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Chapter 5 - Give' em Hell Kid

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Kelly's P.O.V

"WHAT" I heard Jake shout from behind me "Kelly there's no way im going to let you go, he's to strong".
"I don't give a FUCK how strong he is, them two are the closest thing I've got to a family, and no offence Jake but I don't think you could stop me anyway". Did I just say that out load! God I'm turning into a fucking bitch. Jake just stared at me for a while before he finally spoke. "FINE, if you want to go and get yourself killed then see if I care because I won't stand in your way" he shouted, storming out of the room.
"God Kelly it's a bit obvious, he's had a crush on you for about a year now, and you've just screamed in his face pretty much calling him useless to you" someone answered.
"WHAT, but that's ridiculous were just friends." I said confused.
"Maybe to you".
I rolled my eyes and followed where he went.
I found him outside leaning on the wall smoking a cigarette. "Those things are going to kill you someday" I said trying to make peace. "Vampires will kill you one day, but that obviously doesn't stop you." He said back coldly.
"Don't be silly vampires will never hurt me" I said sarcastically "I won't give them chance" I saw a small grin appear on his face. "Look Jake, I didn't mean what I said, I was just annoyed, I can't lose them".
"I know, I understand, but I don't wont to lose you."
What he said shocked me for a second but I soon snapped back, I didn't have time to waste. "Jake, you're a great friend, but that's all we can ever be"
"but" he tried to interrupt but I carried on
"Look, you mean a lot to me, but im scared that if I cared too much for you then it would be to hard if I lost you".
He sighed "I understand". He finished his cigarette and we went back inside.

Alice's P.O.V

'What have I done' kept playing in my mind like a broken record. 'I should have known better'. I looked down at Lucy who had blacked out in my arms, I noticed something on her neck.
"SHIT". I shouted.
"what" I heard Bob say
"I'm gonna kill him, I'm gonna kill him the fucking bastard"
"WHAT" they all shouted back.
"He's bit her" I said trying to calm myself down, I looked up to see all their confused faces "So that means she's either going to die soon, or she's going to die and then become the undead, either way that's not Lucy anymore". I finished with tears starting to roll down my cheeks.

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