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Chapter 7 - To The End

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"Kelly your eyes... their red"

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General P.O.V

Gerard watched from a window as Kelly approached the house. She looked up at the house "To The End" they both said to themselves at the same time.
As Kelly reached the doorstep she noticed a sign on the door.

'Please Knock'

"Fuck Off" she said laughing as she kicked down the door. Kelly wasn't an idiot, she did have a small plan, she was going to try and find Alice and Lucy before she went after the vampire so that they could help her fight him. But she would have to work fast so she quickly ran up the stairs.
Meanwhile upstairs Alice was in a heap on the floor crying her eyes out.

Alice's P.O.V

I couldn't stop crying, I didn't believe what I'd just done. Ray was trying to comfort me but it wasn't working.
"Alice you did it for a reason" Ray was saying "She would have killed us all".
"Did you hear that" Frank interrupted.
There was silence for a second, then we heard someone running up the stairs. Doors started to be flung open rapidly, with a lot of strength. Until they stopped in front of the door where we are. Silence.
"It must be Gerard" I said I could feel the tears start to run down my face again. "He sounds really angry". I put my head in my hands, I was terrified, I was sure he was going to kill us.

Kelly's P.O.V

As I came to the last room on the corridor, it was bolted, "This must be it" I said quietly to myself. I nervously unbolted the door and walked into the room, the first thing I noticed was 3 men sat in the room 'Please don't be vampires' I thought to myself, but then I noticed Alice with her head in her hands and a 4th man trying to comfort her.
"Alice" I said slowly walking towards her, she looked up with tears in her eyes.
"KELLY" she screamed running into my arms "I thought you might be Gerard".
"Who's Gerard?"I asked confused.
"He's the vampire" she replied still clinging on to me.
"How do you know his name?"
"He is... he was our friend" one of the men sat down said.
"Are you feeling okay Alice" I shut up realising that was a stupid question. "What I mean is... you never usually cry, when it comes to vampires"
"I... know" She replied inbetween sniffles "but... this ones different. He's... he's".
"Okay, okay it doesn't matter... so where's Lu.."
"I didn't want to do it Kelly" Alice interrupted starting to cry again. "But I had no choice".
"What" I asked nervously.
She stepped back and gestured towards the door I had come through. I nearly died when I saw her behind the door, Lucy was lying against the door with a piece of wood driven through her heart.
"She was turning into a vampire, there was nothing else I could do".
A single tear escaped my eye, I felt like just breaking down and crying, but I couldn't. Then all of a sudden I didn't feel upset anymore, all I could feel was anger. It felt like I raging fire building up inside me, "I'm going to rip out his heart with my bear hands". I looked over to Alice and she stepped back in shock.
"Kelly your eyes... their red"
I turned around and ran out of the door, I could hear the distant calls of Alice behind me begging me to come back, but I just didn't care. I felt pure rage...
and it felt fantastic.
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