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Chapter 8 - Surprise

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Alice's P.O.V

"KELLY" I shouted over and over "COME BACK". I tried to chase her but Mikey held me back. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING" I screamed. He was silent for a second, he looked like he was trying to come up with an excuse or something.
"Well" I said.
He finally spoke "It's not safe"
"That's it, that's all you've got to say" I said beginning to get really frustrated with him. "Of coarse it's dangerous, it always is".
I ran out the door not knowing where Kelly had gone but I needed to find her.

Gerard's P.O.V

She's coming, and she's stronger than ever, I can feel it, the anger, the frustration, the hate. All for me, and it feels great.

Kelly's P.O.V

I ran and ran smashing through doors as I went. I never realised how fast I was going until I came onto a balcony that was over looking a big room below me, and nearly went straight over it. I came to an immediate halt, looking over the balcony I finally saw him, although I couldn't see his face he was looking out at a graveyard. If I could just sneak up behind him, then this would all be over in a second. I began to turn, to find a staircase...
"I wondered how long it would take for you to get here, I guess you stopped off to see your little friends first". He said coldly. "How is Lucy by the way".
"YOU BASTARD" I said diving off the balcony and on to the floor below landing with my legs bent and one hand on the floor. I looked up at him and slowly stood up. He was still looking out of the window, "Impressive" he said "You're learning faster than I expected".
"What" I snarled at him. 'Snarl... since when do i snarl' I thought 'Nevermind, back to the bigger picture'
There was a rustle on the balcony, and I took my eyes off Gerard to look. There was Alice and the 4 other men stood on the balcony. They turned round heading for the stairs, they disappeared out of site, but one of them stayed there looking at Gerard.
"I fought I told you to keep them away, Mikey" He said harshly to the man.
"I tried" he said running after them.
"WHAT THE HELL" I shouted turning back to Gerard.
He turned around and gave me an evil grin, "OMG" I said shakily "It's you".
"I knew you'd recognize me" he said giggling. "Did you enjoy the little dreams I sent you?"
"KELLY" Alice shouted walking through the door followed by the 3 men.
"Alice, get away from him" I said running towards them
"Who?" she said confused
"Him" I said as Mikey walked into the room.
"What, whats wrong with Mikey" confused they all turned to look at him.
"Lock the door Mikey" I heard from behind me, but it wasn't Gerards voice, it was someone else's, but he locked the door any way.
"Mikey what are you doing" one of the men said.
Mikey turned round to reveal white fangs, and walked towards Gerard and the other man.
"Nice of you to join us Jared"
"Wouldn't miss it for the world" the other man replied.
"OMG that's Jared Leto" I heard Alice say behind me.
"Yeh, I think I noticed that already Alice" Jared smiled also revealing the same razor sharp white teeth both Gerard and Mikey had. I turned my gaze back to Gerard who was staring intently into my eyes. I walked back slowly towards Alice and he started to smile.
"You're all vampires" I said
"Yep" said Mikey.
"Surprise" Jared said.
"I don't like surprises" I answered coldly, and he just laughed.

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