oh man, she’s just gonna give me the guilt trip for not calling her.” He whispered.
Monica laughed and handed Donna the phone. As they walked into the house Donna did indeed question his lack of phone calls.
Elle ran up to Monica and jumped into her arms. “Me’s missed Mommyca.” She said planting kisses on Monica’s cheeks.
“I’ve missed my Bug.” Monica hugged her tightly.
Donna spoke to Gerard a few minutes more than handed the phone back to Monica. “Hey I’ve gotta go.” He said to her. I’ll call you later. Give Jamia a kiss for me.” He snickered, “Frank too.”
Monica laughed, “I will. Love you.” He said the same and Monica closed the phone.
Donna was looking at her closely. She looked tired, very tired. “Elle could you go get Grandpa? He’s in the backyard.”
Elle nodded, “Otay.” She said happily as Monica set her down.
“Hi Mom.” Kelly said walking into the room.
Monica hugged her, “Hey, Baby. You ready to go see Jamia?”
“Yeah, sure.” Kelly answered. “Let me grab my bag.”
“Monica, do you have a minute?” Donna asked softly.
“Sure.” She nodded. Donna gestured for her to sit down.
“I’m worried about you. You look exhausted.”
Monica sighed, “She had a bad night. I was up kinda late talking to her.”
Donna sat back and frowned, “Look, I have to be honest, I’m worried about you. What you’re doing for Liv is more than most people would do and I know how hard this is, I can see it in your face. I’m worried about you, Monica. I love you like a daughter and I just can’t help but think my son should know what’s going on. I know how upset he’s going to be when he finds out.”
“Donna, I love you too but don’t worry about me. This is something I chose to do. Yeah, it’s harder than I thought it would be. Liv and I have done a lot of talking and I understand her more now then I ever thought I would. I honestly like her so that makes all this much harder. As for telling Gee, I promised Liv that I wouldn’t. Promised her. I can’t go back on that promise. It wouldn’t be right.”
“Has she said anything about her past?” Donna asked. She too had always wondered about Liv’s reluctance to speak of it.
Monica nodded, “Yes, I told her about my past and she’s told Kara and I about hers. There are things that happened to her, bad things that made her the way she was. And I really do hope that I can convince her to let me tell Gerard what’s going on. I want them to talk.” She lowered her head, “Before it’s too late.”
Donna thought a moment, “I always wondered about Liv. She had such hatred in her heart for someone so young.”
Monica decided to share a small bit of information with Donna, “Liv was only sixteen when she and Gee got together.”
“What?” Donna was shocked, “Sixteen? Oh my God. I’m sure Gerard didn’t know that.”
“He didn’t” Monica confirmed, “Liv told him she was nineteen.”
“Oh my God. That only makes her twenty now.”
Monica nodded, “Yeah, she’s only twenty years old.”
The sound of Don and Elle coming in through the kitchen halted their conversation.
“Me and Bug are gonna walk to the park.” Don told them. He could see the two women had been engaged in a serious conversation. Monica promised Elle she would see her when she and Kelly got back from visiting Jamia.
As soon as they left for the park Donna said, “Kelly tells me that you and Gerard are going to go ahead with plans to adopt the baby.”
Monica nodded, ‘Actually Brian is supposed to call me later. I guess the mom wants to meet me.”
“Oh Monica do you really think this is a good time to be doing this?”
“Gee is really excited about this opportunity.” Monica said softly. She looked up to see Kelly enter the room.
“But you have so much going on.”
“He doesn’t know that and I can’t tell him.” She stood and walked over to where Donna sat. Monica leaned down and gave her a hug, “It’s okay, really. I can handle everything. Kara is really helping me a lot so don’t worry, okay?”
Donna nodded but in her heart she was worried. This whole situation had the potential to blow up and affect so many lives.

“Kara, tell me what’s wrong?” Bob asked while walking outside the venue to find a quiet place.
“Nothing is wrong. Why do you keep asking me that?”
“Because I know you. I can hear it in your voice. Are you still having trouble with Monica?”
Kara sat down on her bed, “No, actually Mom and I are getting along better.”
“Then is it school?” He was determined to get to the bottom of this.
Kara laughed, “School doesn’t suck any more than usual. Really, I just miss my husband.”
Bob took a seat on a rock wall outside the back door entrance, “Hey, I miss my wife too. We have something in common.” He took out a cigarette and lit it. “Gee told me he talked to you the other day.”
“Yeah, so?”
Bob laughed, “Was it that hard to be nice to him?”
Kara rolled her eyes, “I was just answering Mom’s phone cause she’d just starting eating dinner and I didn’t want him to bother her.”
“He said you told him it was nice talking to him.”
“Shit, you’d think I told the guy I thought he was the best thing since sliced bread.”
“Yeah” Bob laughed, “It was kinda funny. He was so happy you said that when he told me I had to try not to laugh.”
Kara shook her head, “Oh whatever” She heard Liv call her name. Shit, she had to go.
“Hey, Bob. I gotta go. Someone’s at the door.” It was a terrible lie but she couldn’t think of anything else.
“Can’t someone else get it?” He really wanted to talk to her.
“No one else is home. Want me to call you back?”
“We’ve got the Meet in Greet in about twenty minutes.”
Kara started towards Liv’s room, “I’ll call you.” She disconnected quickly but not before Liv called out again.
Bob looked down at his phone. Something definitely wasn’t right. He could have sworn he heard someone call to Kara but she said no one else was there. He stayed where he was waiting for her to call back.
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