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Chapter 11 - Tell me I'm an Angel, Take this to my Grave

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I was speechless, I couldn't move 'This guys a nutcase' I thought...

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He dived towards me so I quickly jumped back and kicked him in the chest. I tried to run but he grabbed my wrist I turned and attempted to hit him but he grabbed my other hand as well, my wrist started to sting from the cuts where I went through the window as he pushed me against a nearby tree.
"You're fast, but not fast enough. However I can change that, I can make you faster, stronger, more powerful in every single way" He said.
I stopped struggling for a second. "What are you talking about". I answered.
He gripped even tighter moving even closer "Just one bite is all that it takes Kelly, to bring you back to our world, back to me" He said loosening his grip but only slightly.
"What do you mean 'back'." I asked confused.
"You don't remember yet but you will soon enough". He said as he lowered his head towards my neck.
"No" I screeched grabbing him and switching us so that I was holding him against the tree.
"There's my Angel" he said smiling at my glistening red eyes.
"What did you just call me?"
"What's the matter do you recognize it?" he answered
I said nothing. I did recognize it but I don't know where from. After a second of silence Gerard spoke up.
"Well, you should recognize it, it is your name after all"
"WHAT" I shouted pushing myself away from him. "My names Kelly, and always has been... you must have me confused with someone else".
"Nope" he answered calmly "Like I would mix my fiancee up with someone else".
I was speechless, I couldn't move 'This guys a total nutcase' I thought.
He sniggered "I'm not a nutcase hunni"
I stood there shocked "I-I didn't say that out loud"
"hmmm, I know you didn't" He said stepping closer. "Anyway if you don't believe what I'm saying, then I can always show you".
He brought his hands up and placed one on each side of my head. I stood watching him for a second, unable to move. Suddenly his eyes rolled back and turned pitch black, with nothing but the moonlight shining into them, I felt my legs fall from under me and all I saw was a white light come screeching towards me as I closed my eyes.

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