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Chapter 10

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Kayleigh causes mischeif with a flying lemur! And Toph has nightmares about a traumatic thing that she saw as a young child.

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Kayleigh (Katara and Aang's baby) was crawling around in the sunshine when she saw a white rattle. Kayleih loved rattles, and so she crawled over to it and shook it violently. But the rattle was really a flying lemur's tail. He was napping, and did'nt like being waken. He was up in seconds, and a few seconds later, he was in the air, with Kayleigh clinging to his tail.

After a few minutes, Kayleigh soiled her diaper. The extra weight caused the diaper to fall off. Right on Aang's bald head, butter-side down. He looked up and saw the lemur and Kayleigh flying. In a moment of panic, he got out his glider and flew after them.

By now, Kayleigh had gotten frightened and started to cry. The lemur looked back and saw Kayleigh for the first time. He flew down near camp. He gave her a raspberry as an apology. she took it and ate it just as Aang landed next to them both. He was about to yell at Kayleigh and the lemur when he saw the peace offering. He just told them to never do that again in a soft voice with no anger. And Kayleigh knew that day she had made a new friend.

Toph had been having nightmares for a few nights. she was remembering a truly terrifying thing she had seen... with her eyes. She once could see, and the last thing she ever saw was haunting her.

It was christmas eve. Toph had decided to look for presents under her parent's bed. She found a cellar door and opened it. It was smelly in the cellar but Toph did'nt care. She walked deeper, the smell getting more intense as she went deeper. Finally, she came to the end of the tunnel. But there were no presents.

There was a dead body, baby sized. It had half rotted and had maggots coming out of it's eye sockets. It had the Bei Fong birthmark on it. It was missing a nose and an eye naturally, not by being eaten away. Toph was sick on the floor. They kill ugly people of the family, she thought. Then the horror set in. What if they considered HER ugly? She started to panic. She could'nt take the sight. She grabbed the body's arm and gouged her eyes out. She screamed in pain, but was thankful she did'nt have to see the corpse. She was found and healed by her mother, who heard the scream. She was blinded for life.

The haunting picture of the corpse lingered, haunting her. She was weeping bitterly, yet silent, a skill she had learned at age 7.

Zuko woke up to use the bathroom and saw Toph crying. "Toph, are you ok?" he asked, truly concerned for his soon-to-be wife. She turned around and saw him with a worried look on his face. She poured her heart out, telling him of the nightmare and her thoughts at the time. She just sat there in his arms, sobbing. Eventually she fell asleep. Zuko was glad that his fiance was free from her fears, even if it was for 1 night.

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