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Chapter 9 - The Fight Begins

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All or nothing...

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Kelly's P.O.V

As I reached Alice and the other men, I asked them their names.
"I might need them if I need to shout you"
They all looked terrified but they quickly responded.
"I don't think we're coming out of this one Alice" I whispered to her still looking towards the vampires who were still watching us silently.
"Maybe this isn't a good thing to say Kel, but they look hungry" she said shakily, but I didn't think they looked hungry, it was something else, I just didn't know what.
"So what now" I interrogated them. "You just gonna fucking stare at us"
"Don't push it Kelly" Alice whispered in my ear.
They started laughing. But still didn't say anything.
I took my eyes off them and turned to Alice, "Am I the only one with weapons?" I asked her.
"Yeh, I think so" She answered
"Well I've only got my stake, your stake and the knife I always carry round with me" I looked towards Frank, Ray and Bob. "I think we should give the weapons to them, they look like their going to need them".
Alice just nodded not taking her eyes off the vampires.
"Hey," I shouted to them "Take these" I threw the weapons towards them but
the vampires clocked on to what we were doing and launched forward at us. Jared took out all the men in one and Mikey launched past me and threw Alice to the floor.
"ALICE" I shouted but spun round as soon as I realised there was only two of them fighting. As I turned around he was right behind me, we were almost touching when he grabbed me and threw me across the room.
All I could hear was Alice scream my name as I hit the wall. I looked up and saw everyone fighting, the men had Jared cornered 'wow their stronger than I fought' and Alice had just thrown Mikey off. Then I noticed Gerard walking towards me I jumped up and knocked him to the floor, as I struggled to stay on top of him, I heard a scream, I looked up and saw Alice get flung into the door with such force that it flung open and she disappeared through it. "ALICE" I screamed as I tried to get up and follow her but Gerard grabbed my leg and I fell to the floor and he pulled me back "NO" I shouted kicking. I saw Bob look towards me before Gerard got back on top of me. He looked straight into my eyes. "You've got beautiful eyes" he said. It felt like I was in a trance as I just stared into his eyes, he started to go towards my neck, I know I should of moved but I just couldn't.
I snapped back as I noticed Gerard unconscious on the floor.
I looked at Bob who'd hit him across the head. "Thanks for that"
"No problem" he replied helping me up.
"I need to find Alice" I said to him running towards the door. I noticed that Jared had Ray and Frank by their necks against the wall. I tapped his shoulder, he turned round and I punched him in the face.
"Surprise" I said laughing as he fell to the floor before I carried on out the door. There was no one around, "ALICE" I shouted repeatedly as I ran around like a lost puppy. Then all of a sudden I heard a bang upstairs, I ran to the stairs and without thinking I jumped forward to the top of the stairs. "How the fuck did I do that" It didn't matter I carried on running until I saw Mikey get flung out of the door in front of me, followed by Alice with a look of achievement on her face. "Nice hit" I said
"Thanks" she replied "What should we do about him"
I looked at Mikey out cold on the floor. "Leave him here" I answered "Looks like he'll be out for a while".
We walked back to the main room to see that the others had tied Jared up to a banister. "Good job" Alice said looking at them.
"Cheers" said Frank "But if it wasn't for Kelly giving him a sly dig as she ran past, we'd still be against the wall by our necks".
I looked at Jared who was giving me an evil stare I smiled sarcastically at him and then looked around.
"Where's Gerard?" I asked them.
Bob replied "He was there just a second ago"
"Hmm" Jared interrupted
"Whats your problem" I said
"Nothing" he said "Except, where did you leave beloved Mikey?"
He saw the expression on my face drop and began to smile.
"Tut tut tut"
I looked up at him and rolled my eyes, I was just about to leave the room when Alice shouted me and pointed to the balcony above my head. Before I had chance to look up Jared dived at me knocking me to the floor.
"Did you really think tying me up would stop me" he laughed.
He turned my head so that I was looking at the balcony, Gerard was looking at me and then he gestured Mikey to grab Alice. As Mikey grabbed Alice I looked back towards the balcony, he was gone. I heard some rustling from where the guys were but I couldn't see because Jared was blocking my view. I looked up at him and he was staring at me smiling. He came right up to my face "It's a pitty you're Gee's"
"What" I said confused.
"Do you really believe that the reason you're still alive is because you've been fighting" he saw the blank expression on my face "He's keeping you alive" He smiled again and leaned in even closer.
"Get off her" I heard Alice shout. He stood me up still holding tightly onto me. I could see the guys, they had all been tied up but there was still no sign of Gerard.
"Let me go" I said struggling to get free "LET GO!"
"Fine" Jared said shoving me to the floor.
I lifted my head up and noticed I was looked straight at someones shoes, I jumped back and noticed whose they were.

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