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Chapter 4

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The group accepts Suki. A tale at the breakfast table leads to alot of food being thrown... up.

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The group awakens to a new day. katara wakes first. She picks berries for breakfast.

Next is Aang. He goes to the lake to practise mudbending (Water + earth = mud of course).

Next is Zuko. He lights a small fire for cooking some breakfast - some bunny rabbits and echidnabird eggs.

Toph wakes up next. She bends a table and 5 chairs. Next is..... Suki.

Everyone is shocked to see (or feel) her come out of of Sokka's shelter. Aang comes back from training and sees her coming out of Sokka's shelter as well. There is a silence. Then Aang says "Great joke Sokka!" and starts to laugh. Everyone starts to laugh. "I am not Sokka, I am indeed Suki" She says. he laughter dies down quickly. "Sorry, Suki." Says Aang. Sokka wakes up, saying "Morning, everyone." before yawning and stretching his arms.

Aang says "How did you get here?". She tells them of Sokka's midnight trip to the clearing of trees and how she escaped. By then, Katara has made a rasperry and blue berry mixture and was scooping it into bowls, while Zuko served up the rabbit and eggs.

After Toph earthbent another chair, they sit and ate. "So Suki, i suggest that it was tough in those trees. How did you survive" Asked Aang. "Well, as soon as i escaped, i relised i had no where to go. So i wandered around, sleeping in trees. All i ate over the years was bugs, grass raw eggs and..."

Aang looked up from his meal of blueberries/raspberries and echidnabird egg, as did the rest of the group, who all were feeling sick.

"... Maggot infested corpses, animal and human"

That did it! Aang threw up everywhere. Some landed in Zuko's mouth. He threw up all over Sokka. Soon he threw up every where as well. Suki also threw up, revealing bugs and maggots. A few were still alive. Toph could'nt see, but a bit of puke got in her hair, nose and mouth. Toph also threw up, all over Katara. She threw up all over the place, some of it coming out her nose. It all repeated, again for 30 minutes until their stomachs were empty. they were glad that they stopped spewing, but now they were hungry and dirty.

later, in the afternoon, they had lunch. after that, Zuko and Toph went birdcalling. They both had a talent for it. And They brought back different feathers to show they were not making out. Sokka and Suki went hunting for dinner. Which left Aang and Katara. "So what do you want to do, Katara" Aang said.

"Well, maybe for a walk in the woods. We might find some cherries, even apples."

Aang loved apples, and so quickly replied "Ok."

They were walking down a narrow trail when they saw raspberrys. Aang picked some. Then they found blueberrys, which they barely ever have, so Aang picked some. Then later on, they found cherries. Katara loved cherries, so picked some. And then, right in the center of the woods, was a huge apple tree.

Aang got his glider out and flew to the top, collecting the ripest, crunchiest apples you can imagine. And on his way down, he saw some Fainting Lemurs, a lemur that fainted when scared. Aang flew past them. they all flew, then fainted. Katara laughed, even though she loved animals. Aang landed and laughed along with Katara. Katara took a cherry she had picked and ate it. But it was'nt really a cherry.

It was a Loveberry, a berry that caused a person to fall in love with the person they see first. If they already love the person they first see, they kiss them. But if they had already kissed them then... you know ;)

She looks at Aang. and says "How many apples did you ge...", As the loveberry started to kick in. She had a shine to her eye, for only a second, then dived at Aang. "Katara what are yo... UHHMMPP!" he said as she made contact with him. They tumbled into a few bushes, crushing the berries.The bushes started to move as there were a few sounds from Aang, which soon ended.

It was dark when they got back. Their cloths were torn. They put the (bruised) apples on the dinner table. "Where have you guys been?" asked Toph. "We Were collecting berries when... we were attacked by a Platypusbear. we escaped with a few scratches" Said Katara, as the loveberry gave her the thought. Aang thought that she was emmbarrased about what really happened, so kept quiet. it was light enough to see their clothes, but not light enough to see their flushed faces.
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