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Chapter 9

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Katara is due!

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It had been 9 months since Katara had fallen pregnent. She had eaten a Loveberry which caused her to do... stuff (well, Aang to be exact). Wednesday was the last day before she gave birth. She was so excited that she could'nt sleep.

Today was the day that she had to be so tired, that she had to be cranky all the time. She thought that that day all the hard work would be done. She was wrong. She was resting after a long day of walking. it was smaller than the "Walking Addiction" ones, but still pretty long. She got up, getting ready for dinner when her waters broke. "Aang! Help!" she cried, to shocked to move.

"What happened?" asked Aang, who had just gotten there, a concerned look on his face.

"I think the baby is coming." she said before being hit by the first contraction. Aang called for help, but the group's usual activities had started. Aang was just going when he heard Katara, so no one could hear them. Aang then realized he had to deliver the baby himself.

"Quick, lay on the bed!" he ordered her, his voice risen with fear.

She laid down, worried for the baby.

Then the contractions got frequent, and Katara was screaming in pain. "I see a head! C'mon, push!" said Aang. She gave one last push before passing out in exaustion.

when she came to, Aang was cradling a bundle in his arms. "Aang, what happened?" she hoarsly whispered. Aang looked at her. "Thank god you're awake, i thought you would'nt make it." Aang said. He told her that she had passed out and he had needed to Bloodbend to save the baby. "I'm sorry, i had to. I did'nt want to but i did." he said, his voice shaky. "Is it a boy or a girl?" asked Katara. "A Girl." said Aang. They had a small glass of Raspberry Wine Aang and Zuko made for special occasions.

The baby had piercing blue eyes, just like her mother, but had a wide smile, just ike Aang. they decided her name would be...

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