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Chapter 6

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Katara has an allergic reaction to love berries. and iroh joins the group

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Katara woke up 2 weeks later, with Aang by her side. He had'nt moved in those 2 weeks. Now HE was a true husband. "You're awake! We thought we lost you." said Aang. "What happened? Asked Katara. "You had a delayed allergic reaction to the love berry. I bent the toxins out of your blood. I nearly killed you. Sorry." He replied. "It's alright." She replied. "When can we all go home?". "We ARE home." He replied. She walked out of the shelter with a bit of help (because she was weakened) to see the Gaang all out the entrance, cheering that she was ok. "And one more thing, Katara" He said. "What?" she asked. "The toxins did'nt affect the baby" He replied. She pondered that for a second. then she realised. She was pregnent! She asked how he knew. Aang said "When Toph came in she felt 4 heartbeats. Hers, mine, yours and the baby's." "I'm... going to be a mother?" She asked. "As much as i'm going to be a father." Replied Aang. There was a party that night, honouring her, Aang and the baby. a whole new life was beginning.

It was a sunny afternoon and every person was going to their activities when there was a rustle in the bushes. Sokka got out his sword and moved slowly to the bushes. he ran through and came out with an unexpected guest. "UNCLE!?!" Cried Zuko.

"Zuko? Is that really you? And is that the avatar? I must be hallucinating." said Iroh. "No, it is Zuko and that is the Avatar. I'll go fetch some water."said Zuko, and went to fetch some water. After Iroh drank the water he collapsed. Katara came right over. "He has a lot of wounds to his back and head. Inside the skin. i can't heal him, he is going to die." she said. At that, Zuko yelled "NO! Please Katara, please try some thing!".

So, for Zuko, she tried to heal him. She had explained that one wrong move and he would die, but Zuko said yes. He would do anything for his uncle. She got a knife and cut open his back. She got her water and encased the back wounds with it. they joined together, healed. She closed the skin wound. then she cut open a section of his head. the bone bits were in his brain. she used water to grab the pieces, then to stick them back to the skull. then she closed the skin wound.

"Thank you, Katara!" Said Zuko when they said that Iroh was going to live. he jumped with joy.
in 2 days they had a new Gaang member - and a soon-to-be mother.
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