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Chapter 5

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Sokka and Suki have a slightly different chat then Aang and Katara. the Loveberry acts like a truth serum, causing Katara to blurt out secrets. PG for dirty word

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It was the day after Aang and Katara had gotten "friendly" in the forest. No one suspected a thing. Then Katara woke up.

It was a normal day. Zuko cooking meat and eggs. Katara collecting berries and apples. Aang learning a new skill for fun. Sokka waking up last. Katara had made the bowls of fruit, and was giving them out. Zuko was handing out the meet and eggs. They had sat down to eat. Sokka had eaten his eggs and meat and was starting on his fruit. he was about to eat a cherry when he realized that it was shaped like a heart. Is it? Could it? Nah, can't be, too rare thought Sokka. but he checked each one and they were all heart shaped. "NO BODY EAT THE CHERRIES!" yelled Sokka.

"Why not?" asked Katara. He said "Because they are rare Loveberries. They cause the eater to fall in love with the first person they see. And they are a..."

"I ate one yesterday and saw Aang. I already loved him and we ended up having sex in the bushes. Thats how our clothes got ripped." Said Katara, quickly covering her mouth. Everyone looked shocked. "...Very powerful truth serum" Sokka finished. Then he fainted. Again. "WHAT!?!" yelled Suki, falling off her chair. "Well, thats the first step in having a family." giggled Toph. Again, Zuko started speaking gibberish. Toph giggled even harder. Not again thought Katara. Aang was giggling with Toph, food was spilt, and a repeat of the other day when Aang and Katara told them they were starting a family was happening. Sokka woke up but did not faint again. Instead he told his sister to follow him. So Katara followed him. Sokka said "The syrum wears off 10 hours just as you wake up. Please, for your own good, sit in your shelter until 3 o'candle (the mesurement of time introduced in the episode"The Mechanist"). And don't talk to anyone. or a secret will be revealed. i'm not trying to be mean. its for your own good. okay?"

Katara nodded, not daring to talk.

After breakfast, everyone did their usual activities. Except Aang and Katara. Sokka and Suki go huntng for dinner. they come across a lovely waterfall. Some animals were drinking from the water. Slowly, Sokka and Suki crept up on the largest animal, a steer. But they also noticed a baby deer by his side. They rubbed noses and walked away. Sokka and Suki were out of site. They kill a big bull and a monkey.

While walking back with the bull and monkey, Sokka asked "Suki?" just as she said "Sokka?" they argued for a while but finally Sokka went first.
Sokka said " Have you thought about...". "...Starting a family?" ended Suki. they stood their in an awkward silence, thinking of what they had said. "Yes." said Sokka and Suki at the same time. They laughed about it as they brought the bull and monkey to the camp.

At three o'candle, She walked out of her shelter. Lunch was a mess without her by the looks of things. There was egg and meat everywhere. "I guess i'd better clean up." she said to herself.

It was dark when dinner was served. Aang sat next to Katara (instead of Toph). "why did'nt you come out of your shelter for lunch?" Aang asked. "because of the truth syrup thing, remember?"
She replied.

"You did'nt have to talk"

"I could'nt risk it."


The last thing Katara remembered was Aang saying "Katara, do you feel all right?" Then everything went black.
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