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Chapter 8

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Aang and Katara talk about their future after Katara gets out of a very dangerous walking addiction. Zuko and Toph make a very... different agreement.

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I'm going to make a load of couple groupings in a fanfiction later. it will be NC-17. wait, please. i promise i will make it between 29th - 30th of may.

Aang and Katara were walking in the forest. Katara had been walking alot ever since she had found an old book on the ground near camp. "ye be walking alot to pass a healthy youngling" it had said. So she had walked. Alot. Today they were in the heart of the forest, 30 miles from camp. "It's for the baby." she had said. If Aang tried to tell her to save her strength for the labor, she would avoid him for the rest of the day. But they would always make up the next day.

One day, Aang and Katara sat down on an old log. "Katara, i think we should... Start thinking about our future." he said. "I know, i've been trying to, i'm just so tired all the time." she replied. "You don't need to think about that by yourself, you know." he replied gently. He also told her that the book was old, and that medical help was'nt very good until the war ended. This time she took notice and stopped walking so much. She was happer and had alot of strength.

2 months later (Katara's 7th month of pregnency), Aang tried to bring up the the subject of their future again. They sat down and discussed their ideas until finally they had their overall result. They thought of... this.


A little house in the earth kingdom, near a small village for supplies. Their child happily playing in the backyard, laughing. a world where they could forget about what happened to Appa and Momo. somewhere they would always call home for the rest of their lives. the safest, most secluded place in all the world.


They walked back to camp to await the final 2 months of Katara's pregnancy.

Zuko and Toph were birdcalling. they held little contests to see who could get the most feathers from birds. They had both been boyfriend and girlfriend for quite some time. But they both secretly wanted so much more. Zuko had practised this speech thousands of times, even in his sleep. Now finally he was ready. "Toph, i need to ask you something." he nervously asked. "What is it, princess?" she replied, counting her feathers.well, this is it he thought.

"Toph, of the Bei Fong family, will you marry me?" he asked, pulling out a wonderful huge diamond ring. it was at least 12 cm long. Toph felt it and could not believe herself. It was real! "How did you find this?" she exclaimed. Zuko explained that Aang had raised earth and he had heated it for hours. "You... made this for me? Thank you, this is the nicest thing anyone has done for me." she said, hugging Zuko. "Well, thank Aang for that as well." he replied. "Well, my answer is... YES!! of course i'll marry you!" She responded, pouncing on Zuko and kissing his face everywhere.

When they got back, they had two big grins on their faces. "did you two do what Aang and Katara did 7 months ago?" asked Sokka, resultig in a whack over the head by Aang and Katara. "No. We're just getting married!" Said Zuko, which led to "Congradulations" and "Good luck"s. "Oh, and thanks to Aang fo some help" said Toph, causing a glare from Katara to Aang.

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