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Chapter 3

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Aang and Katara head back to camp. They state that they have an announcement. Toph tells Sokka and Zuko that it is very exiting for the two (because she fan feel their heartbeats). Aang rises a small stage of rock with his Earthbending, getting a compliment from Toph. "Ok, every one listening? Good." And at that moment, Aang and Katara say at the same time "We're going to try to start a family!"

Sokka fainted.

All that came out of Zuko's mouth was gibberish

Toph said "That was unexpected."

Zuko's hands started creating small ammounts of fire. They were opening and closing. He could not control them. Sokka wakes up and says "I had the weirdest dream. Aang and Katara were on a rock stage and said they were gonna start a..." And at that point Sokka looked up at Aang and Katara and fainted again. Toph laughed at Sokka. Katara was shocked at their actions. She did'nt know this is what would happen. It took awhile for Sokka to stop waking up and fainting again, to get Zuko to wake to his senses, and for Toph to stop laughing at Sokka. eventually Toph, Sokka and Zuko says "Okay, this is weird, but we all support you."

Aang was chuckling but stopped when they said that. "Thanks you guys."

Later that night Sokka could'nt sleep. His sister and his best friend were going to raise a family, yet he is jealous because he has never had a girlfriend who has'nt died or been captured. He grabs Suki's warrior helmet and wanders into a clearing of trees. He climbs up one of them. He thinks about where Suki could be. She had escaped when they destroyed Ozai. she left her helmet and a note on her cell wall, saying she loves him and hopes that their paths cross in the future. He lets out a sigh and mumbles "GoodNight Suki... where ever you are." and climbs down. He is walking back to camp where he hears a small noise and turns around. he sees... Suki! She tells him of her escape and how she slept in that circle of trees every night. they kiss and go back to camp, where they both sleep peacefully in Sokka's shelter untill morning.
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