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Chapter 12 - Star Crossed lovers

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General P.O.V


Angel (Kelly) stood looking over the balcony of her bedroom out to the forest and the nearby town. She saw Gerard running up the dirt path towards her castle at full speed. 'What could be so important, that he needs me at this hour?'. She thought. Not soon after he had disappeared into the castle doors had he reappeared behind her gasping for air. "OMG Gerard are you okay... here sit down" She gestured towards the bed, after letting him catch his breath she spoke up again. "What's going on hunni"
Gerard stayed silent just looking at the floor.
"Gerard?" She asked for the second time. This time he looked up and straight into her loving eyes.
"Will you marry me?"
'OMG' She thought gob smacked.
"Yes...Yes of course I will"
A wide smile grew on Gerards face, but soon he turned his expression back to serious.
"You know I love you, don't you" he asked
"Of course I do, and I love you two, with all my heart" She said smiling softly to him.
He loved that smile of hers, the kind of smile that would make all your cares just drift away, the smile he fell in love with the first time he saw her, the smile he would miss so much.
"Then you'll understand why I have to do this then" he answered with tears rolling down his cheeks.
"Do wha-" But before she could finish Gerard plunged a pure silver knife into her heart. A single tear escaped her eye before she fell back onto the bed. Struggling for air she stared at Gerard.
"W-why" she asked
"I'm so sorry Angel, please find it in your heart to forgive me, but if I didn't do this then 'they' will find you and kill you and destroy your body and I will never see you again, at least this way you will be reincarnated, and once that happens I promise I will find you, Angel, and we will get married". He said trying to fit it all in before she passed on.
A small weak smile appeared on her face.
"That's if you can forgive me" Gerard said hesitantly.
Angel could feel herself getting closer and closer to that she feared the most, she beckoned him closer and whispered in his ear.
"I forgive you" and with her last breath she said "and I will always love you"
Her head fell back into Gerards arms and he started sobbing uncontrollably.

There was a bright light as the image of Gerard started to move further and further away from Kelly. She opened her eyes to the moonlit sky above her. She turned her head to see Gerard sat on a Gravestone waiting for her to wake.
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