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Chapter 2

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Over the space of a month, they had all been sick with the flu, captured by the Rough Rhinoes and attacked by a platypusbear. but they all pulled through without a scratch. Aang and Katara had also been married. Aang and Katara were closer then Zuko and Toph (Thats right! Theres the tuzo!). They were both training again. Aang still has not discussed the second thought with Katara.



They had both spoken at once. After a long argument, Aang went first

"There's something i would like to discuss with you."

"What, Aang?"

Aang looked and felt nervous. It had been 3 years since Ozai's defeat. He had turned 13 on that same day. He was 16, Katara was 18. "Have you thought about starting a... family?".


It was silent for a few seconds. Aang mentally kicked himself. "Why did i do that? he thought. But, eventually Katara said...

"YES I HAVE!!! How did you know? I was just about to ask you that!"

"Wow! Strange. I guess we were meant to be together."


"So ... Should we wait? It's up to you." Aang added quickly.

"Yeah. Lets just take it slow for now. Break the news to the group."

"Ok. Thats good."

And with that, they walked back to camp, hand in hand.
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