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Chapter 7

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Aang was out in the rain, crying. He was in a clearing of trees, sitting on a branch, remembering how 2 of his best friends had been murdered by Azula.

It was the day Aang turned 13. The day Ozai was killed by Aang. They were flying on Appa. Celebrating Ozai's death. Then lightning struck. It hit Momo, who was sitting on Aang's head. Azula, who had been forced by Toph to see her own father's death, had been following them, hoping to get revenge. "MOMO!!! Shouted Aang. He checked to see if he was alive. He was'nt. Appa turned around and spat at Azula. It got her. She was trapped! The last movement she made was a lightning strike, which hit Appa between the eyes, killing him. Then she was still. Dead.

Aang looked at the full moon. It was as white as Appa's fur. He started to cry again. He was sobbing loudly. He was lucky no one heard him. Then he heard Iroh's voice behind him. "It must of been hard losing your pets like that.". Aang turned around to see Iroh standing behind him. "How did you know?" Asked Aang. "Well, because i saw the whole thing." He replied.

"I was living in a tree not too far from the fire palace. I was living off mint plants and green tea plants. I heard the noises coming from the palace and I knew you, the avatar, was fighting Ozai. I saw Azula. She had targeted you perfectly. So i used a small flame to light her dress. She got distracted and missed you, but hit Momo. This caused Appa to get revenge, dieing in the end."

"I'm sorry, Aang. I did not mean for that to happen."

Aang was silent. "I see." He said. Then he flew back to camp. Hurting. Iroh had killed his beloved pets. He was going to pay. Bigtime.

Katara (3 weeks pregnent) was picking berries when she saw an Echidnabird being attacked by 2 platypusbears. Oh no! She thought. She tried to scare them off, but they killed the Echidnabird and took it away. Katara climbed the tree up to the nest. She has an egg. thought Katara. So she took it back to camp.

When Sokka saw the egg, he screamed "Dinner!" and ran over to it. Katara told him and the rest of the group that it had been orphaned. "Plus, i think its halk developed anyway." She added. Sokka lost his appitite. Zuko lit a small fire without alot of heat, just right to hatch the egg. it took 2 weeks to grow and start to hatch. Everyone looked at as it started to hatch. Until...

"It's a platypusbear!" Yelled Aang. "The Platypusbears must of been clearing an intruder from their nest." Explaned Katara. And the first thing it saw was... Iroh.

"MAMA!" It screeched, running to Iroh. Iroh ran around the table and into the forest. They all had a laugh. He did'nt come back.

All That happened in 2 weeks. well except for the Suki and Sokka Secret.

But i'll tell you that next.
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