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Chapter 10 - Dreams can come true

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Bye Bye Alice *sniffle*....

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"Shit" I said seeing it was Gerard. He smiled at me and lifted me off the ground keeping a close hold on me.
"Miss me" he said into my ear.
"You wish"
"I know I do, but wishes can come true and so can dreams" he said as I heard a small laugh come from Mikey and Jared.
Alice, desperate to get away, kicked Mikey where it hurts, she ran forwards but was caught by Jared. "I think this ones causing to much trouble" he said
"Me too" said Mikey in a heap on the floor holding his balls. I heard Alice laugh, and I let out a little giggle after seeing him, but it soon disappeared when I looked back at Gerard who was staring at me before he turned to Jared and nodded his head. Jared smiled "Finally".
"Finally, what do you mean finally" I said confused "What does he mean?" They both just looked at me "TELL ME!!!!"
I looked over at Jared and he pulled a knife out of his back pocket.
"No" I said quietly. Gerard carried on looking at me as I just looked to the floor shaking my head. He held his hand out to Jared.
"What" Jared moaned "But why?".
He held tightly on to me again as I glared into his eyes.
"You have a choice" he said slowly "You can either come with me now without a struggle or your friend dies".
"What, no" I said "You can't do that"
"He just did" Mikey butted in. I glared at him for a second then turned to Alice. She knew what I was going to say, she always did, she could see the look of defeat in my eyes. I looked at the floor then back to Gerard, I was about to speak when Alice spoke up before me "No, Kelly you can't, I wont let you"
"I haven't got I chose, I can't lose you as well" I said sadly. She started stuggling harder,
"I'm losing my grip on her" Jared said trying to keep a hold of her. Gerard just nodded his head towards him. Alice struggled to get away from him "GET OFF ME, NO, PLEASE DON'T".
I was silent I couldn't move, I was glued to the spot in fear.
"Not so tough now are you" he said to her before plunging the knife into her back.
"NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!" I screamed watching her start to fall to the floor. I grabbed Gerard's collar and threw him over my shoulders so he hit the wall, I quickly ran to her and grabbed her before she hit the floor.
"Please don't die, Alice, Please" I said through my tears. "You can't leave me, hold on",
"I c-can't" she said weakly "Im gonna miss y-"
"Don't talk like that, you're going to be fine".
She shook her head as a tear rolled down her cheek "I'm so sorry". I felt her take her final breath as she closed her eyes for the last time.
"No, no, no" I cried.
I looked up as I gently rested her head on the ground and saw that the guys were crying as well. I turned around, it was taking over me, the anger just like I felt it before.
"Feels good doesn't it" I heard Gerard say "The power, the strength, makes you want even more" I knew exactly what he meant I could feel it, and I wanted more. I tried to ignore it, but it was hard.
"Don't resist it" Jared said, I just looked at him
"Don't worry, I won't" I snarled plunging towards him "It's your FAULT, you killed her"
My fists kept hitting violently into his chest until I saw blood appear out of his mouth, someone pulled me off and thrown me to the floor. I could hear Jared coughing violently. I starting crying again, "No, this can't be real" I said repeatedly into my hands. "Well it is real so get over it" I looked up to see Mikey staring at me laughing
"You son of a bitch" I said as I ran towards him he jumped up to the balcony thinking he was safe there because there would be no way I could get up there. But I followed him, he turned round with a shocked look on his face as I grabbed him and threw him back off the balcony. I jumped back down and landed on top of him, I grabbed the stake that was lying on the floor from before. I was about to plunge it deep into his chest when someone grabbed me and threw me toward the window and I went straight through it landing in the graveyard. I slowly got up and looked down at my arm it was bleeding, a lot, from where it broke through the window I then looked back towards the house 'This is my chance' I thought, I could still see the guys tied up 'If he was going to kill them he would of by now, I'll come back with help'. I started to run away from the house. I didn't know where I was going, just somewhere, anywhere to get away from...
"Gerard" I whimpered as he appeared in front of me

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