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Chapter 4 - Sleep

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Lucy's in for a suprise...

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Lucy's P.O.V

'I loved teasing Kelly, she was like a little sister to me' I was thinking as I got into my car. It was a cold winters morning and as it was quite early it was still dark out, the street seemed to be deserted I got in to my car, I started the engine and reversed backwards... Bang!!!
"Shit, what was that" I climbed out of the car hoping I had not hit an animal, but it wasn't an animal it was a person. He seemed to be out cold, but there was no way I had hit him that hard. I kneeled over him cautiously.
"I'm so sorry, are you okay?" I said.
"I'll be just fine love" He said opening his eyes and launching straight towards me. I managed to pull back and punch him in the face, but it didn't seem to effect him, I scrambled to my feet and took a step back, I was about to scream for Kelly but he dived on top of me and I fell to the floor hitting my head on a rock as I landed, I tried to move but he was to strong and was covering my mouth so I couldn't scream. I was losing consciousness quickly from the pain in my head.
"Goodnight love". He whispered into my ear and then I felt a sharp pain in my neck my eyes slowly closed, I fell unconscious.


I woke up as I was flung to the floor in a large room.
"OMG Lucy" I heard a familiar voice.
"A-Alice" I said weakly. I could hear someone speaking in the background but I couldn't make it out properly. I opened my eyes and saw the man who had put me in here, he was speaking to Alice and he took something out of her hand,
he turned round and smiled at another man that was in the room, then left. The room fell silent I could feel myself start to go dizzy again. I looked up to see Alice's face, it was full of confusion 'What did he say to her' I thought but everything started to go dark and I felt myself blackout again.

Gerard's P.O.V

As I closed the door I took a deep breath and sighed. My friends were never meant to get caught up in this but they were getting in my way and they were starting to get suspicious of me.
Apart from that my plan was going perfectly, though I have to admit the last girl was harder than I expected to catch, I wasn't planning on biting her but I just panicked, I could hear Kelly coming towards the door but I couldn't let her die I still needed her so I had to turn her. I quickly threw her in the back of her car and drove off, only looking behind when I turned around the corner I saw Kelly coming out of the door and my heart nearly dropped, I hadn't seen her for years but just one look at her made me fall in love with her all over again.

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